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Disaster Area

formerly Piexplode
All this is is an article looking at how the new mechanics discoveries of Crystal_ have started to change the RBY metagame.

Mainly I'd cover:
Rocks getting worse
Electrics getting better
A bit of individual discussiong for Starmie, Eggy, maybe Chansey. Should be of a similar length to my previous articles.
I would mention that spreading paralysis is now even better, as are stat-changing moves (Psychic, Amnesia, etc.). That's a slight bump in favor of Slowbro, Starmie, Alakazam, Zapdos, AmnesiaLax, etc.

I think Golem is now better than Rhydon (was kind of torn before) since it doesn't mind the Body Slam nerf as much (It can even run EQ / RS / Sub / boom now.) A strong Explosion still gives it a cool place in the meta while staving off Electrics.

Moltres deserves a shout-out somewhere, even if it's still not fantastic. Maybe mention how Lapras is hurt by the loss of Body Slam but has become a little more unpredictable in the process (Sing, Confuse Ray, Reflect + Rest, Hyper Beam)?

While the changes don't seem too huge on paper, the various tweaks have made everything a little more offensive. I think there will be enough here for a cool article, though it might be best to get a quick outline from you to make sure.

Disaster Area

formerly Piexplode
Yeah that sort of stuff naturally I can throw in, I wanna do specific analysis of Rocks, Electrics, maybe a couple of big players individually, and then a shorter section with minor changes + that moltres mention, then a conclusion/summary paragraph.
&Jellicent: alright, so your plan would be a few paras on rocks, a few paras on electrics, then major + minor mons?
&Jellicent: which ones would be major and which minor, in that case?
Disaster Area: major ones would be like
Disaster Area: eggy, chansey, tauros, lax, starmie
Disaster Area: maybe a bit on zam..
Disaster Area: jynx, gar, dnite, cloy, vic are all pretty minor mentions
Disaster Area: overall the environment's a lot more hostile to slowbro so that'll get a mention
Disaster Area: in a similar way it's more hostile to Kingler
Disaster Area: due to egg getting worse, sing lapras is better
Disaster Area: then probably mention moltres' rise and that's more or less it I think
&Jellicent: cool, i trust you'll have enough to work with given all that, so you're good to go :3
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