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Hello one and all! This thread is about the Battle Frontier and about it's exciting arenas. But before we start off, let's introduce everyone to the Battle Frontier.

The Battle Frontier was first included in Pokemon Emerald. It had seven different events. Some were harder than others. Winning a certain amount of matches allowed you to challenge the Brain for that facility. If you won, you got a Silver medal. If you kept up the streak to a certain number, you could fight the Brain again for a Gold Medal! Here's the official artwork of the Battle Frontier.

The seven different facilities were as followed.

The Battle Tower

The Battle Tower is the first and most basic of the whole lot. It looks like a huge tower with glass windows. You can't miss it. You fight a row of seven trainers and go for the highest streak. You can't have two of the same pokemon and cannot have them holding the same items as well.

The Battle Dome

The Battle Dome is the second facility. It is directly to the left of the Battle Tower, and is shaped like an oval dome. While the battling rules are almost the same as to the Tower, there are some differences. You are pitted against other trainers in a 4 round tournament. You can see what Pokemon they have, however, you can only choose two pokemon in your party to battle out of three, so make sure both cover all the types they need too!

The Battle Factory

The Battle Factory is the third facility in the Frontier. It is directly below the Battle Dome. It looks like a tall building with yellow-tinted windows. This one is very different from the other facilities. For one, you cannot use your own Pokemon, you can only use the rental ones they supply for you. At the end of each battle, you can swap a pokemon that your opponent used for one of your own. This is my favorite attraction in the entire Frontier.

The Battle Palace

The Battle Palace is the fourth facility in the frontier and is located near the body of water at the bottom right corner of the Frontier. It is possibly the strangest facility in all the Frontier. The battle rules are the same as the Tower, but with one big difference. Your Pokemon choose the moves they use depending on the nature they have. An Adamant pokemon may like to attack alot, for example.

The Battle Arena
The Battle Arena is the fifth facility in the frontier and is located directly above the Battle Palace. It is a dojo-like arena. It pits two Pokémon against one another for three rounds. If both Pokémon last all three rounds, they are rated on how they battled in three aspects, and the Pokémon with the higher score wins, and the losing Pokémon leaves battle. If they somehow tie, both Pokémon leave battle. A knockout results in an automatic win for the Pokémon that is still standing.(Thanks to Bulbapedia for this explanation of it, I couldn't think of a decently worded one)​

The Battle Pike
The Battle Pike is the sixth facility in the Frontier and is near the Battle Factory. It is a giant Seviper building. The Battle Pike has the player go through 14 rooms, each time picking from 1 of the 3 rooms. It could range from fighting a trainer, fighting wild pokemon or, if your lucky, get your pokemon fully healed! This is all on luck ladies and gents.​

The Battle Pyramid
The Battle Pyramid is the seventh and final facility in the Frontier. It is, as the name implies, a pyramid. It is located at the top right corner of the Frontier. It has seven floors inside. Unlike the other events, the player cannot take in any items with them and must leave behind his/her bag and is instead, replaced with a battle bag. Once you enter, you are is shrouded in darkness and can only light it up by defeating trainers or wild pokemon. To get to the next floor, you must find a blue tile and step on it.

I will add the Platinum/HG/SS edition later. But for now, discuss your teams, your epic battles, your rage moments of this, or all around, just discuss about the frontier!


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Best Frontier ever. That pretty much sums it up.

Arriving there for the first time was simply so awesome. You'd met Scott several times, and he promises he has something big going on. When you first step off that ship, you're greeted with the blasting fanfare. There are people everywhere, talking about challenging the facilities or just admiring the participants. Hoenn's Battle Frontier has the atmosphere of an Olympic village, it's big enough to appear vast and impressive, yet it's easy to navigate. The size of the place also allows for every facility to have its own immediate surrounding area, giving a slightly different atmosphere to every corner of the Frontier. Also, the origins of the place isn't all forgotten either, there are still bits of untouched nature in the far-off corners of the island.

On to the facilities, I liked the Factory and the Pike the best. Lucy was tough to take down with her ultra-defensive playstyle, and the facility itself was exciting enough. Though, losing to hax was annoying in the long run.

