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Leaderboard update! A special shout out to this incredible report / guide on Dynamax Adventures by S0UTHPAWKLAW, an impressive achievement and a delightful read!
I had the streaks I'm sharing finished when this update happened... I have a problem with procrastination...
Also, as announced in the BDSP thread, the battle facilities damage calculator now has a mass calc mode thanks to SilverstarStream. This should come in handy for any remaining RS players!
Awesome! This would've been nice when team building for Psychic, but I'm still glad about better (too) late (for me) than never! Thanks SilverstarStream! :D

I had 2 Types left after my last post here, so you can probably guess what I'm going to say. I've finally gotten 11 Wins with every Type in Restricted Sparring! The final teams were the one I feared the most the beginning and the one I was most unsure about building at the end. Fire and Psychic. Even better, I finished before SV came out! Too bad everyone will be too busy with SV to read this. :P

Here's why I was afraid of Fire. It has two Recycle users in SwSh, Blacephalon and the “somehow better than the alternative for once” Heatmor. Uhh... I’ll get back to which one I want to use...

Fire is weak to Water, Rock, and Ground. To not instantly lose to a type, you need someone not weak to that type. Fire Type combos that aren’t weak to more than one of those are Fire/Grass and nothing else. A Fire/Grass Pokemon would be really cool in SV, but it’d also be too little too late. So, I need three different Pokemon for three different types and neither Recycle user works for any of them. Heatmor makes me not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse. Either way, it somehow made me feel better.

I'm not going to lie about the diversity of the movesets. They're all this.

Everyone @ Whatever Item
Good Ability
Calm 252 HP/??? Def/??? SpD

Toxic is for the quick Stall. Will-O-Wisp for Poison or Steel Types, Pokemon that need to have their Attack lowered, and Pokemon that I want to/don't care if they take a while. Confide lowers Special Attack to make enduring easier and Rest is the needed recovery move. The only Difference is the Ground Immune Pokemeon has Roost instead because they can learn it.

:Heatran: :Leftovers:
Heatran @ Leftovers
Calm 252 HP/172 Def/84 SpD

For the Rock Neutrality, Heatran. Duh.
Combusken also resists Rock, learns Feather Dance, and can use Eviolite but is less bulky than Heatran even with it and Steel, to no one's surprise, is so much better than Fighting.

:Moltres: :Rocky Helmet:
Moltres @ Rocky Helmet
Bold 252 HP/60 Def/196 SpD

Ho-Oh is the best Fire type but has the minor problem of being banned, so I had to settle for the original Legendary Bird of Fire.

Fletchinder with Eviolite is a little less bulky than Moltres and learns Growl, but I forgot about that until after breeding and transferring Pokemon. Also, the Rocky Helmet is too good not to use. Rotom is also a little less bulky and has less weaknesses, but I liked Moltres’s resistances more. Especially the Fighting resist.

I could've used Volcarona or Centiskorch if I wanted to settle for anything not weak to Ground, but why would I do that? Immunities are awesome!

:Torkoal: :Heat Rock:
Torkoal @ Heat Rock
Calm 252 HP/4 Def/252 SpD

Turtonator is the obvious choice for a Water Neutrality because the only two other Pokemon in SwSh not weak to Water, Reshiram and Volcanion, are banned. Between letting me down on the Dragon Team, not resisting Ice, and that I just don’t like Turtonator I was pretty willing to be creative.

Torkoal doesn’t resist Water, but Drought making Water attacks deal half damage is close enough and lets me switch. It also let me use a Heat Rock to make Sun last long enough that I wouldn’t have to restart it before the opponent fainted. The reason that looked good is the only other item worth considering was Bright Powder. Leftovers, Eviolite, and Rocky Helmet are pretty much the only good Defensive Items that aren’t single use. (There's also the Leppa Berry if you count it too. It feels wrong to call it single use because of how many times I've reused it with Recycle.)

I don't have full notes for the first few "Battles" but none of them were bad enough to cause any lasting damage. "Battle" 3's Kingdra nearly KOed Torkoal with Draco Meteor, but she was able to recover a little against Eldegoss. Not entirely because of Worry Seed stopping Rest, but still a little because of Grassy Terrain. "Battle" 4 had a Pikachu lead. Volt Tackle is a 2HKO on Heatran without Will-O-Wisp, but a but was able to prevent the second hit from KOing, even though it was a Crit! He recovered the damage with Rest and it wasn't a big deal in the long run because being able to use Rest again against Bisharp. "Battle" 5's only problem was Corviknight using Spite on Moltres's Roost.

Fun Fact: Kingdra's Draco Meteor glitches Torkoal's smoke.

"Battle" 6's Lead Poliwrath made me switch to Torkoal then Moltres, but being able to recover with Roost meant it wasn't that bad after that. Rhyperior was sent out against Moltres and Rock Wrecker would OHKO if they used it, so I switched to Heatran and they used Sandstorm instead of attacking. I didn't take many screenshots, so I'm not sure what happened other than tanking Rock Wreckers, but it ended kind of okay. Healtran was left at half health.

The last Pokemon was another threat, Politoed. The good news is I wouldn't have to use Toxic because of Perish Song. The bad news, Turn 1 Hydro Pump brought Torkoal to her knees when I switched to her. With Heatran at half HP and Torkoal almost KOed, I figured I'd need to use a heal even if Toakoal survived the next turn. Hydro Pump landed afinishing blow before Torkoal could use Rest.

Leg 1: 6 Wins

"Battle" 7 started with Skuntank so I started with switching to Torkoal because her item is the least valuable. It didn't matter though. They used Memento and the opponent sent out Bouffalant. I switched to Moltres because of Earthquake then used Toxic. After that, switching between Heatran and Moltres. The plan was for Moltres to take Earthquakes, but they only took Giga Impact’s recharge turns.

The last Pokemon was a little ammusing. Mr. Rime’s Copycat copied Giga Impact. I'm so glad Moltres was slower because I was using Toxic. I used Roost durring the recharge turn then switch to Heatran and Copycat was less amusing when it copied Roost, healing what Toxic and the Rocky Helmet had done. It went back to amusing when Copycat became Confide and they kept spamming it and became annoying when they finally attacked on their last turn, dealing damage to Torkoal.

