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Will Page 5 be another news article, a big fancy announcement, or just a small post?
What is so special about the 5th page anyway? And can we expect answers to these questions?

Edit: success! I created Page 4
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What will happen when this thread reaches page 5? Will it suddenly lock or something?
smogon user az will appear on the screen and say "There never was a smogoff, wake up." The screen goes blank. When you reload Smogon there is no "off topic forum", and every user you remember seeing has no posts here and calls you an idiot for thinking the Smogoff subforum ever existed. You spend the rest of your days going insane in a futile mission to prove to someone, anyone, that all this wasn't just a dream and that people really did make threads about being a "goster" and about which fire starter could operate a forklift. Eventually you too, with your dying breath, accept that Smogoff was merely a hallucination, that was and never will be real. That is when the contents of page 5 will be revealed to you, and then you die content with the newfound knowledge that none else have.

This is the stupidest shit i've ever written


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Press release from phoopes

Hello friends,

I was just informed on Discord that my previous post in the Page 5 thread (attached) really doesn't make sense. To quote Scarf "how can it be the start of the 5th page and then also 17 posts away from the 5th page"

I'd like to thank him for bringing this to my attention and would also like to issue a public apology to Scarf and everyone else affected by my post. In the heat of the moment, I was caught up in my excitement for Page 5 and attempted to make a funny/witty meme without thinking of whether it actually conveyed the message that I was trying to send. I will not delete said post, as I don't want to hide from my mistakes. Rather, I hope to learn from them and will continue to be open to feedback on my posts at all times.

Let's build a better Smogoff together.



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it has been a long wait, but rumours abound that the first wave of invitations to the prestigious premiere of Page 5 have arrived in the hands of lucky posting enthusiasts

the news comes as the first of the reviews from press come trickling in

with Page 5 tantalisingly close, will you be lucky enough to receive an invitation?
wait a minute...

he's not talking about page 5 of the subforum index. he's talking about page 5 of this thread... and every post we make is getting him closer to his goal.

we have to stop this madman. he's gone way too far
imagine if this post was the first one on page five
that would like suck


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I would like to clear the air: we at Ullar and Associates did not pull our advertisement due to any doubts about the success of page 5. Rather, we simply decided to take some time to do soul-searching, if you will, and concluded that the product could be better if repurposed. So as to not initiate any disagreements with moderation staff (who seem wary of the project regardless), we will not re-issue our advertisement, except in our signature. Please understand out decision, and we are still proud to be official sponsors of page 5.

San Tomas

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We are T-minus 8 posts from the debut of Page 5 and, as one of the few people lucky enough to be among its early reviewers (“WONDERFUL” - San Tomas), I thought that it would be a good idea to bat away some rumors:

1. Page 5 will be infinitely delayed.
This rumor is patently false. As an early reviewer (“WONDERFUL” - San Tomas), I have received early access to Page 5. Seeing as how this would be impossible were the project to be delayed infinitely, you may rest assured that it is false.

2. Page 5 will be a let-down.
Again, this rumor has nothing to it. As someone coming into the project with high expectations, gaining early access really helped me to understand the scope and depth of this posting project. On the back of my early review (“WONDERFUL” - San Tomas), feel free to cast this doubt aside.

3. Page 5 will be so good that it will inflate the posting economy of Smogoff and discourage future posting.
A worthy concern, many have questioned whether such an ambitious and highly anticipated posting project from az won’t cause massive reverberations in the Smogoff posting economy. As an ECON minor and an early reviewer (“WONDERFUL” - San Tomas), I can calm the market by saying that this project will open new avenues of posting innovation and development not previously present in the Smogoff posting economy; therefore, it will serve to encourage, rather than discourage, future posts and posting.

I eagerly anticipate the release of this wonderful project!
I sense a page 5 bubble coming. It maybe helpful to pull your money from the stock. I recently received a high end invitation from page 5 founder az. It seems they are spending lots of money for promoting said project and everyone seems to be on board. I would recommend selling any and all investments before Page 5 comes to fruition. The hype is still high and once it dies down the stock will plummet. Do not hold, diamond hands this and diamonds that is bullshit. Make the smart decision and start to sell. I had roughly 420 shares of page 5 and I sold all but 69 of those after receiving the Invitation. I'll be holding those 69 shares and will most likely sell after Page 5 is up depending on how it preforms.


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Will there be food?
Seconding this. It is almost dinner time but my parents have been talking for ages so there is no food for me lol.

EDIT: seeing a bunch of azumarills so im just clarifying that this is a joke. Parent has cooked food too :D. They were talking about polotics (and no one is surprised)
I would appreciate some food at the Page 5 release tho
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got my page 5 invitation in my dms from the man himself. can someone change my smogon name to add a blue tick next to it to show everyone im the real deal around these parts
blue tick? l
ike this?
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