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:Raichu: :Misdreavus: :Glimmet: :Quaxwell: :Tinkatuff: :Falinks:
Nice little spikestack using glimmet, I think mon is really annoying, hard to stop it from getting progress between spiking/toxic debris/rocks/toxic. Makes phys attackers(including skuntank for fear of not being able to clear it) wary of freely clicking attacks, and is a decent doom/pyroar/QD user check. Missy is my spinblocker of choice, set kinda walled by pyroar/doom but its either boots so they aren't as strong, or will die fast bc hazards are up. Tinkatuff rounds out this little core by checking most other special attackers, gets rocks up nicely(mold breaker beats hattrem) and can knock and spread status. Quax is splashable phys wall, cacturne and flapple blanket checked by tinka and you can always tera. Raichu for volt immunity+speed tier, its also a nice cleaner. Tera type TBD, water is more common but ice to pop gabite felt p cool. Falinks can honestly be anything but it has done pretty well in my games.

:Glimmet: :Drakloak: :Quaxwell: :Houndoom: :Tinkatuff: :Dugtrio:
Chants stack

A version good friend love chants (stole it sorry not sorry) made with drakloak over missy. Drakloak is actually p solid with rest talk wisp dtail, cripples and phazes out alot of setup sweepers, backed by a really decent typing in the metagame and a cool ability to go with it. Houndoom makes this team less missy weak, and duggy is pretty fast and hits decently hard, and can find chances to setup itself.

Teams are pretty successful, with chants having two top 10 accounts, and im at ~85 with a 20-4 record with both of us having room tour wins as well. There are probably better pairings for this core, but at a baseline this backbone wins alot of hazard wars bc of ease of setting, and how little it cares about opposing hazards.

Falinks punched a hole, raichu cleans late
Glimmet gets hazards w ease
falinks>eiscue, doesnt need to sweep
I am sure you have seen a lot more of Glaceon in the last few days, I noticed that it hasn't been posted here, so I thought I would put it up.

:Glaceon: :Haunter: :Hattrem: :Houndoom: :Lycanroc-Midnight: :Perrserker:

This set has exposed a weakness in the meta as there only specific pokemon that can beat it. Basically trailblaze on something it threats, calm mind up on the switch things will drop that simple.

Choice specs gives it the breaking power with the option to trick the specs onto something defensive to nasty plot on.

This can spread paralysis around to slowdown strong offensive pokemon that could threat the set up mons on my team.

I have noticed the heightened use of trickroom and houndoom threats all its setters except stantler but that's not real. Dark stab is generally very spamable

Runs choice scarf for a bit of speed control, runs Rock blast to beat sash leads, while having the combo of CC and stone edge for general breaking.

Sets rocks, the teams pivot strong iron heads thanks to tough claws boost it has CC also for other Perrserker.
Glaceon destroys
Glaceon breaks defensive wall to let haunter break
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never thought i'd make it this far into kickoff but i'm finally out, feeling fatigued and going to take a break until april 1st at the very least. enjoy the kickoff team dump (and keep the nicks or you will lose all your games) :)

a bit of a weird team that in hindsight doesn't make a lot of sense structurally, but somewhat successfully incorporates two sets i wanted to use at the time, cm tera water indeedee (nice in theory as a soft rain check but not amazing in practice) and double dance golduck (can be hard to setup but can destroy pretty much anything not named max spdef av tera fire cacturne), and they can both potentially support each other with leftover psyterrain/rain turns. scarf skunk is nice for setting up tspikes on forced switches early game, revenging mid-game, and memento-ing late game to create an opportunity for one of the wincons to win. the rest of the sets are pretty self-explanatory i believe, tera dragon is an unusual choice for magneton but one that gives it a nice resistance to fire, not a lot of glaring weaknesses and decent neutral coverage which means it can keep pivoting around pretty comfortably.

:haunter::quaxwell::tinkatuff::rabsca::gabite::ampharos:(outdated, rip haunter)
can't take credit for this team (i provided the rabsca set and Musharnanigans did just about everything else), but it is just so good and neither of us are ever going to use it again so it would be a waste to let it rot in my builder. otr rabsca is a truly silly set and an incredible wincon, it is one of the very best cleaners in the tier and can even ko a lot of mons from full with its expansive coverage. i used tera bug due to its ability to ko pau with bug buzz, this is obviously not relevant now but i still think it's pretty good as bug buzz hits a ton of stuff but tera ground can work too. psyshock>psychic bc it hits av crab better and is rarely used for anything else. i believe most other sets should be self-explanatory at this point, except maybe offensive sd gabite which is a pretty adept wallbreaker and av tera dragon ampharos which is absolutely not amazing but works on this team as a phazer/rain check/secondary slow attacker.

