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I'd like to write a paragraph about what Gengar did in each generation and how it managed to stay OU. I could not find it if this has been done. Gengar is my favorite OU Pokemon. :)
can you write a little bit about gengar in each gen, just a little, to prove you have the meta knowledge to write said article?
in 4 minutes -- obviously id make this much better

rby: only mon that can absorb booms for free, cuz ghost type, fastest sleeper lead, top 5 pokemon.

gsc: only offensive ghost type, still weak to ground, pops bulky waters with thunders, beats monoattacking curse lax (huge), can also run a perish trapping set to beat a lax that just used rest.. dynamic punch can pop tyranitar trying to pursuit trap

adv: soo many sets, it gets levitate now which is huge so its immune to earthquake and cant be trapped by dugtrio (would be shit otherwise), perish trapping still (rare), sub punch, 4 attacks (most common), it's incredibly versatile as it can lure in pokes like regice and blissey then boom on them setting up something like raikou

dpp: physicl special split, most popular set is sub split or sub 3 attacks, can also run taunt and stall break even better, can still use boom effectively but its rare, so-so many sets to deal with pursuit-trappers because they become more common in DPP (Scizor and Scarf Tyranitar, of course ttar had pursuit in adv but many were DD 3 attacks), the protect set scouts for pursuit or bullet punch from band scizior, pursuit or crunch from tyranitar.. lol gengar is really awesome in DPP just gotta watch out for all the tyranitars.

bw: sub disable is the main set then sub wisp, gengar is awesome in this gen cause it lures in tyranitar really well helping rain win the weather war. also completely walls sub protect toxic eq gliscor which is big. sub disable is awesome cause with proper playing u can sub on basically anything and disable there one move that can break ur sub

xy: only set that really saw play was shadow ball sub taunt wow, aegislash was everywhere so taunt 3 attacks were bad, and the first set still pops stall

oras: aegislash got banned later in XY with about 3 months left and the most popular set is taunt 3 attacks, this set poops on basically any stall team as with hazards up nothing can safely switch in, and the only special wall on these teams (blissey) is taunted and made useless. Sludge Wave destroys fairies, and many teams don't even have a ghost-resist unless its ttar.
Gengar's not top 5 in RBY. That'd probably be Tauros, Chansey, Exeggutor, Snorlax, and Alakazam. Gengar's high risk, high reward. It can absorb booms (and boom as well), but you've gotta be sure that it's taking that Explosion. Predicting wrong could mean eating Stun Spore or Psychic from Exeggutor, Earthquake from Snorlax, or an EQ from Golem that usually OHKOes. Hypnosis only has 60% accuracy, so 40% of the time it'll risk getting hit with sleep or a strong attack itself. Using it in the lead slot will also make it lose the surprise factor of absorbing Explosions, and your opponent will play with Gengar in mind.

It's not bad, though. It's immune to Wrap damage, making it the safest stop to Dragonite sweeps. It'll be unable to move after getting Wrapped, however, so your opponent still gets a free switch to a counter. It has the same Speed as Tauros, so it also gets that sweet 21.5% crit chance, which is worth mentioning. You /need/ to keep it safe from paralysis, though, cuz its EQ + Psychic weakness makes it easy to take out if it's not faster than things.

- Hypnosis
- 21.5% crit chance
- Above-average Speed
- Wrap damage immunity
- (a weak) Explosion
- Explosion immunity
- 1-on-1 and after sleep clause, it usually beats Dragonite (has to Explode if it already set up Agility), Chansey (has to Explode), Lapras, Starmie without Psychic, and Jynx (has to Explode)

- Hypnosis's accuracy
- Limited movepool (it's not particularly powerful tbh)
- Earthquake weakness
- Psychic weakness
- 1-on-1 after sleep clause, it usually loses to Tauros, Snorlax, Golem, Rhyhorn, Exeggutor, Starmie with Psychic, and Zapdos

It has a slight edge against Alakazam if it Explodes (counting crit rates for both, it's about a 56% chance to win), and can beat Slowbro that hasn't set up Amnesia yet (though it'll be eating a Thunder Wave, and an already +1 Slowbro is a different story, especially if it has Psychic.)
yea this looks good aside from the rby top 5 thing which bothered me too but jelli wrote a nice thingy so that's cool ^_^ looks good to me and tho ill probably tag some more people once its in workshop, call it approved.
Probably not ;_; unless i can go straight to grey media badge once i qualify.. I should only need 2 more articles x:
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That said, Laurel, let us know if you're going to continue, and if so, make your thread in the Workshop.
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