Tournament National Dex Ubers Ghosting Tour [30$ PRIZE WINNER] - Won by the skoomy hate club

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Approved by myself and Guard
I'm glad to announce we're opening a ghosting tournament, in which teams of 3 players will compete in a totally ghosted crew battle. And to spice things up, a total of 30$ prize as Amazon cards (10$ for each members) will be awarded to the winning team, courtesy of Jho!

Team Name: Filler
Captain: Guard
Player 1: Inder
Player 2: Guard
Player 3: Eledyr

  • Participants have to signup in teams of 3. (or as free agent)
  • Best of three, single elimination.
    • Each team works together in battles against the opposing team in order to win.
  • Replays are mandatory.
  • Some rules I expect you to read that will stand for this tournament, besides ghosting your teammates. You are expected to know and follow these rules.
  • All games will be played in the gen 9 National Dex Ubers format on either Pokemon Showdown!, or on Smogtours.
    • All games that take place on the main server should have the timer off. With this being said, please be courteous to your opponents and do not take 5 minutes for each and every turn. If your opponent is taking way too long please communicate with them before resorting to putting the timer on.
  • Any tier shifts that happen will take effect in the next round.
  • If there are any issues with your team or other general tournament problems please DM me on discord: Eledyr#1136

Some ressources:

Signups will close on March, 26th, 11:59 PM GMT-5, or if we reach a good number of entries.

In as Free Agent


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Time for Round One!

Since there were a great amount of free agents remaining (21 exactly), more than was necessary to make a 32 teams bracket, as there were already 27 teams signed up, I had to make a choice. For that I decided to act as "First come first serve" for 4 teams (which is equal to approx. 75% of the missing teams), meaning the 12 first free agents that signed up were put into the pool directly. I randomized the three last players among the remaining pool, and made the teams with the 15 players chosen that way. The 5 teams created that way are labelled "Team 1" to "Team 5", feel free to tell me a new team name!

The Guardian Groudon vs. UwU
Sulo vs. Farce Of The Death

Nasty Spirits vs. Skoomy hate club
sapaditore vs. Fc

Drunken Dons vs. Cute Little Tea Cups
seroo vs. Heheus

Team 4 vs. CLODDERS
realaccountami? vs. Nyx

The White Owls vs. Rock N Rowlets
King Griffin vs. Maruf_Abbasi

sknmdeelectricidad vs. la vache qui mort
Éric vs. Lasen

TBD vs. Hot 'n Cold
Runoisch vs. Darkness 789

Edgy Gallades vs. S.A.S
ETJX vs. A-drago destroyer

The Creative Charizards vs. Legendary Spammers of BCH
DragonPhoenix333 vs. Parmesan Cheese

Cave-Dwelling Neanderthals vs. Victorious Sexy Talented Rich Attractive People
sealoo vs. vstra

Feur vs. Electro Drifters
lemonstre1 vs. Eledyr

Team 3 vs. Team 5
giove97 vs. MultiPokemon

Team 1 vs. The Blade Breakers
halaman95 vs. Swagata Mitra

Electro Toasters vs. NDAG was a mistake
ToasterBoi420 vs. Takatk

Team 2 vs. Costa, Tacos n Futbol
GenTwour vs. Tempo di anguria

Spooky Spheals vs. Hallowed Knights
Kate vs. Giyu
Pairings were made through Challonge (don't pay attention to the rest of the rounds, they will be randomized each rounds).

As a reminder, REPLAYS ARE MANDATORY, Best-of one.

Deadline is Monday 3rd, April, 12PM GMT / 2PM GMT+2 / 8AM GMT-4
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Just to make sure everyone understood: the idea is that each teams face in a bo1, where any (not necessarily the capitain) face one member of the opposing team, and of course ghosting is allowed during this unique game.

I'm sorry, the brackets I made earlier in the week misled a lot of people. I hope everything is clearer with this explanation, if there are any problem don't hesitate to PM me on Smogon or on Discord @ Eledyr#1136
Calling act, opponent didnt show up and opposing captain knew that we were supposed to play
my teammate messaged you 20 minutes ago with no reply from you or any attempt at comm and activity is extended to 30 minutes minimum. plus, my team scheduled 3 games with before the rules were clarified. also, when the scheduled time hit you didn’t even drop your ps username. how did you expect him to even challenge you
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