:kricketune::indeedee-f::jumpluff::skuntank::misdreavus::gabite:(still legal but don't use this lol)
this is basically as good as webs are ever going to get in the current meta. webs are literally the only way to make sd jumpluff work, otherwise it's just revenged by everything. indeedee is there for speed control as obviously not everything is affected by webs but it sets up terrain for jumpluff which prefers having that spd boost over running no item at all. skunk is bulky-ish to reliably switch into haunter and set tspikes reliably which can help weaken stuff down for jumpluff to clean. gabite runs just enough speed to outspeed dug and wug after a speed drop from webs. (also i'm so sorry in advance if this somehow becomes a ladder staple this is just a fun silly team that people shouldn't be taking seriously!!!)

Musharnanigans my cringerina, none of this would've been possible if you didn't convince me to sign up and fed me with teams, now join my downline hun :heart_eyes:
gum right
tom holland thanks for offering to build together, sorry for not taking up your offer while we were both still in the tour, good for you to dip after being out honestly and gl with your new job!!
TJ If I wanted the opinion of a 1300 ladder player, I’d make a poll in the pu room
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Hey yall, I'm back from my couple days break. I had exciting irl changes involving a new job and moving to a new place, so I took a mini-break to focus on sorting my life out in preparation for that. In general, I'll probably be less active the next month or two for this new transition for me.

But anyways, I wanted to share my favorite team I built during kickoff! I had a great time playing and interacting with the pu peeps, and im excited for future tours. This team was my most successful during testing and it is a great team to use if you are unfamiliar with missy spikestack or Pyroar. The team heavily relies on spikes+pyroar and is very consistent with the combination. Without anymore delaying, here is the team/testing record. Peaked 28-1 83.5% gxe until togkey wrecked me on game 30 lol :)



Pyroar Priority Spikestack
Pretty straightforward, you lead gabite often, get rocks up and spikes when opportunities arise, clean or break with pyroar, and double sucker punch can also clean or stop sweeps. The crab set is great at being a special attack tank for majority of the common threats, and the evs on cacturne are optimized for something specific that I forgot (as usual). Tera water from my experience is the most useful on this pyroar, but I could be wrong. Most of the sets are really flexible, but through experience these ev builds/moves have given me this consistency. Anyways, thanks for the read and I hope you enjoy the team.
:bw/Basculin: BASCULIN WEBS :bw/Basculin: *click for team*

I just had a huge write up for this team which took me like an hour and I accidentally deleted it... So here's a shorter version.

This mon either OHKOs or 2HKOs the entire meta game with Wave Crash excluding Quaxwell and Cacturne. Luckily Tera Rock Head Smash 2HKOs Quaxwell and OHKOs Cacturne. Aqua Jet also OHKOs Houndoom and Dugtrio. Haunter gets OHKOd 50% of the time. This mon is busted.

:sv/Masquerain: :sv/Misdreavus:
These two mons provide hazard control. Masquerain leads and sets up the webs, while Misdreavus keeps them up. Ice Beam on Masquerain OHKOs Gabite and does 81.1 - 96.6% to Dartrix. Misdreavus always comes in vs. Quaxwell to spinblock, and the speed is to always outspeed Quaxwell.

:sv/Perrserker: :sv/Magneton:
These two mons create a Volt-Turn core which is nice for getting other mons in safely. Perrserker is similar to Basculin in the fact that Steely Spirit, Choice Banded boosted Iron Heads OHKOs almost everything. Quaxwell is a common switch in for this, and that's where Seed Bomb comes into play as it's super effective. At full there's' only a 2.3% chance to 2HKO Quaxwell, but that doesn't really matter as you can either stall out the Roosts, or just 2HKO with a lil bit of chip. Magneton is the team's electric resistance, and Tera Water is to OHKO Camerupt and Tera Ground Vivillon.

Falinks is here as a cleaner/breaker. The speed is to outspeed everything up to Scarfed Lycanroc with webs after using No Retreat. This team is also pretty ghost (Haunter) weak. This mon baits them in as ghosts are immune to Close Combat, just to hit them with a super effective Tera Dark Tera Blast. The same goes for psychic type Pokemon, but obviously it's a resistance instead of an immunity. The HP always lets you live a Specs Shadow Ball from Timid Haunter, and lets you live 50% of the time vs. a Modest one.