"Battle" 8 had a Pokemon that's annoying for a lot of my teams because of Substitute. This time though, Heatran outspeed Jellicent and was able to Toxic before they could use Substitute. I switched to Torkal then back to Heatran because of Brine, but they prefered using Poltergeist.

The second Pokemon wasn't annoying. Heracross, even though it doesn't have Fighting Attacks, is something I'm never happy to see. Too tough to be annoying. Will-O-Wisp could backfire because of Guts and Toxic is better against set up Pokmeon anyway, so I used Toxic. Heracross used Bulk Up twice before attacking and Stone Edge missed. I Dynamaxed, thinking they were done setting up, and Max Guard was wasted against Bulk Up. The second Max guard failed and a devastating Stone Edge missed again. lol. Max Guard blocked the last one and Heatran didn't have much trouble against the last Pokemon, Pelipper. Torkoal was even able to use Rest against it.

"Battle" 10 had another Pokemon I never like to see, Azumarill. I used Will-O-Wisp because of Belly Drum. Turn 1, they used Aqua Jet and brought Heatran's health to the point I wouldn't let him take anything that wasn't resisted. (or patheticly weak) They used Belly Drum while I switched to Torkoal for Drought and Aqua Jet dealt about 50 Damage. I needed to use Rest twice, even with Drought and the Burn. So glad they apparently didn’t have Huge Power.

Ribimbee was a good chance to let Heatran and Torkoal heal. I’d let Moltres heal too, but 2 HP isn’t worth a Roost PP. The only problem was Torkoal’s Toxic missed twice...

The last Pokemon has to have a bad match up if Psychic and two STABs Heatrran has x4 resists to was the second one. Still, I’m not getting my hopes up too much until I see what it is. Turns out, Scolipede... Wow. I forgot it was a Poison type and still used Will-O-Wisp anyway because it’s so pathetic. Leftovers would heal Heatran and Moltres wouldn’t have enough done to them for me to care about. If anything, I wanted Moltres to be hit by Skitter Smack because of the Rocky Helmet.

Another Rhyperior started "Battle" 11. They started with Breaking Swipe for some reason. I'm not complaining about taking next to no damage while using Toxic though. Sandstorm the next turn was just as good, but Rock Wrecker brought Heatran down to 1/3 HP! I felt clever for an idea that would waste a turn. I could switch to Torkoal while they Recharge then back to Heatran while they restart the Sa-

Rock Wrecker

Uh oh...

Critical Hit!

I had a feeling they’d attack while I was switching back to Heatran and that Rock Wrecker would KO.

I send out Moltres for the final turn and heal the tiny bit of damage with Roost. The last two Pokemon weren't a problem though. Malamar's Quick Claw activated, letting them use Baton Pass to bring in Jellicent before Moltres could use Toxic. The timing didn't matter though because Toxic missed. Moltres outspeed and was able to poison with the second Toxic before Jellicent could use Substitute.

Leg 2: 5 Wins

So... Why was I afraid of having to do Fire?

Blissey wasn't really a threat, but it made "Battle" 13 funny. Wrap was actually kind of threatening to Heatran after the lead's Corrosive Gas removed Leftovers and Geomancy was a shock to see. Heatran was asleep during that and after the speed boost, I expected them to use Safeguard before I could use Toxic but I try it anyway. They used Metronome instead their random move was one that should be a death sentence for any Heatran, Stomping Tantrum. 75 Power and x4 Effectiveness added up to a whopping ~20 Damage! (I’m not sure if that was sarcasm. It’s a ton from a Blissey’s Physical Attack.)

After one of the best moves, they got one of the worst ones, Powder Snow... and the 20% Freeze Chance... I can't even be mad at Powder Snow Freezing Heatran. XD A few turns later, they used Flamethrower. I thought it was broken AI until I remembered that Metronome called Entertainment, which replaced Flash Fire with Serene Grace. Heatran somehow survived the Geomancy boosted attack and it thawed him, letting him use Rest! I’m not complaining about why Fire Attacks thaw frozen Pokemon, but I am asking why a Legendary Pokemon made of partly molten metal that’s probably hotter than most fire can be frozen.

There was good news and bad news about "Battle" 15's start.

Bad News: Heatran is asleep.
Good News: Against Talonflame, who cares?

They used Fly then U-Turn and Heatran woke up in time to use Toxic on Grapploct. I’m so switching to Moltres against that. Stomp Tantrum does nothing then Circle Throw brings out Torkoal. Another Stomping Tantrum did nothing because of another switch to Moltres and they used Taunt on their final turn before going down.

Lycanroc... Even if Moltres wasn’t Taunted, NOPE! Switch to Heatran and they used Roar to bring back Moltres. NOPE! Switch to Heatran and they used Stealth Rock.
Accelerock doesn’t do much to Heatran.
Moltres getting sent out twice is a KO, so... Dynamax blocks Roar! They used Roar as soon as Dynamax ended three turns later and their Roar brought back Moltres. NOPE! Switch to Heatran.

Talonflame spent their final turn using Overheat... against Heatran... Lol. I’d say it was bad AI if I didn’t think U-Turn would’ve been just as useless.

"Battle" 18 wasn't pretty. I had to switch to Torkoal against Golduck for Drought and Night Daze with a little previous damage brought her down to a little under half health. Zoroark used Flamethrower, which did nothing because I was switching back to Heatran, then 2 Night Dazes dealt almost half damage while Heatran used Toxic and Confide. I chose Rest expecting another Night Daze, but they used U-Turn to bring out the real Golduck instead. Crap...

I switched to Moltres and used Toxic agaisnt Golduck and Surf dealing about 1/3 damage per attack forced Moltres to use Roost. I would've stayed in, but the Sun ended! I expected the worst when I switched to Torkoal, but she barely endured Golduck Surf! That said, she can't take any hits so she's very unlikly to be able to use Rest and Heatran needs as much HP as possible to endure long enough to wake up... I didn't like having to do it, but I let Torkoal faint.

