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I was thinking about writing a series of stories following the adventures of a Pokemon trainer in the Kanto region. It's kinda like a fanfic, but at the end of each part, we would allow the audience to choose what happens next through a poll. I can guarantee that, for the most part, this series would be humorous and ironic.

For the first article, I was thinking we could have the protagonist prepare for his journey, wake up late (shocker), and have a limited number of choices. The first poll would be choosing his starter Pokemon.

Here's a more detailed description of the plot:
I. Protagonist prepares for his journey. He has everything ready because he would not want to be late on such an important day.
II. He never set his clock. He rushes to Professor's Oak's laboratory to find that everyone else has already gotten their Pokemon.
III. Before letting him see his options, Professor Oak makes him sign a lot of paperwork ("What kind of irresponsible adult would allow a ten-year-old to explore the world without first removing all liability from himself?")
IV. The protagonist wants to go see the Pokemon now, but one of the many papers he signed was an agreement for an experimental device that must be surgically attached to him. The purpose of this machinery is to help him understand his Pokemon better. When they are happy, he feels their happiness. When they take damage, he feels pain too (blacking out after a loss suddenly makes sense now).
V. After getting his Pokedex and other equipment, the protagonist gets to choose his Pokemon. The options are Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Rattata and Magikarp (:P).

If this sounds like a good idea, there are some issues that I need help addressing before moving forward with the plan. In the summary above, I used the pronoun "he". I was thinking about having a male protagonist with the name "Goku" since I wanted his personality to reflect that of Goku: Someone who isn't necessarily a hero and who wants to work hard and fight strong opponents. (Plus, I could make occasional references to DBZ, which would be fun!) I'm open to other suggestions for his/her name too though. Another idea I had was to use the pronoun "you" in order to make it more interactive with the audience.
In addition, as an alternative to Part II, we could have the protagonist not know what time he actually has to be there (they never got a letter or any form of notification), assume it is 8 o'clock (because that's when most events start, right?), and find out that he was late (while heading out, his mother could ask him why he didn't just go next door last night and ask when the event started). Which of the two sounds funnier/more entertaining?
I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this matter.
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