Ask the Admins - Issue 6

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In Issue 6, we revitalized an old series featured previously in The Smog, Ask the Admins, that involved members submitting questions for a panel of Admins and Leaders to answer. This time around, our panel features Hollywood, Haunter, Joim, and Jasmine!

In this thread, post any questions you want to see answered by the panel. These questions can cover any topic you'd like - you could ask about PS! ventures, Smogon, or just Pokemon in general. The best questions will be selected by The Player staff and will be featured, alongside the answers, in the article in Issue 6. If you have any inquiries, feel free to PM me. This thread will close in approximately a week to give us time to ask the questions and prepare to the article.

Ask away!

Troll questions or anything deemed inappropriate will be deleted.
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Hollywood, Haunter, and Jasmine!

1. how did you first hear about PS and smogon? (all)
2. what is your favourite thing to do on PS and smogon? (all)
3. who is the most tanned female? (all)
4. rof (all)
Here comes a bunch of disgustingly random questions that all of you may answer if thou desires. I apologize if these have been asked to you at some point before.

1) What is the most frustrating part of being an Administrator?
2) Do you ever get bored of Pokemon from time to time?
3) What do you hate about Pokemon?


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if you could get away with anything (ban a user forever, implement something crazy/nigh impossible, pass some absurd policy, ban a pokemon to ubers or w/e), what would you do and why
Why don't suspect votes require qualifications in both the suspect and regular ladders, rather than just the suspect ladder?
What made you pick where you usually specialize in? Hollywood - OM / NU, Haunter - OU, Jasmine - Showdown as a whole.


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You've all been on Smogon/PS for a while. Do you have any future plans where they may intervene with Smogon/PS or do you think you'll be on Showdown/PS for a good amount of time?


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to everyone:
What is your favorite Other Metagame, and why?

to Joim:
If you were to be reoffered your old spot as an Other Metagames Leader, would you take it back? Why or why not?


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What is your favorite CAP mon, and why?
What does a typical day as an admin entail?
Am I a good user?


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If you could magically implement any feature is PS what would it be (takes no time / effort)

What is your favorite color


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For all

Is it tiring having to do a handful of various things, such as registering servers to constantly editing tiers/OMs?
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