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This forum obviously isn't for casual discussion...that's what irc is for :P

I had to include that for idiots who think they are supremely clever while not getting it.

To further emphasize, I am NOT moving non-casual discussion here. I don't even expect there to be much discussion here. This is for IRC policy and stuff like #pokemon cups. This is mostly a documentation forum to keep people managing official and semi-official channels honest with how they do business...this could easily be private to everyone that isn't irc staff, but I prefer being a little open if possible. Think of it like PR forum for irc.

This is predominantly for documentation purposes, since we do connect irc to forums via badges and there is precedent for infracting on the forums for illicit activity on official irc channels. It's good to have some overhead for this since the official and semi-official channels do represent the site in some sense.

The main, top level level will be primarily for informational purposes; I'd like auth lists, channel info, channel purpose, etc. here.

We'll eventually document and take care of all #pokemon cups, #pokemon challenges, and #pokemon tournaments here as well.

I'll also allow intelligent suggestions to improve smogon irc, #pokemon, or any of the semi-official channels; I'm not going to specify what this entails, however. If you waste my time with dumb shit, expect a deletion and probable infraction.

There is a #pokemon subforum, viewable by smods+ and #pokemon aops / sops, to have forum level documentation for promotions / demotions of vops / hops / aops / sops / leaders, since #pokemon is connected to the forums via badges.

It's a bit in the future, but I hope to eventually give all leaders / sops of the semi-officials access to this forum and expand it to discuss status for all the channels, because if they are on the forums they should adhere to basic standards.

There is also a discipline appeals subforum, the purpose of which is described in detail here: http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3480823

That discipline appeals subforum will eventually give at least all the leaders / sops of the semi-official channels access in order for them to respond to complaints regarding their specific channels.
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