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If this is to be an actual game, worthy of widespread praise and "OMG LOL THATS SO AWESOME :DDDD" then maybe we could make it more game-like;

-Survival mode
-Unlockables (ie. vitalimar is unlocked after finishing breezin' with arghonaut while cascavian is unlocked by doing sweatin') Dunno if any normal pokemon would appear, but if so, togekiss and zapdos would be the ones to do so, what with voodoom.
-random battle would be epic and nice; like battling ppl without manually putting in an ip

either way:
-a new character slot is in order, 3x5 characters isn't gonna hold the next CAP which is already coming soon; we already voted on the concept (but you all know that don't you?)

I personally don't like score mode. I'm sure it will force us to use the same characters all the time; in Naruto games temari's wind attacks always gave so much points that it'd be pointless to try and beat the score with anything other than temari. The newer ones nerfed temari, but orochimaru has a snake attack. Gets tons of points. No matter how much we balance it, we can always use the same character and spam the same attack to get tons of points.

Also, I have a question, Krillowatt's defenses aren't really that good (still better than Scylant's) but it's HP is monstrous. Why does it have only 90 HP? I'm pretty sure it's more sturdy than Scylant who was meant to be fragile. On top of that, Collosoil who's the bulkiest in the game, at 120 HP is more fragile in ALL of it's defensive stats than Krillowatt. I don't expect it to be bulky, what with it being a tiny shrimp, but I'm pretty sure it should be at least as bulky as Kitsunoh/Skulloton and less fragile than Scylant

onto glitches:

Not a glitch, but flight height/trajectory aren't regulated (I think) it may be just me, but Vitalimar always screws up my (Tomohawk's) combos by flying behind me

Whenever Voodoom challenges Kitsunoh (on sweatin' at least, haven't checked other stuff) he starts way more forward, same with Kitsunoh, so they start on the wrong sides of the opponent.

1 side thing, but I beat Scylant with Tomohawk (sky drop or aura sphere, i forget) after it died and fell down, it momentarily got back up and hit me with a swords dance be4 dying immediately after, again.

Move lists/pause menu: win

ALSO, as a side note, I'M SO SORRY KITSUNOH. Saying it wasn't good was such a noobish thing to say >.< T^T


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Internet renaissance was like that for a little bit right after the move/aforum creation. Something about subforums makes it so they have to be manually locked or something. No, I'm lying I really have no idea and that is just idle speculation.
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