Local Tournament Pokemon Day Lyon / Pokemon Battle Lyon at Respawn.

Hey Smogonites.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Kruller (not my real name tho of course) and I'm the secretary of the association/community Pokémon Rhône-Alpes. Before starting my thread, please keep in mind that English is not my native language so there might be a lot of grammatical mistakes. I am also not unaware of the Smogon metagame : I am playing and training with your rules since the 4th generation of Pokemon.

Pokémon Rhône-Alpes is a community that did recently turn into an association. We are a bunch of Pokemon enthusiasts . Some of us like the strategic aspect of Pokemon some others don't... The point is, we're not an association of pure strategists.

Nonetheless, that doesn't prevent us from organizing events within our region which is Rhône-Alpes (we have nothing to do with Paris). We are mostly based in Lyon, the main city of the region but we are currently spreading through the region.

I don't know if you heard about the Pokemon Day which was host in Paris in late 2014. But, with the explicit support of Nintendo France, Pokemon Rhône-Alpes and our partners, Puissance Nintendo, are organizing another Pokemon Day in Lyon. If you have some basic knowledge in French, check out http://pokemondaylyon.fr/ or don't hesitate to contact me at kruller@pokemonrhonealpes.fr if you have some questions.

But that's not the reason why I'm here. My main purpose for posting this thread is that we just had an agreement with the e-sport pub Respawn (located in Lyon, Gare de Vaise) to host the Pokemon Battle Lyon. It will be a monthly tournament organized by Pokemon Rhone-Alpes and hosted by the Respawn. And as the format of the tournament, we want it to be a Smogon Tournament. That's why I'm here. First, to have your agreement to organize this tournament by your rules. And, if you guys do accept, we hope you can give us some advices and advertising maybe. I'm pretty sure that you're aware that Smogon is also very popular in Europe and particularly in France.

We will first focus on the OU rules. And then, if our community is motivated, we will then organize lower tiers and maybe even Ubers tournament.

The reason we are not hosting a VGC tournament is that there is already another community, The Lyon's Pokemon League, which is more strategy-oriented than us, who does this. And they have the official Play Pokemon! seal of approuval and we don't since we are a younger community.

The Pokemon Battle Lyon, has to start during the first two week ends of April as it is stated in our agreement with Respawn. So I hope you may be interested in our project so we can have your blessing and start getting to work.

I also hope that my English was not completely trash. And then again, don't hesitate asking me some questions in the replies below, I will gladly answer to them. I also hope that I posted the thread in the right place.

Have a nice day/evening/night


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Sorry for the late answer.

First of all, I am not a specialist about that, but I've never heard of any rule saying "you should ask us to make a tournament with our tierings"

Otherwise, even if there is indeed a lot of frenchies around here, you won't find many people for a live tournament. Half of us don't even have the cartdridge/play competively on it. And for the few people like me who could be interested, well, I can't make the trip from Strasbourg.

You may be a bit luckier if you try on the French Room on Pokemon Showdown, but even with that it may be not enough. Just tell to the online staff that I allowed you to advertise and see if you get positive answers.

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