I sent out Heatran and had him Dynamax to take less damage before he woke up. He endured easily but had to use Rest again against Zoroark. He was about half HP and awake when Zoroark fainted.

The last Pokemon was yet another I had trouble with. Gallade's Sword Dance is (for most Pokemon) enough to make it a threat even if you resist its attacks. They used Sword Dance on their first turn and Toxic missed because of Night Daze lowering Accuracy twice. The second one hit brought Heatran to 1/3 of his HP, but he didn't miss with Toxic and was able to use Rest after enduring the second Psycho Cut at 3 HP! Going on with a Pokemon down is always a grim situation, especialy when it means you'll probably lose to a type of Pokemon, but you know what makes it even worse? Having to use Rest on the final turn against Gallade!

Final “Battle”

My opponent was trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but they failed. They tried so hard to let my weakened team win, but they were left with a Pokemon that couldn’t lose against Heatran.

Heatran was asleep, so I had to hope Barraskewda didn't boost their Attack with Acupressure. Drill Run did nothing to Moltres while I siwtched to them and they boosted their Attack while I use Toxic. Second Turn, I try to sacrifice Heatran, but he endured the somehow endured the Waterfall. I switched back to Moltres and Dynamaxed to survive. They spent their last 3 turns Spamming Acupressure.

Second Pokemon, Magneton. I used Roost to not die to Electro Ball and they used Thunder Wave. They took half Moltres's Health the next turn with Electro Ball and Pyralasis prevented Will-O-Wisp. Against Heatran, they used Magnet Rise instead of taking the easy KO. That let Heatran wake up and use Rest. After that, it took me a long time to realize I'd forgettoen to burn Magenton. Playing on Autopilot can be annoying sometimes...

The last Pokemon, Crustle, couldn't possibly lose, even if the AI wanted to. Heatran was weak to Body Press and there was no one to take it for him.

Leg 3: 7 Wins

I thought I'd be lucky to get 7 total with Heatmor.


After fearing this type because of one Pokemon I thought I'd have to use, I just want to say this. Suck it Heatmor!

My Psychic Team can be summed up in one word, Cresselia. Any team using Cresselia ends up being Cresselia vs almost everything. Pokemon that aren't weak to her weaknesses aren't much better at taking those attacks because Psychic isn't a very defensive type apart for a few glaring exceptions.

:Cresselia: :Leppa Berry:
Cresselia @ Leppa Berry
Calm 252 HP/188 Def/4SpD/60 Spe

Cresselia is bulkier than god. (Not exaggerating. Her Special Defense is higher than Arceus’s) That’s not as good as it sounds though. She’s only about 7% Bulkier than Snorlax (Would be about 10% without Speed EVs) and Cresselia can’t learn Cosmic Power. Still, being able to use Moonlight to heal 50% in one turn instead of Rest, which averages out to 33% per the three turns it lasts, is a major advantage. Moonight is 33% more effective if you’re spamming it every turn compared to spamming Rest every time you wake up. That difference is what makes Cresselia insanely hard to KO even though she can’t set up. Rest is still used to heal status problems though and can be used if you want if you don’t need Moonlight. That said, you usually need Moonlight. The alternative is Psycho Shift but that doesn’t heal you instantly.

Sometimes you see something like Gallade using Sword Dance twice before attacking then realize it's not a big deal because their Leaf Blade only dealt 5 Damage after Moonlight's healing.

The reason for Speed EVs is Tentacruel. Cresselia could spam Moonlight, but Waterfall causing flinches wouldn’t let her heal. The Defensive EVs give 164/166 Defenses, which is as balanced as possible while keeping Special Defense slightly higher in case of Porygon 2/Z’s Download. I can usually go with a Calm or Bold Nature, but this time forced me to go with Calm because a Stat Boosting Nature wouldn’t let me have 164 Defense. 163 jumps upto 165 with enough EVs for another stat point with a boosting Nature. Bold 252 HP/28 Def/60 SpD/164 could be used for outspeeding Butterfree before they can use Substitute, but I really don’t like how much bulk is lost. It seems like winning one matchup would cost so many others.

In theory, the rest of the team is for taking hits Cresselia can't. In practice...

252+ SpA Zoroark Night Daze vs. 252 HP / 4+ SpD Cresselia: 104-126 (45.8 - 55.5%) -- 59.4% chance to 2HKO (53.61% chance to 2HKO after accuracy)
252+ SpA Zoroark Night Daze vs. 252 HP / 140+ SpD Malamar: 70-84 (36.2 - 43.5%) -- 98.1% chance to 3HKO after Leftovers recovery (84.11% chance to 3HKO after accuracy)
252+ SpA Zoroark Night Daze vs. 252 HP / 20 SpD Tapu Lele: 63-75 (35.5 - 42.3%) -- guaranteed 3HKO (85.74% chance to 3HKO after accuracy)

Turns out, it's better to use the back line for niche situations and let Cresselia tank anything that doesn't KO her. I still made sure to have Neutralities to Bug, Dark, and Ghost though. Outside of their main niches, they were nice for taking Corrosive Gas.
(I know that doesn't look like the best example because of Illusion, but it's a better example than it looks.

:Malamar: :Leftovers:
Malamar @ Leftovers
Calm 252 HP/116 Def/140 SpD

Wouldn't it be better to use a Psychic/Normal Type for a Ghost Immunity? I tried Oranguru and I don't think it's better for this team. Cresselia wins against enough Ghosts for me to be okay with not having an Immunity and Topsy-Turvy has proven to be a very useful move for set up Pokemon, like Shell Smash Cloyster, especialy the ones Cresselia can't stay in against, like Toxicroak, who'd be an automatic loss without Malamar. Besides, having a Pokemon that's only weak to Bug and Fairy is nice. Bug being a x4 Weakness isn't that nice, but Fairy pretty much doesn't matter.

