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Hey, everyone. With this year only just beginning, I would like to just mention that the GP team is always looking for new recruits. With the number of analyses that are written frequently, it's difficult for us as a small team to keep up with them at the same pace, so any sort of help will be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in joining us but feel intimidated, the GP team will be available to help you learn and improve your skills through answering any questions you may have and providing feedback so you can become part of the team quickly.

Again, our active team is currently very small, so your individual assistance from joining us is an immense help, allowing us especially to get more analyses uploaded. The commitment can be as small or as large as you want it to be; for instance, if there's one particular tier you're committed to and just want to help analyses for that tier move along, we'd love your help all the same.

If you're interested in joining the GP team, here's what you can do to get there:
  • Firstly, join the GP Discord server and give yourself the amchecker role, which will allow you to see a private channel meant for you to share your amchecks and ask questions for us, the GP team, to give feedback and answers to you.
  • Get to practice with amchecking! There are a couple of resources available to you to get started on this.
    • This post is a general guide to how to get started as an aspiring GP checker.
    • The Spelling and Grammar Standards is basically an encyclopedia of everything you'd need to know alongside general grammar standards outside of the competitive Pokemon realm.
Once you think you've done enough amchecks and are confident in your skills, feel free to send a Smogon group conversation with me, Lumari, and Rabia with some of the amchecks that you'd like for us to evaluate. From there, we will decide if you're skilled enough to join the GP team, and if not, we'll give you feedback on how to improve and encourage you to reapply again soon after some more practice. If we think you're nearly up to par with your skills, we'll be able to figure a way to fast track you so you can get on the team as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Discord (Astra#7825).

Thank you for you time, and I hope you will consider joining us.
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