Bedford Anime Club: Temperance, MI

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The Bedford Anime Club invites you to attend the 2012 Summer Convention held at the Bedford Library Branch

8575 Jackman Rd.
Temperance, MI 48182

We will host two Pokemon Tournaments:

DPP: We will use the VGC '10 rules with the following exceptions:
1. You may use DPPtHGSS and will be battling using the Pokemon Battle Revolution video game for the Wii.
2. You may not have more than two of the Restricted List on your team, but you may battle with both if you so desire.
3. All battles will have a move time limit via Pokemon Battle Revolution (20 sec. for Singles and 30 sec. for Doubles).
4. Semi-Finals and Final matches will have a 30 minute time limit with a 60 sec move time limit.
B/W: We will use the VGC '12 rules
We will have Single and Double Battles for both DPPtHGSS and B/W.

We will also be hosting Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl tournaments as well.

We hope to see you there and good luck to all Trainers!

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