:Tapu-Lele: :Rocky Helmet:
Tapu Lele @ Rocky Helmet
Psychic Surge
Bold 252 HP/236 Def/20 SpD

For my Bug Neutrality, Tapu Lele, despite being known for being offensive, is the bulkiest Psychic/Fairy and Fairy is an amazing type with only two rare weaknesses, Steel and Poison. Wait... aren't those the types Immune to Poison? There were a few other options. Steel also resists Bug but is weak to Dark and the Psychic/Steel types, but they either don't have many useful moves or are less bulky than Non-Steel alternatives. Psychic/Fighting looked good and would've brought me back to one of the first species I used in Restricted Sparring. Gallade is also Neutral to Dark and Bug, isn't much frailer than Tapu Lele, learns Will-O-Wisp, and is weak to Flying and Fairy instead of the types Immune to Toxic.

Why aren't I using Gallade? Scizor. There's so few things that can 1v1 Cresselia so I looked at the few things that can't and Sword Dance Scizor is a big one. Turns out Gallade loses because of Dual Wingbeat. I thought Tapu Lele would lose too until I remembered something that never comes up when you're using Status Moves all the time, Psychic Terrain blocks Bullet Punch! With everyone resisting Psychic, buffing Psychic attacks is barely a downside so there was no way Psychic Surge could go wrong! (Or so I thought. Turns out Steel Roller can do something if there's terrain up, which I didn't remember until Scolipede used it against Tapu Lele. It wasn't a KO though, so I could just use Rest then switch between Cresselia to take Steel Roller and Tapu Lele to set up Psychic Terrain again.) With Charm to counteract Sword Dance and a Rocky Helmet to put Scizor on a time limit, I could win against them. The Rocky Helmet also helps against other Physical attackers in case of emergancies.

Amazingly, being paranoid about Scizor paid off because I faced and beat one in the streak I'm sharing. I feel like I might have got lucky with it using Dual Wingbeat multipule times though.

There's so many fewer Pokemon worth talking about becase Cressela struggles with so little. I got to use Topsy-Turvy on Cloyster in "Battle" 3 and Pinsir in "Battle" 4 made me switch to Tapu Lele to avoid Bug Bite taking the Lepa Berry. I Dynamaxed against Dedenne for Max Guard before "Battle" 5 ended so Cresselia wouldn't have to start with 1/2 Health from Super Fang. The main reason to not use Cresselia is incase of Corrosive Gas of Bug Bite, but even then, keeping Recycle at 2 PP lets me get around that by Dynamaxing. Turn 1, Max Guard. Turn 2, doesn't matter if Max Guard works. Either way, the Leppa Berry is eaten before they can use another Corrosive Gas. That made "Battle" 6's Salazzle as much as a joke as it should be.

"Battle" 7's Sandaconda made me switch to Tapu Lele to take Skitter Smack and weaken it with Charm, but Shed Skin didn't let Toxic be very effective. I also used Confide a few times to weaken Scorching Sands for when Tapu Lele had to take it and switch back to Cresselia when they started using Ground attacks. I'd switch beck to Tapu Lele to take Skitter Smack and let their Rocky Helmet to what Toxic couldn't. After that, Kangaskhan couldn't touch Cresselia with Sucker Punch and their other attacks were barely more effective. The last Pokemon was also weak, but it caused way more trouble than it usuayl did. Skuntank usualy uses Corrosive Gas and Memmento, but it refused to use Memmento until ever other move was useless. I switched to Tapu Lele to use Confide a few times and let them disolve my Rocky Helmet. After Acid Spray, I switched between Malamar, who healed what they took with Leftovers, and Tapu Lele, who took every Corrosive Gas aimed at Malamar's Leftovers.

"Battle" 8 could've gone very baddly. I used Toxic against the second Pokmeon because Solrok was easy to stall against. It used Foul Play. It's Zoroark! I spammed Moonlight to endure the Night Daze barrage and was even able to recover to full HP when one missed. The miss shouldn't have mattered, but it saved me from being KOed by a Critical Hit!

"Battle" 9 is where things started to go bad. Lead Froslass was annoying, but Cresselia beat it. The second Pokemon, much worse. Krookodile started with Bulk Up while I used Toxic. I try Moonlight hoping they'd attack, but they used Bulk Up again. I switched to Malamar and they barely survived Power Trip. It's Dynamax or die and I think I die either way. First Max Guard blocks a KO. Second Max Guard succedes. The Third always fails and this was no exception. Krookodile's Moxie boosted their Attack even more... and they fainted to Poison. The last Pokmeon was Conkeldurr, but that didn't matter. I needed to use a Heal.

Leg 1: 9 Wins.

You know you have a good team when you can get around 10 Wins in a leg.

"Battle" 12 is where planning for the biggest threats paid off. I switched to Tapu Lele against the lead Scizor. X-Scisor landed a Critical Hit, but it was only 52 Damage. I used Charm twice and they used X-Scisor twice more before I had to Rest. They then used Dual Wingbeat, which was awesome to see with a Rocky Helmet. They used two More X-Scisors and stood standing with a sliver of health. On the turn Tapu Lele's second turn of sleep, Scisor finished its fight with a 1 Hit Dual Wingbeat. I wasn't able to have Tapu Lele come back in to actualy wake up and use Rest again. Maybe I should've used a heal, but I wasn't taking a Leg of 3 after a Leg of 9!

"Battle 13 was another minor one and Tapu Lele was able to wake up and use Rest again against Dragalge when they were down to Toxic Spikes.

I remembered about Psychic Surge enabling Steel Roller to do something in "Battle" 14. It was disapointing for a Power 130 Super Effective Attack.

"Battle" 17 had Whiscash second and there was no way I wasn't using Toxic before it started usig Dragon Dance! It used Foul Play instead. Another Zoroark AND it started with Foul Play again! Moonlight spam ler Cresselia survive again, but Night Daze lowering Accuracy twice made Toxic miss against the real Whiscash. Fourtantly, Creselia was able to use Toxic before Waterfall was dealing too much to heal. I Dynamaxed for the last few turns and only took about 1/4 Damage form the Waterfall that wasn't blocked.

"Battle" 18's Sirfetch'd made enduring easy with Defog spam and I faced another Skuntank. I did the same thing as before. Let Malamar take hits and Tapu Lele take Corrosive Gasses.

