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With the murky timelines that early Generation 9 brings with HOME and DLCs, the priority for us in UU C&C is to make the working process as streamlined and quick as possible. To this end, analyses are now able to be written for a single set, and will follow a Mini format, to facilitate getting sets from reservation to upload within less than a week.

This format will require 2 QC checks and 1 GP check. Content should not use bullet points in this mini format at any stage of the QC process, although they may be used during WIP if it aids writing. The format we will use for these mini set analyses is as below.


move 1:
move 2:
move 3:
move 4:
tera type:


Paragraph 1 (3-4 lines approximately)

Describe the role of the set and its place in the metagame. Explain any moves that are not obvious in intent or are slashed with another option, STAB moves should not be explained unless they are optional moves slashed with something else. Explain any item choices very briefly. Explain non-obvious EV spreads, (not maxed stats), are there relevant examples for investments in speed, bulk, or power? Explain Tera-types with relevant examples, mention if the Pokemon should not tera outside of an emergency.

Paragraph 2: (3-4 lines approximately)

What teams does this Pokemon fit on? Comment on important teammates for the Pokemon. Some things that may be relevant to bring up here are Pivot supports, Hazard setters, Defoggers or Rapid spinners, Pokemon with strong defensive synergy, Pokemon that can help overwhelm shared checks. Note that not all of these things will be relevant to every example.

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