Lynnwood Washington OU Tournament December 8th 2012

Hey Smogon!

We have another Pokemon Tourney event at Gameclucks in Lynnwood, WA

Saturday Dec. 8th 2012

We're playing infrared Singles OU so all Pokemon will be at lvl. 50 and no battle preview.

|Freeze Clause |Sleep Clause |OHKO Clause |Evasion Clause |

Entrance Fee: $5 Prize Pot + $3 Venue Fee

Venue Fees go to the owner of the establishment for allowing us to use the space.

The Pot will be payed out to First and Second place. Second place will get their Prize Pot back and the rest will go to the winner.

Registration will start at 2:00 pm and the Tourney will start at 2:30 pm

Please Note these events are scheduled to happen monthly!

Hope to see you there!

I've linked the Venue here:

Google Maps Address:
Hey Gengar these happen every month. The Next one is slated for Jan. 5th 2012

This Month we had a good turnout with 12 people entering with some people not making it.

Also Pictures from the Event!

Jizzard (it's a handle) vs. Bill early on

Victor and Heather (Heather is in a match)

Alex channeling his inner blow fish. Luke (Red Hair) is in a battle

E-Lo comes! check out his youtube channel:

James vs. Evan

Hope to see more of you there, I'll be adding details for the next tournament shortly.


Chaz Bazz

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