Gen 2 Girafarig Revamp [WIP]


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With the ban of Agility + Baton Pass, Girafarig has become severely outclassed by the numerous Psychic-types in the tier such as Mr. Mime, Hypno, Slowbro, and Kadabra. Without the ability to pass Agility boosts, Girafarig's utility becomes limited to passing Amnesia and Curse boosts, boosting the bulk of set up sweepers such as Quagsire and Politoed. Otherwise, Girafarig lacks the more universal utility options of other Psychic-types like Hypno and Mr. Mime, in addition to its meager bulk that gets dwarfed by the likes of Slowbro and Granbull. As an offensive presence, it is completely outclassed by Granbull and Piloswine, as both are noticeably bulkier than Girafarig. Additionally, the former has a much higher Attack stat and the latter has a better offensive typing

Amnesia + Baton Pass (Girafarig) @ Leftovers
- Baton Pass
- Amnesia
- Thunder / Thunderbolt
- Psychic / Curse


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