BatCap v6 Release Thread

Delayed as usual!
The major addition to this version is Voodoom. A more advanced character with a ton of options. He's kind of a downer though.

Other changes include three color options for each character and a more consistent wakeup time off the ground now. Meaning, when knocked down, characters stand up at more or less the same rate now, making it easier to time your puny wakeup mindgames.

Hope you guys dig the latest version. One more slot in the character select screen left, eh.

Also, I realize Voodoom doesn't have a character page on the site yet. It'll probably be up within the week.


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No responses? Huh.

So a friend and I are gunna play some of this later tonight. Hyped about Voodoom, wondering how he'll play.
Oh snap, this is super cool. So downloading and trying! Can't wait for Scratchet to get implemented, if you're even going to do that!

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Voodoom's just awesome, trust me. I love the fact that he can do nearlye verything, and has tools for almost every situation - he just needs to grab the opportunities.
is called BATCAP! nah, but voodoom plays great. i love his swordplay. its nuts! and i love it when he stabs himslef after a win! its EMO-riffic! (i made up a new word)

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