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Gen 4 Tangela [Mini] [QC: 0/2]

Gangsta Spongebob

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Tangela is an excellent physical wall due to its huge physical bulk and reliable recovery, which allow it to check a variety metagame staples, notably speedy physical attackers, such as Purugly and Zangoose, and common Rock- and Ground-types, such as Relicanth, Rhydon, and Quagsire. With its access to great utility moves, notably Sleep Powder, and above-average Special Attack, Tangela is something few Pokemon enjoy actively switching into. However, Tangela suffers massively due to its abysmal special bulk, which lets the majority of special attackers in the tier, such as Golduck and Magmar, easily OHKO Tangela. Tangela's Grass-typing also gives it weaknesses to common physical attacks, such as Purugly's U-Turn and Armaldo's X-Scissor, while a select few threats such as RestTalk Muk and Murkrow can switch into Tangela with relative ease turn Tangela into a liability.

name: Physically Defensive
move 1: Leech Seed / Sleep Powder
move 2: Giga Drain / Energy Ball
move 3: Hidden Power [Fire]
move 4: Synthesis
item: Leftovers
ability: Chlorophyll
nature: Bold
evs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

Leech Seed can be used to wear down targets while keeping Tangela healthy, though Sleep Powder can instead be used to cripple the target with Sleep. Giga Drain is used as Tangela's primary STAB attack as well as a means to increase Tangela's longevity, though Energy Ball could be used instead for more power. Hidden Power Fire primarily targets Steel- and Grass-types such as Metang, Victreebel, and opposing Tangela. Synthesis is crucial for keeping Tangela healthy. Due to its horrible special bulk, Tangela desperately needs the support of special sponges such as Gastrodon and Muk, while in return it provides a backbone against many of the tier's physical attackers, such as Purugly, Rhydon, and Gabite. Tangela also appreciates the support of Pokemon that can handle types it struggles to damage, such as Gabite with its ability to check Fire-types, and Metang with its ability to check Poison-, Ice-, and Flying-types.

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