Tournament Anything Goes Snake Draft III - Finals [Won by Angry Annihilapes]


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  • Use Smogon VMs for scheduling, it makes decisions regarding activity calls much easier to determine.​
  • If you are not able to schedule with your opponent, please let your managers know ASAP so that they communicate that to me or the opposing team's managers for potential substitutes.​
  • Substitutions may be made after a week as started. When making a substitution, please tag me, the managers of the opposing team, and all of the players affected by the substitute to ensure that everyone is made aware. Players who have already played in the week or were subbed out in the same week cannot be subbed back in.​
  • Any incomplete matches at the end of the week will be subject to an activity decision.​
>>Replays and Usage<<

:annihilape: Angry Annihilapes (4) vs (2) Weeaboo Weaviles :weavile:
SV AG: Inder vs Ainzcrad
SV AG: Mashing vs Fogbound Lake
SS AG: Shivam3299 vs Thiago Nunes
SM AG: emma vs Andyboy
ORAS AG: Seldanna vs The Strap
Bo3: Guard vs pdt

Angry Annihilapes (0) vs (0) Weeaboo Weaviles
SV AG: Inder vs Ainzcrad
SV AG: Mashing vs Fogbound Lake
SS AG: Shivam3299 vs Thiago Nunes
SM AG: emma vs Andyboy
ORAS AG: Seldanna vs The Strap
Bo3: Guard vs pdt

The deadline for this round is Sunday, March 19th at 11:59 PM GMT -4.​
Since the yveltals are out now I thought I would make a post about ag snake, this was the most fun team tour experience I have had since the original yveltal yeet sqaud and we came so close actually making finals, I got the idea to do it in the form of an awards ceremony so without further to do here is all the awards presented to my team

Skooma - MVP AWARD - Skooma was by far the most valuable member of the team, He provided excellent usum and oras support, Was constantly active in the discord, and went 4-2 in bo3 against the best players the other teams had to offer, we couldn't have done as well without him and I am glad that I got first pick so that I could get him.

TaxFraud - BEST SV BUILDER - Taxfraud carried the entirety of sv on his back, the vast majority of sv teams used were built by him and he was constantly posting sv team, SV became one of our strengths with staxi and taxfraud going a combined 8-2.

Staxi - THE SHOULD BE 6-0 GOAT AWARD - Staxi did incredible this tour and won every single game he ever played in it (excluding the tiebreaker) he should be 6-0 if geysers and togkey learned how to read.

Geysers - BEST CO-MANAGER AWARD - Geysers not only did incredibly as a player with a 5-1 record, After one of my team members got sick and had to be subbed out when I was not online I realized I couldn't manage alone, it was then that I made the decision to promote geysers to manager and he did an incredible job, geysers was on top of subs, did lots of test games, and made sure that everyone was ready for their games.

Farce Of The Death - THE SCOUT AWARD - Although farce was unlucky in the games that he played a valuable role on the team, Farce would scout the opponents and providing teambuilding advice and was one of the most active users on the discord, his value to the team is really not reflected by the spreadsheets as he really helped support the team but was held back in his games by some unfortunate matchups.

Opnoob 598 - TEAM SPIRIT AWARD - OpNoob was the most active person on the discord with a whopping 1093 posts, he was constantly active and giving support, doing test games, and was cheering everyone on throughout the entire tournament.

ADF Test - THE DRAFT HELPER AWARD - ADF had a pretty solid season minus some scheduling issues, he went 2-2 and really seemed to build up motivation by the end of the tour, but where he really helped was during the draft he would point out solid players who haven't been drafted yet, Also he has a youtube channel which you guys should all check out


I had a lot of fun this tour and I am sad that the run ends here, I am very happy with how far the Yveltal Yeet Squad got and I wish the best of luck to the finalists
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shoutout my team for having a good tour. grats to the annihilapes, well played

Leru ty for letting me control the draft after i lied about my ag prowess and slotted myself into bo3 because i wanted to play. jokes aside though you actually helped more than you claimed, especially in playoffs (shoutout to sheer cold ogre)

Hyogafodex thanks hyoga for drafting GarchompFan1512 who did not say a word after the time he joined the discord server, as well as trying to sneak him into bo3 slot w4 without telling anyone

Thiago Nunes ty for trusting my prep and always having a good attitude, love teaming with you, great work my silva goat

Fogbound Lake our first time teaming together and was not disappointed, you were definitely the best sv player on the team, amazing stuff bro

Togkey ty for signing up when i asked it’s always fun to team. lowkey wish i put more time into your prep but it was still fun to have you regardless :3

Andyboy Andy goat, my long time friend. Thanks for playing even though you were busy much love homie

The Strap The Strap has won with 6 Normalceus. PDT ORAS prep should be sealed away.

Ainzcrad ty for being a clutch sub and showing up in playoffs, was fun to team with you bro

i didn’t play my best but definitely one of the most fun ag tours i have played so far, i will be back as long as bo3 is back
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ggs to everyone and congrats on a successful tour. Happy that we won, and it was a cool first experience as a manager but would not have been possible without a great team

Guard was the most important player in our team, went 6-0 and put in a great amount of work helping teammates with teams and tests. You also helped me in drafting and I'm glad I picked you round 1.

Seldanna Thank you for helping with teambuilding especially oras and usum. You had a pretty solid campaign too and it was fun working with you.

Inder You did extremely well in both SV and SS, especially covering up SS after crunchman got banned and appreciate your help while testing teams too. Looking forward to more team tours with you.

Mashing You are fun to have on team and have a pretty good playing ability too. I am glad you signed up for this and hope to see your signup in AGPL too.

Shivam3299 I told you that you were going to do good when I asked you to sign up, covered 3 tiers and went unbeaten, couldn't have asked for more. Good luck with your studies bro, you know im always ready to help when you need.

Dockiva~~ I know this tour was bad for you but don't let it get into your head, you are still a pretty good player and im hoping to see you back soon.

ox04 this tour did not really went as planned for you, but we still got to see your solid abilities as a player and it was good working with you.

emma Happy that you were on our team and got to play the finals. Thanks for being there.

Looking forward to the next tour!

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