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Here is the Translation Projects staff! If you want to join a Translation Project, don't hesitate to contact the leader of the Project you're interested in!

Repu (Translations Leader)
Mihowk (Translations Co-Leader)

Swiffix (French Translations Leader)
Eledyr (French Translations Co-Leader)

Grillo (Spanish Translations Leader)

Mihowk (Italian Translations Leader)
WigglyTree (Italian Translations Co-Leader)

Corthius (German Translations Leader)
Sificon (German Translations Co-Leader)

Repu (Portuguese Translations Leader)
Ropalme1914 (Portuguese Translations Co-Leader)
MrPanda (Portuguese Translations Co-Leader)

Egor (Russian Translations Leader)
Mister Tim (Russian Translations Co-Leader)

AL (Chinese Translations Leader)
hi.naming is hard (Chinese Translations Co-Leader)
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What? The Translations Project is evolving!
It's right, with the arrival of SuMo we are starting a new generation which means we will have a lot of contributors that will work on SuMo analyses! We decided to be involved in that contribution by translating the dex analyses aswell, to provide a content that would be available for everybody!

The rewards have changed a bit;

- Contributing to the Flying Press article translations will lead to the Smogon Media badge

- Contributing to the dex analyses will lead to the Contributor badge

I hope to see a lot of people joining this project, it's getting BIGGER!!!
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