Yakima, WA: Pokemon Club

I and several other Pokemon fans are attempting to start a club (eventually a league) In the Yakima Washington area. We are currently planning to meet on Sundays at Ron's Coin and Collectibles

The people are mostly casual TCG players, who are interested in becoming competitive. However, if there is enough interest in the area for the video game, I would definitely like to have a live tournament soon. Unfortunately, it appears that players are scarce, but if you happen to live near the Yakima area, please contact me. We will probably be meeting around 4:00 every week, so you could just stop by as well. Hopefully if there are enough people interested, we can schedule a tournament ASAP and get playing :D

(We might also be doing some Yugioh, just a heads up.)
I moved to Ellensburg recently... I'd possibly be interested. What's the age group we're looking at?


I don't ask the age group because I'm a creep. But I am 21; and no offense, but I don't think I'd fit in real well with a much younger crowd.
Cool! Yeah I understand. Right now the age group will probably be around 16-18-ish. There may be some older and some younger though.
I live in Bellingham so I could possibly come to a tournament over the summer, but not like a regular meeting for the video game. Im also somewhat older (18), so if the general age is young, idk if Id feel comfortable coming unless it was in like a public area.
Yes, it's at Ron's Coin and Collectibles. They have play tables set up and everything. We're actually still trying to set up a good day for regular meetings, but it turns there are actually quit a few people interested! As soon as we get the regular meeting day all straightened out, we will schedule a date for the live tournament.
Its been a long time sense this post but is there still a club or anything related to pokemon tcg going on in yakima? i just got into the game and lack players at my school.

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