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I'd be more inclined to remove Kerf than MMeta from S.
frankly idt either of them deserve S, IMO the top 3 mons in the meta rn are pretty clearly some variation of Torn > kerf > exca/serp/mmeta

"MMeta requires TPunch in this metagame, and Bullet Punch has felt too useful to turn down."
tpunch isn't /required/, while id argue its its best move that isn't a stab you can def run some bullshit like zenbutt bp hammerarm pursuit, and then have something like toxic lando for bro / jelli. BP is also straight up droppable if you're not running Ada (which is by far my fav mmeta) IMO, its good for revenging the plethora of faster stuff in the tier (weav, mlop, zam, etc) but otherwise I feel its sorta inferior to BP.

while we're talking abt vr changes I feel like serp and mzam could be A+, necturna and volcarona and volcanion in A, mpins mdia and cofa in A-, and dropping keld to B+ I don't feel like clarifying but if spoo writes a sassy responds to these claims I might feel inclined to further elaborate


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will keep this brief but i agree that both mmeta and kerf aren’t S anymore- i voted mmeta to A+ the last vr slate and i still stand by that, i think it faces more competition than ever in the mega slot and the mon simply can’t do it all the way it used to. kerf on the other hand took a hit after losing focus blast and i agree w garrett that the meta has adapted to it pretty cleanly since. IMO the top 3 are pretty clearly torn > drill > clef (maybe drill and torn are on the same tier, could argue either way), these 3 are just so indispensable to the vast majority of bo/balance in this meta and literally always pull their weight, feels v hard to build solid stuff without one of them. think some of pannus noms are generous, specifically mzam and nect- yea these are great mons but i don’t see zam having the sheer consistency or splashability that lop/meta offer, and nect is a HO staple but again not super consistent against a lot of defensive staples + common rkillers (yes it can tech for stuff in 4th move and whether it’s geo or SS but still struggles to hit everything at once)

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