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  • The parents all belonged to me. I got the mothers straight from the DW and used other random pokemon with the appropriate nature in the same egg group as the fathers. Nature passing didn't work out though... and IVs are probably pretty bad.
    I have them ready, it's just an issue of finding a time we're both available to trade. And I didn't manage to get the right natures despite everstoning... blargh. Both female w/ DW ability though of course.
    Yeah I generally end up breeding a male using the ditto then taking that and breeding it with the DW female... it's kind of silly and convoluted tho XP
    Okay, I'll see what I can do about natures. I know I have an Adamant Ditto, so I should be able to breed a male adamant dratini, then breed that w/ the DW female. I'll have to check on the timid option... I would bet I have something in Vulpix's egg group that would work though. I'll let you know when I'm ready as well.
    Sure, I can get you female Vulpix and Dratini. If you want actual decent IVs it may take me a little while (I have a few other projects I need to take care of first), but if you don't care about that I can have them ready by tomorrow at the latest.
    The Shinx interests me. Possibly the Lickitung too depending on what you are asking in exchange. What were you thinking you wanted?
    hey, you wanted to get the Skarmory form the giveaway, right?
    I can give It to you.. but I have lessons and I will be back 4 hours from now. Message me here or on marriland and come get It xD
    If you're still online. If not then Wednesday. I will check every 15 mins on smogon for the next hour to see if you are still online.
    Sure, let me know when you can trade. The ditto is still on a gen 4 game though.
    Oh ok I see. Well, it's pretty nice that you got a job offering though. :)

    Both Mews- hexflawless
    Entei- 30/31/30/31/31/31
    Jirachi- Not sure, but the ivs were either 30 or 31 in the useful stats
    Jolly Mew- 252 HP / 36 Sp def / 220 Speed
    Bold Mew - 252 HP / 216 def / 40 sp def
    Entei - 184 HP / 148 Sp atk / 176 Speed
    Jirachi - 252 HP / 224 Def / 32 Speed

    You can pick up when I see you online.
    I found some stuff you can ev. My credit rate is 2 ev trains for 1 credit so lmk if you're interested.
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