#Pokemon Teambats V2


Teambats are team battles between two teams. People are assigned to one of the two teams to make a team based on certain restrictions given by the host. Restrictions are typically something along the lines of assigning a Pokemon to a team that they must use or banning all Pokemon in the Top 10 of the March usage statistics. You will have a limit in how much time you have to make the team -- usually 15 minutes -- and then a battler is chosen to battle for that team. Team members may assist the battler during the battle ("ghosting"). The teambuilding and ghosting will happen in the two team channels: #team1 and #team2. Everybody on the team that wins the battle gets one point towards the leaderboard.


Teambats will be on Saturday 8 PM GMT -5 or 9 PM GMT -5 every week. It will be on a rotational basis to accommodate European and Oceanic timezones. Tiers include OU, Uber, UU, RU, Doubles, and LC. The tier of the teambats will change depending on interest.

  • Do not go on the other teams channel in the middle of a Teambat.
  • Do not leak information to the other team.
  • Do not complain about restrictions you do not like.
  • Be courteous to your team members, even if they disagree with you. If one of your team members is being particularly detrimental to your team, contact the host of the Teambat.

Violating these rules may make you end up on the blacklist.

Teambat Hosts:

Teambat hosts are responsible for making sure the Teambat runs smoothly. They are responsible for making up the themes, choosing what people are on which team, making sure all of the rules are followed, and any other administrative decision that may need to be made.

Teambat hosts:
  • DTC
  • Novaray


If you have the most points at the end of the teambat season (2 months), you will get halfop (%) on #pokemon. Good teambat hosts are also more likely to get promotions on #pokemon.

4 - FLCL
2 - trc
1 - felony, atomicllamas, bouffalant, soviet, qwilphish, cbt, RODAN, jrp, breh, DetroitLolCat, imanalt, mizuhime, pumphead, vileman

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we had a ru teambat today

the theme of this RU teambat was each team had to use at least 3 pokemon of one-type. also, both teams were assigned a pokemon: team 1 was assigned granbull, while team 2 was assigned avalugg.

team 1 (nails, felony, jrp, malawi, breh), : http://puu.sh/8fBrs.txt
team 2 (soviet, flcl, cbt, qwilphish, RODAN) : http://pastebin.com/Y50Sp2iU

team 2 actually made two teams. the first team they made was this one http://pastebin.com/cA5tX2dB . however, they decided to change it for the water-type one because feraligatr is just too damn cool.

battle replay

team two won thanks to a timely durant miss. moral of the story: use aerial ace on cb durant

next teambat will be uu at 9 pm gmt -5.
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xy uu teambat #1

battle replay

team 1: flcl, felony, atomicllamas, trc, bouffalant,
team 2: magnemite, tsunami, soviet :toast:, calloflochie, eaglehawk

there were two themes:
theme #1 - You can choose 1 Pokemon (not abilities) on the BL list to use on your team.
theme #2 - Twice in the teambuilding process you can force any Pokemon from the UU list on the other team. First at the beginning of the teambuilding round and next 10 minutes afterwards.

team 1 won because block / dd / rest / waterfall feraligatr and malamar were not strong enough. also team 2 had a penalty for taking too long: their penalty was they had to switch malamar into an attack if they wanted to use it in the battle.

next teambat will be bastardized ou (ou with massive restrictions) after smogon tour next saturday


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XY OU Teambat

battle replay

Team 1: cbt, Felony, magnemite, TRC
Team 2: FLCL, imanalt, Mizuhime, Pumphead, Vileman

Theme: The first letters of your six Pokemon must form a word.
Team 1 formed the word CASTLE: Charizard, Aegislash, Scizor, Thundurus, Landorus, Excadrill
Team 2 formed the word GRADED: with Gyarados, Rotom-W, Aegislash, Deoxys-D, Excadrill, Dragonite

Congratulations to Team 2 on the win!
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