This is the game that got me into the top 100, it was against a player who was top 30 at the time:
Here's a replay vs. a player who was rank 2 at the time:
Screen Shot 2023-04-01 at 7.19.23 PM.png

I'm sure this team could get me even higher if I were to keep playing, but I cannot at the time. Hope y'all enjoy <3
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day 1 day 2 qd masquerain team (woo!). masq is the definition of a high-risk high-reward mon, it's harder for it to setup compared to the other qd mons we've had in the tier so far due to not having sleep powder and losing roost, but it's by far the most dangerous after it sets up with an actual offensive moveset and raw power (yes lilli's base spa is higher but its moveset is ass and it can't afford to run modest over timid). modest makes masq extremely dangerous and you're not missing out on much by not going timid (modest electrode and scarf magneton at +1, scarf raichu at +2 and that's p much it). tera water gives a needed boost to hydro pump and also allows masq to setup on the majority of phys attackers after an intimidate atk drop, but it can sometimes set up without it just fine. scarf sawsbuck fits here pretty nicely as a very soft ground resist that can also spread para, take advantage of already para'd mons and rk stuff. lumineon finally gets its time to shine with basculin being everyone's new favorite toy, and it can try to set rain for masq to power up its hydro pumps and make hurricane not miss (although it's a bit of a double-edged sword because it allows opposing basculin to rk you more easily with aqua jet). evio mag is doing the usual evio mag stuff, sr+iron defense ston is stupid good and ppl need to stop sleeping on it, hattrem is a good special wall that bounces hazards and status with magic bounce and spreads para and can revive masq with healing wish for a second chance at sweeping.
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With vivillon getting banned soon, I thought i'd share my vivillon team.

sets are self explanitory, its psyspam and you try to keep hazards off and overwealm your opponent with sash spam. You probably know this team if you faced it on ladder, or in a room tournament.
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:basculin: :masquerain: :skuntank: :houndoom: :raichu: :gabite:
(sets here!!)

Very fun team that I built for the new meta and decided to share! Capitalizes off of some already fast and powerful threats and keeps scarfers out of the picture with Webs while paving the way for Basculin to just come in and click buttons on stuff.

The star of the show, no real surprises in the set, any Basculin set works here but I prefer Banded just to give that extra physical oomph that this team kind of lacks if you opt for Specs. You click on Wave Crash and whatever is in front of you drops.

Gives you your Webs as well as Intimidate if it stays alive at all past the first few turns. Tera Ghost as an emergency button to click if they decide to immediately go into a spinner so you can get it to fuck off.

TSpikes and Taunt support plus Sucker for anything that happens to be a pest or as an insurance policy if you don't have Webs. Rocky Helmet and Aftermath as contact damage can also get you out of a bind, this actually ended up being how I found out that if Rapid Spin connects and the user dies to contact damage, the hazards stay up! If you see a duck that's low do NOT be afraid to hard switch into this.

Nasty Plot with Boots for longevity and Trailblaze in case of emergency, although you can easily opt for something like Sucker Punch instead. I decided not to go for Tera Blast since there are a lot of other things on this team that would rather be using the Tera slot and Houndoom cleans up just fine without it.

Your other speed control + Electric switchin. Lightning Rod is just generally useful to keep Basculin and Masquerain alive and couples with the threat of getting to throw out +1 Thunderbolts.

Rocks and more contact deterrent! Also gives this team a little bit of fat along with Skuntank, but its main job here is to just make sure that shit isn't healthy enough to deal with Basculin.


Also, here's some proof that the team does work and I'm not blowing hot air out my ass

Have fun! :)


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right so absolutely no one asked for another team dump but here is one anyway

like and subscribe in all seriousness though, this team is really really solid for laddering even in post-shifts meta, it consistently puts in work and has very favorable matchups against a lot of big threats. there's a more detailed description within the paste if anyone is interested in reading it.

a nice bulky offense moment featuring two of the new pu mons, specs honchkrow and wishtect dachsbun. everything here should be fairly self-explanatory as this is really a pretty standard team with no crazy tech, the various tera types give you several outs against some threats, most notably fire-types that this team can slightly struggle with. dachsbun has enough defense to ko hasty houndoom with body press and enough speed for adamant/modest honch (ty UberSkitty for the spread!).

FUN team, the idea is to spread as much para+knock off as possible to facilitate a late-game sweep for power herb tera ground honchkrow, which is stupidly good once you set everything up for it. physdef resttalk banette is a very underrated spinblocker on webs teams, spidops isn't nearly as good as masquerain as a webs setter in general but the role compression with spikes comes in very handily here and stakeout first impression is very fun. np skunk is super good and also criminally underused, it's super easy to set up with it (esp with so many ppl automatically assuming it to be physical and wasting a turn on wisping it) and it consistently breaks one or two mons in every game.
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