Tyranitar [GP Approved: 0/2]


<p>open the door, get on the floor</p>


<p>Tyranitar is one of the most dominant influences in Dream World, reliably providing sand for Excadrill and Garchomp to abuse. It is also one of the most effective Pursuit users in the metagame, picking off Chandelure, Latios, and other such threats with ease, thanks to the Special Defense boost provided by sand. Tyranitar is most commonly seen as a supporting Pokemon setting up sand, laying down Stealth Rock, and trapping vulnerable Pokemon with Pursuit, but one musn't forget its impressive base 134 Attack. Tyranitar can run a very powerful Choice Band set, which can pick off even Pokemon with a decent amount of bulk if they flee as it uses Pursuit. Tyranitar is also just barely fast enough to run an efficient Choice Scarf set, outpacing the likes of Thundurus and Starmie and catching them off guard.</p>

name: Support
move 1: Stealth Rock
move 2: Pursuit
move 3: Fire Blast / Flamethrower
move 4: Superpower / Ice Beam / Stone Edge
item: Chople Berry / Leftovers
ability: Sand Stream
nature: Sassy
evs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD


<p>This is overall the most viable Tyranitar set, due to its ability to provide multiple services for, but not limited to, dedicated sand teams. Sand Stream enables Pokemon such as Excadrill and Garchomp to be at their most effective, provides passive damage over the course of a battle, and boosts Tyranitar's Special Defense to staggering heights with proper investment. Tyranitar will almost always be a team's designated Stealth Rock user when serving in a supporting role, adding on to the passive damage already caused by its Sand Stream ability. Pursuit is also a vital move, OHKOing Chandelure as it flees. Tyranitar's fantastic special bulk also allows it to switch into Latios and put it in the same situation, avoiding a 2HKO from even Choice Specs Surf. Tyranitar has a slew of viable coverage moves, and while it is too slow to use them without good prediction, they're helpful against a variety of threats. Fire Blast provides useful coverage on the likes of Genesect and Ferrothorn. Flamethrower, though weaker, has perfect accuracy and is the preferable move if Genesect is of serious concern. Do note that in this case Tyranitar loses the ability to OHKO Breloom. Superpower dissuades Pokemon such as Excadrill and Terrakion from attempting to set up on Tyranitar, and also OHKOes opposing Tyranitar if they lack Chople Berry. Ice Beam can deal severe damage to Garchomp, with 36 Special Attack EVs guaranteeing an OHKO after Spikes damage. Stone Edge provides good coverage, is still a decently powerful STAB move even without Attack investment, and is Tyranitar's best option against Ninetales and to a lesser extent Politoed.</p>


<p>The given EV spread maximizes Tyranitar's special bulk while preventing it from taking an extra point of damage in the unfortunate event that the opponent manages to set up three layers of Spikes. This special bulk is not only valuable for Pursuit trapping, but also makes managing opposing weather inducers far easier for Tyranitar. However, a physically defensive EV spread is also viable, as it allows Tyranitar to take Genesect's U-turn with less risk, as Genesect will no longer pick up a Download Attack boost. Leftovers is Tyranitar's only form of recovery and is thus the recommended item, but a Chople Berry also has its merits. It allows Tyranitar to come out on top against Deoxys-S, and also allows it to survive Superpower from other Tyranitar. Air Balloon is also considerable for the temporary Ground-type immunity it grants to Tyranitar, which can be invaluable against foes such as Excadrill, though X-Scissor is still a threat. It also allows Tyranitar to escape Dugtrio's clutches.</p>

  • Chople now first slash to help against Tornadus-T
<p>Thunder Wave can prove to be quite useful, punishing Pokemon such as Keldeo for attempting to set up. Earthquake is an option for its super-effective coverage on the likes of Jirachi and Raikou. Crunch or Payback can be used to annihilate Pokemon attempting to avoid a powerful Pursuit by staying in, but the coverage is redundant, and the latter deals paltry damage to switch-ins. Roar and Dragon Tail can be used to rack up entry hazard damage and to prevent sweepers from setting up on Tyranitar. As far as teammates go, Tyranitar does not like having to deal with its common type weaknesses, so teammates who can take those attacks for it, such as Gliscor, Keldeo, Chandelure, and Latios are quite beneficial. Having a partner who can take U-turns with ease, such as Skarmory, is also important. Pokemon who have difficulty against Chandelure, such as Breloom, absolutely adore Tyranitar's Pursuit support.</p>

name: Choice Band
move 1: Pursuit
move 2: Stone Edge
move 3: Crunch
move 4: Superpower / Fire Punch
item: Choice Band
ability: Sand Stream
nature: Adamant
evs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD


