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Wifi's Battling Room

· Angeela, Cranham and RosietheVenusaur (The ROs of battling) gave approval of this topic

· Co-Writing this article with anto

Note: Better title of article will be added if necessary

By Serpz:


-Refer to Wifi and how one of its Sub Room is Battling

-State why it's different (from other rooms) and briefly touch upon what the room is all about

-Makes users realize what the room is all about (encourages them to join in)

Body: (Battling Room's Specialties)

-Great for a combination of Ps and ingame tours and anything related to battling

-Friendly Users helping you out with battling needs (Teambuilding, Team Testing and Competitive Strategies)

- Respectful, healthy debates (ranging from a variety of tiers) related to battling such as suspect tests

-Battling's Leaderboard (points and prizes)

-Battling's Challenge of the Day (Daily) (Refer to Leaderboard)

-In-Game and PS tournaments (Refer To Leaderboard) as well as working with Wifi for larger events (Wifi's monthly Tournament)

-Battling's Official Pokemon League

-Battling's GBA

-Featured Replay (In-Game)

-The Replay Archive

-Pokemon of the Day (Roomintro)

-Current Jam (Roomintro)

-Interviews with the ROs! and the creator of the league


-Encourage readers to come to the battling room and wrap it up (summary of main key points)
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I'm fine with this seeing as you seem like you have enough to write about, but I'm unsure if we should be dedicating a whole article to a private room. Tagging antemortem for thoughts


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well, we did allow an article on Breeding, so we might as well allow this one, no?

i'm down, so this is approved. just make sure it doesn't end up mostly an advertisement and is for entertainment purposes.

anto knows all the rules of the workshop, but once you get access, Serpz, please keep unreleased articles private. you can also join #thesmog on IRC for live discussion with other contributors if you feel so inclined! tagging Jellicent for access
You should see a new subforum under The Smog called Article Workshop. Read up on the stickies there so you know how it all works, though feel free to hit me up on the forums or IRC if you have any questions. Welcome to the team ^.^
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