I hoped "Battle" 19's wouldn't ue Substitute on turn 1. I thought I remembered Butterfree not using that against Cresselia before, but this time, they used Substitute and I knew I was doomed when it bloced Toxic. My only hope would be if they used all their Hurricane PP before boosting too much
Butterfree launched its first Huricane after two boosts and missed. My heart sank a little more at another Quiver Dance but the second Huricane also missed. And then they used Quiver Dance again until they had max boosts. Tentacruel would leave me hope, but Butterfree?

+6 0 SpA Butterfree Hurricane vs. 252 HP / 4+ SpD Cresselia: 153-180 (67.4 - 79.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (49.00% chance to 2HKO after accuracy)
(153, 154, 156, 157, 159, 162, 163, 165, 166, 168, 171, 172, 174, 175, 177, 180)

It doesn’t help that they used Sleep Powder when I Dynamaxed. My second Max Guard failed and the second Sleep Powder put Cresselia to sleep. On the last turn of Dynamax, Hurricane missed again!

The fourth Hurricane finally hit and brought Cresellia down to 65/227 HP! I switched and the next three turns are how I expected it to end.

Hurricane 5, KO Malamar.
Hurricane 6, KO Tapu Lele
Hurricane 7, KO Cresselia.

Leg 2: 9 Wins.

Bummer but not bad.


I’m not going to say I’m happy with losing after 2 Legs, but I think a streak of 18 with this team is worth sharing and using Cresselia caused some interesting situations.

I also figure the main problem with this team is if loses if Cresselia loses and there’s just some things Cresselia can’t beat, so losing before Leg 3 even with a good streak was kind of likely. I’m pretty sure Volcarona is also unwinnable because Tapu Lele can't outheal the damage with Rest and the idea of Malamar standing a chance is pretty.

Total of all Steak: 324
Current Average Streak Length: 18

At the beginning I was aiming for 5 in each type but arragant to think I'd be able to get 10 in most types easily or even 20 in the good types. I underestimated how tough Restricted Sparring would be. The wake up call was strugling to get 5 Wins with the first type, Fighting. I was so wrong about how easy it'd be, but I was also wrong about the limits. Every streak has gone up to 11 and I'm shocked I've averaged 18! That's even without being happy with every streak!

Even with Scarlet and Violet released, I'm pretty sure I'm not done with Restricted Sparring and some of my teams aren't near their limits. Water and Poison have so much more potential than where they stand and Psychic could probably hit 20. Maybe I could even do better with Fighting if I try it again. Should I try some types without Recycle? It worked so well for Dark.

One last thing for now, thanks to everyone that helped me with Pokemon I needed help getting and help with transfering Pokemon and thanks to you for reading this. (or at least checking how for I got)
What's the best Yveltal moveset in Battle Tower doubles? Should it have sucker punch and coverage, or tailwind and snarl?
I don't think anyone really fiddled much with battle tower given the massive advantage you have over the AI (both being able to use restricted, and dynamax any pokemon at any time).

..that said if i were to run yveltal, I'd probably just go AV (snarl / sucker punch / oblivion wing / x) or LO/black glasses and 3 attack + protect, and have a different tailwind setter (or none at all). Considering the bst advantage ubers have, may as well use them for their offensive potential.
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Figured I'd pop my head in here and show I'm still alive! Crossing my fingers that the eventual DLC for Scarlet/Violet will give us something fun to compete at a la restricted sparring. I'd love the return of a traditional battle tower with a restricted eligible pokemon list, but fear that ship has probably sailed. For now though, tera raid fun it is.

Hope all are well!


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I don't think anyone really fiddled much with battle tower given the massive advantage you have over the AI (both being able to use restricted, and dynamax any pokemon at any time).

..that said if i were to run yveltal, I'd probably just go AV (snarl / sucker punch / oblivion wing / x) or LO/black glasses and 3 attack + protect, and have a different tailwind setter (or none at all). Considering the bst advantage ubers have, may as well use them for their offensive potential.
it's good for REALLY easy BP, that's about it. But you also don't get much per battle - only 2, if I remember right? For Singles, I just ran...4 attack Mewtwo for the Sw/Sh Battle Tower: Psystrike/Aura Sphere/Thunderbolt/maybe Ice Beam. The other two team members were just filler in the unlikely event Mewtwo got KO'd.
I'm reporting a streak of 137 wins for Dragon-type Restricted Sparring with Salamence / Duraludon / Appletun-Gmax.

The Team

Salamence @ Shell Bell
Ability: Moxie
Adamant Nature
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
- Aerial Ace [32 PP]
- Dragon Claw [24 PP]
- Bulldoze [32 PP]
- Steel Wing [40 PP]


Duraludon @ Leftovers
Ability: Heavy Metal
Bold Nature
EVs: 252 HP / 124 Def / 132 SpD
- Iron Defense [24 PP]
- Snarl [24 PP]
- Body Press [16 PP]
- Rest [16 PP]


Appletun (G-Max) @ Leppa Berry
Ability: Thick Fat
Calm Nature
EVs: 252 HP / 244 SpD / 12 Spe
- Leech Seed [16 PP]
- Recover [16 PP]
- Apple Acid [16 PP]
- Recycle [16 PP]
Level 50: 170 / 205 / 100 / X / 101 / 152

Level 50: 177 / X / 166 / 140 / 87 / 105

Level 50: 217 / X / 100 / 120 / 144 / 52

Team Details
Salamence is more than likely the best lead possible for Dragon. High Attack, Moxie, STAB Airstream, and a high ceiling thanks to moves with good PP.
Duraludon is mandatory to handle the multiple fast Triple Axels that exist.
I chose Appletun because I wagered that its infinite PP would squeeze out a longer streak. And I feel that Appletun is a fairly easy choice to pair up with Duraludon. Their non-Dragon typings compliment each other incredibly well defensively: Flying, Bug, Poison, Ground, some special Fire moves. Of course Appletun's Leech Seed provides free healing for Duraludon and Salamence. Additionally, Mence's immunity to Ground is useful as well, and the Fighting resistance is great for supporting Duraludon and pivoting Salamence back in.
I ended up leaning into Duraludon's physical bulk and built Appletun to cover special attacks. Splitting defenses like this has its downsides, but I found that this generally worked for this team against the RS sets and AI.

