VGC 2023 Series 1 Sample Team -

VGC 2023 Series 2 Sample team -

This team involves a plethora of good strategies and has great synergy. It includes two great sweepers in Garchomp and Gholdengo, and has Amoongus and Garganacl as its backbone. Sylveon and Weavile complete the team and are great support for the rest. This team isn't that hard to use as you just have to understand the role of each of the pokemon and use it accordingly. I haven't chosen any Paradox Pokèmon for this team, but Sash Song Flutter Mane and Booster Wind Iron Bundle are great options.

Pokèmon set explanations -

Garchomp -

Garchomp has always been a staple on many teams. Its role is simple, get a swords dance off, and sweep. However, this is quite complex in the current meta full of Hydreigons. To get the most use out of this Garchomp, you have to embrace the fact that Hydreigon is going to beat you one on one as it can always terastallize, usually into steel type which resists all your moves and levitates over your earthquake. The ev's are so that you can out-speed Gyarados and after you terastallize, you can live a choice specs Draco Meteor from an opposing Hydreigon.

Gholdengo -

Gholdengo is one of the most devastating attackers in the current meta. The idea is that you Nasty Plot, (or even if yo don't), you win the game by spamming Make it Rain, probably the most absurd attack ever heard of.

Amoongus -

Amoongus is a necessity with access to Spore, Rage Powder, and Pollen Puff to keep your teammates healthy. You can run Coba Berry to make it easier to survive flying type moves, but I prefer Covert Cloak for the extra safety. Black Sludge is also an option for increased longevity. You can also replace Amoongus with Toedscruel, a quite underrated Pokèmon, which also has access to Rage Powder and Spore, along with Trick Room which Amoongus doesn't get.

Garganacl -

Garganacl is one of the best Iron Defense Body Press users in the current meta along with possibly the most broken ability with Purifyng Salt, and with Recover it has great longevity partly due to quite respectable base stats. Salt Cure is a great move for potentially wearing down opposing Pokèmon, especially Water and Steel Types.

Sylveon -

Sylveon is so massively underrated it's absolutely crazy. This thing is insane. With access to Pixilate and Hyper Voice, you have one of the strongest moves in the game at your disposal without mentioning that fact that it deals spread damage, and you can add on a Throat Spray for good measure. You can spam Calm Mind and with leftovers, you can become pretty unkillable. With Tera type Fire and Tera Blast, you can completely turn the tide against opposing Steel Types like Gholdengo and Magnezone.

Weavile -

Weavile is the fastest Fake Out user available and that's a pretty big thing. Ice Spinner along with Weavile's great attack can dish out huge damage and Taunt shuts down opposing Stall like Amoongus. Snarl paired with 20 SpD investment means that you can live two Hyper Voice's from Sylveon if you Snarl before it attacks. If it has Throat Spray, you can simply Snarl again.

So that's it, and I hope you have a lot of fun trying out this team! If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to let me know :)
This team looses hard to dondozo if it’s Tera grass or sub to beat amoongus you should run something like clear smog on amoongus or switch weavile for haze palafin.
Yeah that makes sense. I was thinking about running clear smog on amoongus but decided against it in the end as I thought that the other moves were a bit better on it. Honestly, I think you're quite right about switching Weavile for Palafin, but my reasoning was that the combination of fake out and snarl paired with its fantastic speed tier would make it worthwile to use

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