<p>While Tyranitar has the characteristics necessary to be a supporter, it is also no slouch offensively, either. With a Choice Band equipped Tyranitar hits extremely hard, and can deal with a larger range of targets with Pursuit. This variant of Tyranitar is especially useful for winning weather wars, as neither Ninetales nor Politoed like taking a Choice Band Stone Edge to the face, and still take a hefty chunk of damage if Tyranitar uses Pursuit as they flee. Crunch provides an auxiliary and more accurate STAB move, and can allow Tyranitar to inflict heavy damage to the likes of Slowbro, who could otherwise attempt to stall out Tyranitar with Slack Off. Superpower provides coverage against other Tyranitar, Excadrill, Terrakion, Ferrothorn, and other such Pokemon, and is also powerful enough that it can be used as a neutral coverage move against Breloom and others. Fire Punch is an alternative, as it can be used to pick off Genesect, Breloom, and Ferrothorn. Do note that Tyranitar must predict an opponent's switch-ins in order to make effective use of its coverage moves against most threats, as it's outsped and therefore threatened by a broad range of threats.</p>


<p>Attack investment and an Adamant nature are only natural for a set like this, and due to Tyranitar's low Speed the rest of the EVs are invested in bulk. Tyranitar is just fast enough, however, that with a Jolly nature and maximum Speed investment it can get the jump on slower walls and attack them first. Special Defense can also be invested in, giving a blend of offensive and defensive ability. Aqua Tail is another option though, hitting Pokemon such as Gliscor, Heatran, and Excadrill quite hard. Earthquake is a coverage option against things such as Jirachi, but Ice Punch is also considerable for the coverage against Gliscor and Garchomp. If your team desperately needs a Stealth Rock user, Tyranitar can sacrifice a moveslot for it, though this is generally inadvisable, as being locked into Stealth Rock at the wrong time can be disastrous.</p>

<p>Entry hazard support is quite important, as a large focus of this set is trapping and disposing of opposing weather inducers. Entry hazard damage aids this process greatly. Skarmory, Ferrothorn, and Deoxys-S are all excellent providers of entry hazards, and Tyranitar has good defensive synergy with the former. Since this Tyranitar set has a strong focus on winning weather wars, teammates that prefer sand to be in effect value Tyranitar's support. Excadrill is a menace in sand thanks to Sand Rush, and Garchomp's Sand Veil is also activated by it. Tyranitar is prone to allowing dangerous sweepers such as Excadrill and Terrakion to set up while Tyranitar is locked into an ineffective move, so teammates who can revenge kill these threats are necessary. Breloom has great synergy with Tyranitar, as Breloom can revenge kill the aforementioned threats with Technician Mach Punch, while Tyranitar can easily trap and dispose of Breloom's nemesis, Chandelure.</p>

name: Choice Scarf
move 1: Pursuit
move 2: Stone Edge / Ice Punch
move 3: Crunch
move 4: Earthquake / Superpower
item: Choice Scarf
ability: Sand Stream
nature: Jolly
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe


<p>Though an initial glance at its base stats and typing wouldn't suggest it, Tyranitar is quite capable of acting as a Choice Scarf user. While its Speed is horrendous, it is just barely high enough to allow Tyranitar to outspeed base 115 Speed Pokemon when equipped with said item. These same Pokemon are generally weak to Tyranitar's STAB moves; Starmie fears Crunch or Pursuit, and Thundurus and Tornadus fear Stone Edge. Choice Scarf Tyranitar also has the element of surprise on its side, as generally most players do not expect Choice Scarf Tyranitar, and as such Tyranitar can revenge kill a +2 SpA Thundurus before its user catches on. This set can also serve as a pseudo-spin blocker against Starmie, as it can switch into a Hydro Pump, survive, and outspeed and OHKO Starmie with Crunch, or Pursuit should it catch on and attempt to flee. Ice Punch provides coverage against Garchomp and Gliscor, and can be used over Stone Edge since it acquires similar super effective coverage. Do note that not running Stone Edge makes Tyranitar a less reliable check to Thundurus and Tornadus. Superpower and Earthquake help to deal with threats such as Terrakion, Heatran, and Lucario. Superpower has the drawback of a drop to Attack and Defense, but Earthquake can also prove to be a dangerous move to be locked into, as many Pokemon are immune to it.</p>

  • Outsped by Tornadus-T
  • Good on stall for revenging NP Thundurus-T

<p>Tyranitar can make use of Fire Punch for coverage against Genesect and Ferrothorn. It can also opt to split EVs and go mixed, making use of Ice Beam and Fire Blast to hit Pokemon such as Gliscor and Skarmory on their weaker defense. Stealth Rock support is very important for this set, as it makes dealing with Thundurus much easier. Heatran can provide Stealth Rock and greatly appreciates having an opposing Latios or Starmie taken out of commission. Skarmory can provide Spikes support, and detests Starmie and Chandelure. It can also check Excadrill, who can be a severe threat to Tyranitar. Breloom also benefits from having the targets of this set removed, since they would otherwise be a hindrance to a Mach Punch sweep. Tyranitar has difficulties against Water-types, so Latios, Serperior, and other such Pokemon make for valuable teammates.</p>

[Other Options]

<p>Tyranitar can make use of Dragon Dance to act as a sweeper, but it has issues with having all of the coverage it needs, and is outsped at +1 by nearly every commonly used Choice Scarf Pokemon. Rock Polish is also an option, but such a set lacks power and is easily walled. Additionally, Tyranitar is still easy to outspeed and revenge kill with a Choice Scarf user, even at +2 Speed. The classic Tyraniboah set makes use of Substitute to allow Tyranitar to throw out powerful Focus Punches in safety, using special coverage moves to eliminate threats who resist the move. Tyranitar can also run some Speed investment and an Expert Belt, along with some special attacks, to catch Pokemon such as Scizor and Skarmory off guard with a faster Fire Blast. </p>

[Checks and Counters]

<p>Genesect must be wary of Fire Blast and Choice Band Stone Edge, but is severely threatening to Tyranitar with its Download-boosted STAB U-turn. Similarly, Scizor threatens it with STAB Bullet Punch and U-turn. Fighting-types, such as Breloom and Keldeo, are extremely threatening to Tyranitar and can easily force it out. Strong special attackers with super effective STAB moves pose a severe threat to Tyranitar, even when taking into account the Special Defense boost from Sand Stream. For example, Pokemon such as Manaphy and Choice Specs Politoed can deal severe damage with a STAB Water-type move. Excadrill and Garchomp both threaten Tyranitar with their STAB Earthquake, and both of them receive a boost from Tyranitar's Sand Stream ability. Tyranitar hates being burned, so it must tread carefully against the likes of Ninetales and Heatran, who can burn it with Will-O-Wisp. Dugtrio's Arena Trap prevents Tyranitar from escaping, and even Choice Scarf Tyranitar is outsped by it. A full-health Dugtrio can use Substitute four times to maximize the Base Power of its Reversal and activate a Liechi Berry, guaranteeing that Tyranitar is OHKOed even if it carries a Chople Berry.</p>
Mention a defensive spread in the ac of the first set. Tyranitar takes a ton from Genesect's U-turn. The set SIU used on his RMT was pretty good.


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Seconding a physically defensive spread. Let Genesect get that nigh-worthless Special Attack boost, take a ton less from U-turn, and let Tyranitar do its thing.
I think CB should outspeed Skarmory for the 2hko after rocks . slash crunch after pursuit since sometimes you need to hit things like reuniclus and a lot of the time chandelure stays in since they expect pursuit

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