Salamence has many things going for it in Restricted Sparring, as mentioned above. Although wholly different from competitive or facility Mence builds, this is yet another instance of Mence absolutely excelling in a format. Clearly it's an incredible lead, but that double weakness to Ice isn't the easiest thing to play with.

For the moves, I believe that Aerial Ace / Dragon Claw / Bulldoze / Steel Wing is a sublime set for coverage on Mence, and mass calcs back this up. This is Eisenherz's moveset, except Bulldoze is over Earthquake.
I see a Steel move as mandatory on this set, notably covering Fairies like Alcremie and Aromatisse and Ice types like Vanilluxe, Abomasnow, and Mamoswine. Steel Wing has very solid PP, and Iron Head basically provides nothing that Steel Wing can't, except for a guaranteed OHKO on Mamoswine.
Now to justify Bulldoze: I wanted to aim for the Dragon record, and was willing to pay a consistency cost for that additional PP. Here's the analysis comparing Earthquake to Bulldoze. If something is listed below, it is KO'd by Mence's Max Quake Earthquake and not Bulldoze nor other moves, considering different Atk stages. In other words, this is what Bulldoze misses out on:






Steelix 100% 2HKO (Earthquake) vs. 60.2% 2HKO (Bulldoze)

Torkoal 100% OHKO (Earthquake) vs. 93.8% OHKO (Bulldoze)

Improved chance of Rhyperior OHKO (still dubious with Solid Rock)

Not included is the following:
+0 Bisharp
Bisharp can be freely Seeded then KO'd by Mence.

-1 Luxray
Intimidate Luxray can simply be handled by Duraludon.

+1 Toxapex
Toxapex could Baneful Bunker which stops a 3-Dynamax-turn sweep regardless. It's also fodder for Ahhhppletun.

So the list of missed KOs is pretty small, none of them are immediately threatening, and they are OHKO'd at +1. On the flip side, some of them are annoying for Mence in the lead, like Garbodor, Drapion, and Steelix. Drapion is the most annoying of the bunch, for sure. It speed ties Mence and has Acupressure.
In practice, facing these specific opponents as leads was rarely overly detrimental.
That was the price paid for 16 more Ground PP per leg.


Dura is on this team not because it's especially great, but it is basically the only way to handle Triple Axel and status. It does alright in that role, but the stats don't fully back that up. It can struggle to even take remotely strong neutral or resisted special hits. Enough about the downsides and compromises surrounding this guy though, I do feel that Dura has some genuinely good upsides. Its large physical Def is quite nice to have, and I really like the move compression that Iron Defense is given due to Body Press. Steel will always be a good type, and its resistances yield some survivability to some special attacks. Snarl also builds its special survivability.

Here's CTNC's take on Duraludon's ability choices:
All of Duraludon's Abilities either do nothing or almost nothing, but opponents knowing Heavy Slam and Heat Crash but not knowing Low Kick or Grass Knot made Heavy Metal the best choice and Light Metal is worse than useless.
Scrafty does have Low Kick, which could matter if Scrafty has Intimidate but it's also better to just pivot off of Ahhhppletun instead.
So I'm also a fan of Heavy Metal here (not the music, though). Heat Crash from Coalossal and Rhyperior is certainly a good reason to run Heavy Metal and avoid Light Metal. However for Heavy Slam, Steelix and Crustle carry it but also carry Body Press, so Heavy Metal really isn't a factor for Heavy Slam.

Why Snarl:
Without any adjustments, Eisen's Duraludon does not handle Magneton especially well. However, Dura is the only team member who can reasonably deal with the paralysis. Unfortunately it can still take a lot of damage from Flash Cannon, and this is before crits or Sp Def drops.
Snarl came from me asking about how RS Dragon could deal with Magneton. sb pointed me towards an idea from RYO, who used Snarl on his Duraludon. Snarl lets Dura safely use Rest on Magneton, and then either set up or allow Mence to come back in. This is dependent on HP values, whether Dura can afford to stay asleep, and whether Magneton merely had Magnet Pull all along.
Snarl pretty much exists just for Magneton, though I found it nice for dealing with and setting up on Stoutland. Its other applications are the occasional scrappy play to live a special attack, or hitting Ghosts super-effectively since Body Press doesn't work.

Cutting into Dura's Sp Def EVs so much was initially a bit scary, but there are options to deal with special attackers with Snarl and Ahhhppletun. I don't remember the exact details but I upped Dura's physical Def for some better Triple Axel and non-STAB Ground calcs.
I ended up raising Def all the way to 165 to hit a jump point, but I bumped it up to 166 for this calc:
124+ Def Duraludon Body Press vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Cinccino: 140-166 (98.6 - 116.9%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO
This is so that if Dura's HP is dicey or things go badly with Cincinno because of crits or Technician, it can always just click Body Press to finish it off with 15/16 certainty.
I figured this was all the physical bulk Dura could ever make use out of, so after 252 HP EVs, all the leftover EVs went into Sp Def.

While Gigantamax has no gameplay effect on this set, it seems to be suboptimal aesthetically, so I can't recommend it.


Unlike its namesake, this apple is true to its Nature and is typically very Calm. It throws out Leech Seeds and sits on a decent number of sets. Simply put, it's a very very good RS mon and is incredibly reliable. Leech Seed to keep allies healthy and infinite PP were the big appeal for running Ahhhppletun.

And yes, you read that right, 12 Speed EVs. "Dunsparce" is the answer to "Why?". Dunsparce is actually fodder since it can't damage Ahhhppletun enough even with a strong physical Dragon move. However, Dragon Rush does have a flinch chance which is boostable by Serene Grace. To make this guaranteed fodder, all Ahhhpletun had to do was up its speed by 2 points. And blissfully, Ahhhppletun still underspeeds Porygon2 and -1 Orbeetle.
All that said, the main reason I did this was because Mence doesn't have an OHKO on lead Dunsparce.

