The Player: Issue 11

Who should be featured in the next staff interview?

  • Feliburn

    Votes: 83 33.6%
  • Coronis

    Votes: 35 14.2%
  • Relados

    Votes: 33 13.4%
  • Reverb

    Votes: 40 16.2%
  • QuoteCS

    Votes: 56 22.7%

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the first player issue i ever read is this ! This was a really awesome ! i loved the Room owner interview with Cranham And also the room review ! i actually loved How (Not) to appeal Punishment article, It was indeed a helpful one.

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After reading this, I was hilariously happy ! I felt a feeling of a heavenly pleasure ! I am really exited with the upcoming features of showdown !
The Gosspier was pretty awesome to read of..

And it is really sad that MattL have left us.. Even tho i am not a friend of him but still it feels bad when people decides to leave.

Anyway i actually loved this new issue and i am looking forward for the release of next issue. Also its great to join a such a community with people being Pokemon fans !
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