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Hello! For those that want to join the Quality Control (henceforth known as QC) team, you'll have to first join Trial QC.

What is Trial QC?

Trial QC is a process in which we (the QC team) will review checks that you send to us through a PM on the forums. With this, we can give you valuable feedback that you can use to improve your checks, and hopefully, you'll make it onto the team!

How do I make it onto the Trial QC team?
In order to start the process, you first need to do AMQC checks (amateur QC checks); we'll then look at these checks and let you know if you can join the Trial QC team! Don't expect to get onto the Trial QC team instantly, though; people learn at different speeds, and it usually takes a bit before we know you're competent enough to join in the first place. However, having solid metagame knowledge and showing general interest in National Dex C&C as a whole should land you a spot on Trial QC without much difficulty, mostly taking one or two solid AMQC checks before you're added onto the team.

How do I send checks to QC members?
First, draft your original check; whether it be through the Sandbox or within the analysis that needs a check. You should use three colors that represent additions (commonly blue/green), removals (commonly red) and comments (commonly blue if additions aren't blue, if not purple). Then, in the toolbar at the top of your post, click "Toggle BB code". This will revert your check to a state in which you can easily copy and paste it into a Smogon PM. After that, copy your check, and create a Smogon PM with one of the QC members (list of current team can be found here). Your check will then be reviewed and you can send it to the analysis that required such a check. Your check will be counted as official, without crediting the QC member that gave feedback; this is done so that we can give the analysis a check ourselves.

Again, do not expect to make it onto the team after one or two Trial QC checks; it is up to the full discretion of the QC team whether or not you join officially.

Good luck!
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