Changing the EVs like this basically doesn't affect any calcs, at all. It slightly changes the Alakazam calc, which is still not problematic. Starmie and Sandaconda were the main calcs I was concerned about for this, so it's nice that it was a non-issue. (non-Dynamax Ahhhppletun can actually live 2 hits from Starmie: 252 SpA Life Orb Starmie Ice Beam vs. 252 HP / 244+ SpD Thick Fat Appletun: 88-109 (40.6 - 50.2%) -- 0.4% chance to 2HKO
This lets Ahhhppletun switch in and KO Starmie with Apple Acid if Mence can't take an Ice Beam.)

A final note: Ahhhppletun should never be taking on status, but if it accidentally does or is forced to, G-Max Sweetness is why Ahhhppletun is run as Gigantamax in case the Dynamax can be afforded to it.

Streak Details
Here is an overview of what happened during the the streak along with some comments.
First Leg (Battles 1-48)
An insane 48 battle leg, which is quite high for this team. Everything went quite smoothly, aside from one stretch where Mence was stuck with low HP without anything to heal off of besides Shell Bell.
Mence ended on [ 0 / 0 / 1 Bulldoze / 0 ]

Second Leg (Battles 49-90)
I chose to heal after battle 90 after running out of STAB PP, to play things safe. A pretty good leg all around. There were some moments where Mence had low HP, but all was good. Thankfully nothing threatening came out and Mence was able to recover it all quite quickly. Before the midpoint of the leg I was starting to get concerned about Dura's PP since I had to use a good bit of Snarl, but Dura got used less in the second half so there were no worries by the time I had to replenish Mence's PP. There was just one lead Starmie this leg.
Mence ended on [ 0 / 0 / 5 Bulldoze / 5 Steel Wing ].

Third Leg (Battles 91-137)
There was a bit of a scare at battle 100 with Dura. The lead Weavile decided not to Taunt, which brought down Dura's HP by a good chunk. Then Clawitzer came in, which Dura had to Dynamax to both survive and 2HKO it. The last backline was a Pincurchin. While Pincurchin is fodder for Ahhhppletun, and Dura tends to heal off of it, I couldn't let Dura get some of that healing since a Hex on the switch would end him. Rest wasn't an option either, again because Hex. Luckily the next battle had a lead Amoonguss which allowed Dura to freely heal from Leftovers.
This leg did have some incredibly blessed situations with opponent teams. There was a Starmie, Ribombee, Accelgor, and Weavile that all came in after Mence used Airstream. It's so relieving to be able to clear those encounters without any worries. Mence did have to take a couple of Ice Beams from some lead Wishiwashi, but no freezes or crits appeared.
Dragon Claw ran out of PP in battle 132.
Aerial Ace ran out of PP in battle 134.
The rest of Mence's PP ran out perfectly in battle 135.
Dura and Ahhhppletun (and a 0 PP Mence) managed to pull out 2 more wins. This was thanks in part to Alcremie coming in as the third in battle 137. The thing about Alcremie is that its only attacking move is Misty Explosion, which is very favorable for a streak at its end with a high HP Duraludon. Since Ahhhppletun had already fainted and Dura had just a few Snarls left and no Body Press PP, I decided to literally end my streak with a bang and quit out after the battle.

Threat List
Here is the threat list, with threats roughly sorted from most threatening to least threatening.
  • Cloyster
    Easily the worst opposing lead for this team. To quote Eisen:
    This is a nightmare as a lead; it will most likely Shell Smash, and Salamence cannot OHKO it, so the best bet is to Airstream, after which... Salamence and Cloyster speed tie. Awkward! Better win that speed tie, or it's a loss. Thankfully, Max Wyrmwind is a blessed OHKO at +1, so as long as it's not the lead, all is good.
    Aside from this, Eisen is possibly alluding to the fact that Cloyster can just choose Icicle Spear turn 1. It's not guaranteed to OHKO as long as it only rolls 2 or 3 hits, but of course it can have Skill Link too. Yeah, it's all pretty bad.

  • Sandaconda
    Coil is the big problem, in conjunction with being invested fully in physical bulk. Salamence just cannot hit it hard enough fast enough. Dura is out because of Scorching Sands. Considering all factors at play, Ahhhppletun can reliably 2HKO Sandaconda with Apple Acid without first dying to Skitter Smack. In a more ideal situation, Ahhhpple can Leech Seed then Apple Acid it, then double-switch into Mence through Dura to start sweeping, though that's only good 90% of the time.

  • Torkoal
    Not unlike Accelgor, lead Torkoal has a flat 30% to end a streak due to status. This team has great options for Accelgor, but there's no real counterplay for Torkoal. Duraludon is the only team member who can take status, but absolutely cannot take Torkoal's powerful Lava Plumes. The strat here is to Just Get Lucky™. It could come in 2nd, maybe hit that 70% chance of no burn, perhaps be blessed by RNGsus with a crit, or Torkoal can be generous and use Amnesia. All very solid, reliable options.

  • Starmie
    This set is the most important reason to keep Mence's HP full or near-full:
    174 speed. 252 SpA Life Orb Starmie Ice Beam vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Dynamax Salamence: 255-302 (75 - 88.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO.

  • Gyarados
    If it happens to not have Intimidate, two Airstreams beat it. Otherwise Ahhhppletun has to come in and start using Apple Acid. Unfortunately Gyarados doesn't like to just spam Icy Wind into it, and really prefers Taunt too. Duraludon switching can be used to bait additional Icy Winds, but there's a decent chance something starts to get annoying. Gyarados can Whirlpool Dura, or burn Ahhhppletun. Trapped Dura can kind of sit on it, but with Taunt it's forced to just use Snarl. It takes 3 Apple Acids to KO Gyarados, or Mence can try to come in on a Taunt turn.

  • Krookodile
    If this has Intimidate, Mence can't deal with it since it runs Bulk Up. Dura has some good advantages here: it creeps its speed by 1 point, it's not afraid of the Sand Tomb hit (the lingering effect is more problematic), and gets to its +6 Def for an OHKO quickly. The downside is that if Krookodile uses 3 Bulk Ups, the OHKO guarantee disappears, with a Weakness Policy discouraging risking the attack. Dura can try to chip with a Snarl before Body Press. Regardless Dura is likely taking a good chunk of damage here.