I also remember having a Calm(?) Gardevoir that was a beast at the Palace. It was so peaceful that it only used Calm Mind and Hypnosis until its HP was in the deep yellow. Then it began spamming Psychic and Thunderbolt left and right, often with as much as +3/+3 in stats.

The Pyramid was cool too. Why didn't I challenge that one more often? Ahh... the memories...
*whips out GameBoy*
I've been spending a lot of time playing the Battle Frontier recently, and it's been pretty fun. I've spent the most time in the Factory. I think the NPCs are retarded, though. Recently I was in a position where I had a Steelix and the other guy had a Lanturn with Surf. The guy knew perfectly well that he could wipe me out with Surf, but instead he seemed to think it was a better idea to spam Attract when we were both male. Then I blew him up. So now I don't bother predicting. I just predict that they'll do something stupid.
Other than that, the rest of it's pretty cool too. I really like the Pyramid, though since I just recently started a new game file I don't have any Lv. 100 Pokemon yet (And all my EV trained Pokemon are Lv. 70...), so whenever I fight anyone their Pokemon are like 20 levels higher than mine...but I still win.
When I'm not in the Factory or the Pyramid, I spend most of my time in the Tower. I have a Modest CM Latias that destroys everything. It's awesome (Tank Regice is pretty cool too without the existence of Stealth Rock).
I haven't really explored the other facilities yet, since I never really got into playing the Battle Frontier when I first got the game, but I will soon.


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I've spent far too many hours in the Pike and only gotten a silver medal. That's probably the biggest triumph I've ever made - getting that far and losing to Lucy so often was awful, and one day I finally won. I don't remember the team though... maybe I saved the battle.

There's also the yet unsuccessful Battle Dome that I love. I've had way too much fun with it before, only to get wiped out in the first battle of the Brain's bracket. I don't remember his name.

Yeah, this Battle Frontier is the best thing about the third generation, hands down. I can't wait to see how it's done in the RSE remakes.

I really have to beat Thorton at least once!!! I have battled him about 10 times and lost every match due to bad luck on my part.......

Muk's Curse Set was unexpected and I lost to that thing because my Alakazam was Ko'd by a Crit D:
God, picked up the game, never put it down because of this. Sadly, I only have 3 silver shields and 2 Gold ( Palace, Arena, Dome are Silver, and Pike and Factory are Gold) but I am very close to getting Arena Gold. I have never gotten a pyramid win and I always lose to Anabel's Snorlax. Dont see the problem with Pike, its incredibly easy for me and my Magneton. The easiest way to get battle factory gold is to play level 50, thats what I did. I still have the emerald guide and I used Its sample team of Blaziken, Whiscash, and Magneton, worked suprisingly well in the Dome, Arena, Pike, and Palace. Tucker pissed me off with this team though, as Whiscash had the only Ice move, so when his(her??) Swampert wiped it out, I thought I was screwed because he(her?) used Salamence. But my Magneton killed it, and I now have a Silver Shield.
Any tips for Pyramid? Cant beat it. Never have. I either lose to wild pokemon or I ragequit because it took about an hour to find the first floor's warp point.
Have Pokemon that can heal themselves for the Pyramid. Even if it seems like a stupid idea, having a Pokemon with the ability "Run Away" can help escape wild Pokemon, because all too often, you won't escape even when your 2x faster than them.

And I'm losing most of my events because of one Pokemon. Miltank.

That disgusting thing counters ALL OF my team and doesn't take ANYTHING from Brick Break.
Sweet! I obtained the Gold Medal for the Pike! I swear, I had more luck than 5 leprechaun's with horseshoes instead of hands and feet. I almost lost to Lucy though because of that Seviper haxing with FB 3 times in a row. =/
I remember trying to take down the Battle Frontier with my first set of EV'd pokemon (255/255 spreads because I was bad at maths), got demolished constantly but still managed to get Lucy's silver medal. I've always wanted to go back and get all the gold medals but I've never quite had the time.
I remember trying to take down the Battle Frontier with my first set of EV'd pokemon (255/255 spreads because I was bad at maths), got demolished constantly but still managed to get Lucy's silver medal. I've always wanted to go back and get all the gold medals but I've never quite had the time.
If you can remember, what Pokemon did you use?
I can, my team usually consisted of:

