Syclant thread

Edit: Here's a video guide for syclant's core gameplay


Syclant is a super cool awesome character. Let's post all his combos, strats and match up specific tricks.

Here are some combos and little links you could put into bigger combos. Categorised by no particular method:

Lots of meter + super combo
22B, 26A, 24B, 22C, Blizzard, (24B vs Ohm only) 22C (thanks buddha)

Super combos
(far 5B), 3B, 22C, blizzard, 22C
4C, 24A, 22A, blizzard, 22C
j.C, 5C, 22A, blizzard, 22C
j.2B, 2B, 24A, 22A, blizzard, 22C

C-Swords dance combos
j.2B, 2B, 24C
4C, 2B, 24C
(Whatever), 24C, blizzard (usually results in shit damage due to scaling, but guaranteed damage after SD is impossible otherwise! Also good chip.)

I'll post some match up thoughts later maybe.

General syclant strategy, imo, is to rush like crazy. Constantly threaten between quick j.2B/2B/grab/double team. You can land 2B 24C off of everything. After every SD combo ender, you can go straight back into mix ups. Edge forward to grab/double team. Jump forward 2B or just edge forward and 2B. Very high pressure!

Maybe TGM and Buddha can post the really crazy combos!
Syclant is too much fun. I still retain my statement that Double Team is the best Ability in the game (tied with Wisp).

Once they are on the ground, and you are close to them (which is frequent with Syclant) you can so many options. Trip (low) , 4c (overhead), 2B (links to swords dance), j.2b (links to B Fury), grab, or you can do all those aforementioned things after you double team over.

The key is just getting the opponent to block wrong. and with 4 ways he has to choose from, it's a bit difficult for them to get it right.

However, in v04 the grabs are fast enough to be a reversal if you're not spaced right.
Yeah, right now I find double team too risky. Between grabs and the natural counter of them hitting you right as they turn around (by chance, even), I prefer not to double team much at all except as a surprise option.

When that's not an issue though, double team is truly confusing as hell.

Also, heh, double team tied with WoW? First there's WoW, then there's a gaping chasm, then all other abilities. Where older = better, WoW is the start of the universe, double team is when the dinosaurs died out, and all other abilities are when human life started. That's another topic, though.
First of all, the 3B -> 22B -> 22C combo is incorrect. You will not be able to hit them after the 22B, so its best to follow up with 22C. However, you can squeeze in an A-Shard, then Dash forward for the C-Swipes, just to add damage + meter.

You missed some vital comboes like:

Anything not 3B -> B Swipes -> A-Shard -> B Dance -> C Swipes -> Blizzard -> (B Dance vs Ohm only) -> C Swipes

Against Rev, the combo stops at B Dance
Against Soil, A Shard ends it unless you dash forward to C Swipe

This builds up a lot of meter, like 60% ish.

late jC -> 4C -> A-Dance -> A Swipes -> Blizzard -> so on
does a lot of damage, since it is not too badly affected by scaling

5A -> 5B -> 5C -> A Swipes -> Blizzard -> so on
yea you can combo into Super from standing normal. Go figure

Other noteworthy things-

2B cancels into all Dance
A Dance cancels into A Swipes
5B links into AShard which links into 5B
5A links into itself for like, 10 times if you do it right

I'll post more when I come up with more.

P.S I stole Rev from you ^______^
You missed some vital comboes like:

Anything not 3B -> B Swipes -> A-Shard -> B Dance -> C Swipes -> Blizzard -> (B Dance vs Ohm only) -> C Swipes
That convoluted super long combo is not 'vital', 'vital' is crap you need to learn to even play well.

Still, good to know.

Edit: I added it to the OP, but I can't get that combo to work. I can do it if I omit the 3B, but not otherwise. What am I doing wrong?


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i think the way to get it work is anything but 3b, which is what is listed is you read it the right way
Well now I just feel absolutely silly. Still, that is the first time I have seen a combo start with a move that you don't do! Thanks.

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