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Cloyster is a strong offensive Pokemon with a high natural Defense, alllowing it to both threaten and switch into Normal-types like Snorlax and Tauros. It has a lot of positive traits like Clamp, Explosion, and the ability to freeze opponents, and the bulk to thtreaten with these tools multiple times per game. Its bulk is below average on the Special side, meaning it can be forced to switch against a lot of the best Pokemon like Mewtwo, Zapdos, and Starmie, but its Physical Defense and powerful moves more than make up for this weakness. Being slow and reliant on Clamp for boosted Pokemon like Amnesia Slowbro or slower bulky Pokemon like Snorlax can make it unreliable at times, but strong teammates and paralysis support can help alleviate this.

name: Clamp
move 1: Clamp
move 2: Blizzard
move 3: Explosion
move 4: Rest / Hyper Beam

Set Description

Describe what this set does in relation to the meta, alongside some tips on how to use the set. Include various set details when necessary. As a reference, include details on moves, usage tips, and if necessary, team options.

Other Options

Ice Beam can be used instead of Blizzard for more PP and reliability, allowing for more freeze chances, but the power difference can be crucial. Toxic can make wearing down Chansey with Clamp much easier, but is generally a bad status outside of that when Cloyster appreciates paralyzing faster Pokemon.

Checks and Counters

**Starmie**: Starmie is faster than Cloyster, takes minimal damage from Clamp and Blizzard, and can 2HKO with Thunderbolt. Unless paralyzed Starmie always beats Cloyster, since Explosion doesn't OHKO Starmie.

**Specially Bulky Pivots**: With Clamp being so weak, pairing specially bulky Pokemon and pivoting around to PP stall is one of the most effective ways of dealing with Cloyster. Mewtwo, Starmie, Chansey, and Slowbro all take minimal damage from Clamp while the latter three don't mind Blizzard either, making it hard for Cloyster to break through.

**Paralysis**: If Cloyster gets paralyzed, either from switching into Normal-types Body Slam which it regularly does or a stray Thunder Wave, its usefulness is greatly limited as it can't Clamp down opposing paralyzed Pokemon reliably without using Rest to heal the status, making it susceptible to attacks.

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