Typical all-out attacker sets. I never really cared for stat up boosts back then.
Huh, that's funny. I used the exact same team when I was trying to beat the tower back in the day with my friends. Of course, none of the pokemon were EV trained right, so it didn't work.
I dont think EV training is needed in the Battle Frontier, but I use it now, and its a bit better.
Are you kidding? EV training made a huge difference in my performance in the Battle Frontier. Sure, it isn't needed, but it really helps.
On a side note, I beat Thorton. It really helps when you know the Pokemon's movesets more.
I have very vague memories of the battle frontier, all I can really remember was KO'ing Lucy's shuckle with my swampert.

Back then I had no idea what EVs where so my team was not EV trained, even if it was I may not have gotten very far.
Never played the third gen of Pokemon (I got swept up in a period of Anti-Pokemon fever), but I really do love the Battle Frontier (or, in Unova, the Battle Subway). Lots of fun, and if you have a few good battlers, the points just racked up. I mainly use it as a means to earn points to pick up tools for EV training.
Bah..... I've lost far too many times to the Dewgong/Rhydon from hell. Damn you Tower.

I think I'll move on to the Pyramid. What do you guys think of this team I have in mind?

Team for floors 1-4(Which is Paralyze, Poison, Burn and PP loss(Struggle).

Dodrio/Runaway ability.
Drill Peck

His main goal? Get the hell out of every battle and fight if needed. He's fairly strong and his main selling point is run. It was him or Rapidash.

Soft Boiled
Seismic Toss

She's supposed to heal stuff. It's pretty self explanatory.

Rock Slide
Brick Break

Kill stuff if needed too. He's fast enough to do some damage. He gets replaced during the burn floor, in which Suicune comes in.

Calm Mind

It can heal itself and well, roar anything away.

Floor 6 is the trap floor. I'm planning to bring a Pokemon with Roar(Suicune again, he gets rid of Wobbuffet and Wyanut, as well as the Arena trap guys.)

Floor 7 is Ice Type Pokemon, so I'm planning to bring Heracross for that, but any other suggestions would be nice.

Floor 8 is Pokemon that use Selfdestruct, so I'll bring Gengar or Aggron around.

Floor 9 is Psychic types. I'm thinking Metagross and Heracross might work, but meh.

Finally, Floor 10 is Rock types(lol). And then the King himself.

For a short rundown, here are the pokemon I'm using, again.


Any suggestions?
you're overpreparing way too much. tbh your suicune should be able to flat out win it. but if you have this all trained up, a strategy is always good. go for it and enjoy your medals
you're overpreparing way too much. tbh your suicune should be able to flat out win it. but if you have this all trained up, a strategy is always good. go for it and enjoy your medals
Maybe so, but the main problem is that I'm losing to Hax most of the time, and it's getting to the point where it's making me rage-quit.

I don't have some trained up, but that's what cloning is for :3. And thanks, I hope I will.
Pardon my double post, but I have sucessfully obtained the Gold Medal from the Pyramid! Using a crack team of Latios/Slaking/Gengar for the final fight, I have been crowned and taken the throne!

Now for the other four, but for now I think I'll take a break from the Frontier.
Freaking Shuckle!!!

I fought this ****er in the first battle after winning Thorton's Silver symbol:

844 | Shuckle | Calm | Leftovers | Toxic | Substitute | Double Team | Sandstorm | HP/Def/SpD

My team was the following:

789 | Staraptor | Adamant | Choice Band | Brave Bird | Giga Impact | Close Combat | U-turn | Atk/Spe

This was my lead.

885 | Electivire | Adamant | Shuca Berry | ThunderPunch | Fire Punch | Ice Punch | Earthquake | Atk/Spe

This guy was my backup.

812 | Altaria | Modest | White Herb | Draco Meteor | Air Cutter | Flamethrower | Ice Beam | SpA/Spe

Was a last pick, but better than what the other mons I was given.
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