  • Wailord
    Having both Tickle and Soak make Wailord a little tricky. The play I usually tried was switching Dura in then Ahhhppletun, since Wailord would use Bulldoze against the faster Dura. Then Ahhhppletun could use Apple Acid, and then double-switch back into Mence to begin the sweep. This was unreliable though, since it necessitated Wailord to not go for Self-Destruct on the Apple Acid turn and the turn swapping out Ahhhppletun. The upside of this strat, however, is that Dura is almost always the one to take the hit at +0 Def.

  • [Milotic, Wishiwashi, Ribombee, Gigalith, Barraskewda, Conkeldurr, Marowak, Mamoswine]
    These sets can all be grouped into a category that take a big chunk out of Mence's HP unless Mence has boosted Attack or Speed. Also they lack responses by the backline. Some of these sets waste a Dynamax turn too, since they have to be 2HKO'd. Mamoswine is a little bit of an exception since it gets OHKO'd by Steelspike 75% of the time. Finally, Max Quake is important to use first turn against Milotic and Wishiwashi to mitigate damage.

Additionally there are sets or combinations of sets that normally aren't an issue but screw things up if they happen to come in on Duraludon or Ahhhppletun.

Closing Thoughts
My thoughts this time are going to be very self-focused and mostly don't apply to this streak or the actual leaderboard. I suggest not reading this long sub-post if you won't care about that.
My current attitude towards RS:
Without elaborating, this was a tough streak to put together despite how I propped up this team's strengths above. There's a reason that the established Mence/Dura/Naganadel team composition is so established, and why Eisen mentioned troubles using Appletun.

I'm glad I set a new Dragon-type record. I'm glad I broke conventions for RS Dragon. I'm glad I pushed for higher PP. I'm happy with the optimizations I found.

… But attempting this streak has damaged my enthusiasm for this format. In other words, I'm burnt. It didn't help that this team is so slow to play optimally. And I hate that I've developed this mentality. Frankly it sucks that I attach any emotions to facility streaks at all. I can't be alone in doing that. But really, emotional investment is part of the reason streaks are played and attempted in the first place. Despite those emotions getting tangled in something as - in the grand scheme of life - low stakes and stupid as Pokémon.

Where I'm coming from:
I started trying out Restricted Sparring a year ago, and I didn't have any goals for my time playing it. I went in thinking I would choose some arbitrary "somewhat difficult" number, clear that with all 18 types, then move on. Maybe it would be 50, maybe 80. I needed to actually play the game to figure out what that number was. No need to go for leaderboard spots, just personal satisfaction. Early on I dabbled with a couple of leaderboard teams, then a couple of my teams. After that I came to realize and decide some things:
  • Whatever team I was playing, I wanted it to be as good as it could be. There was no point playing for some arbitrary streak number like 80; I wouldn't be satisfied with that.
  • Along with that thought, I wanted to aim high and take 1st or 2nd place within the type I was playing. And hopefully I don't win by just a battle or two.
  • I did not want to do this for every single type.
  • I wanted to innovate with the teams I was playing. New team members, new team structures, new optimizations. I don't have many submitted streaks, but it isn't a secret that I don't do much "original work" when it comes to teambuilding. I wanted to change that up. RS is a great environment to try this in since it's a relatively new and relatively underplayed facility*.
* I mean that RS's number of submissions simply doesn't approach the number that other facilities have. That said, the effort of optimization that has been put into the RS leaderboard is incredible. Every time I evaluate the leaderboard I'm intimidated in choosing which top team I could possibly attempt to beat.

Where I'm going:
I'm stating these self-imposed RS goals/ideals to explain where I'm coming from and what my approach is.
I hope I can change my mental attitude for RS in the future. I'd like to continue aiming for top spots, but I also want to be able to rest easy when something doesn't go as far as I'd like. Maybe I can go through with posting my future 2nd or 3rd place teams if I deem them interesting enough experiments. That was my initial plan, after all.

I also just hate that I'm sounding burnt out, since I don't see that as productive. I think players broadcasting that type of negativity can pull other players away from the game. That negativity is amplified in a tight niche community like facilities, too, so I want to be careful. That's one reason I want to improve my mental.

I'm certain a short break will get me back in the mood for trying out more teams. After all, I can't go long without playing Pokémon because I do love the game. Just not RS at the moment haha. I will always enjoy aspects of planning and pursuing and writing about good streaks.

If you read this entire section and cared about any of it or it resonated: I'm humbled, thank you for reading.
If you read this entire section and thought it was dumb: you are completely correct, I can admit that.
I won't publicly post this kind of thing again. I'm not sure that sharing this was a smart idea. Though I suppose this is public because I want to put myself out there and hope that someone gets something out of my rambling reflections.


Thank you for reading.


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I also just hate that I'm sounding burnt out, since I don't see that as productive. I think players broadcasting that type of negativity can pull other players away from the game. That negativity is amplified in a tight niche community like facilities, too, so I want to be careful. That's one reason I want to improve my mental.
i dont think we have to worry about pulling players away from RS, the facility itself is logistically too high-maintenance and demanding for many would-be fans

I'm certain a short break will get me back in the mood for trying out more teams. After all, I can't go long without playing Pokémon because I do love the game. Just not RS at the moment haha. I will always enjoy aspects of planning and pursuing and writing about good streaks.
if we could save our progress/streaks and not be locked out of other games on our respective Switches (logistics), i'm sure many players would also be more inclined to plan and pursue and write etc

If you read this entire section and cared about any of it or it resonated: I'm humbled, thank you for reading.
If you read this entire section and thought it was dumb: you are completely correct, I can admit that.
I won't publicly post this kind of thing again. I'm not sure that sharing this was a smart idea. Though I suppose this is public because I want to put myself out there and hope that someone gets something out of my rambling reflections
dont ever apologize for posting stuff like this.

literally nobody cares if somebody posts just "137" by itself with no writeup.


by extension, what we all do care about is story. rationale. thought process. something we can relate to.

feeling that the posting of genuine reflections and emotions is "rambling" is a disappointing hypothesis, and i want to be sure to nip it in the bud

i genuinely think that such a mentality is much, much more negative than what you're worried about w/r/t confessing your burnout

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