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art by the incredible UberSkitty

Welcome to the SV PU Bazaar. Here you can share your favourite teams! We do have a few rules for posts to follow though, so please try and check them before sending in your teams. Happy posting everyone and I'm looking forward to see what you have to share!

1. Please playtest your team before posting - this is NOT a RMT or advice thread
2. Provide your team using or in a spoiler tag. Or even better, use sprites that link to the You can easily get a sprite for a pokemon by typing their name surrounded by colons, like such :example: (this would give the sprite for example if example was a Pokemon)
3. Give a description of your team, no need to make it super long though
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:Carkol: :Drakloak: :Perrserker: :Dugtrio: :Oricorio: :Foongus:

The thought process of building this team is pretty basic, put rocks and spikes and have Drakloak as a spin blocker. Then Dugtrio sweeps. Initially the Dugtrio was band, but switching moves is really relevant to hit the Flying-types in the tier so I made it Soft Sand and Adamant, the only relevant mon that outspeeds Adamant Dugtrio is Jumpluff but I think the team can deal with it pretty well (you also can't risk the tie vs Wugtrio).

The rest of the team just adds stuff that it's needed, spikes and spin on Carkol, while also checking Vivillon and Oricorio, (It can also be Eviolite to check the Ghosts a bit better), rocks on Perrserker with tera Fairy makes it a nice defensive wall and Protect recovers a bit more HP from lefts (Tera Water with Tera Blast helps vs Camerupt, but most Camerupts that I saw on ladder don't run a rock move so Oricorio can check it pretty well), Oricorio adds another wincon, ground immunity and check to Vivillon and Lilligant and lastly I added a Foonguss mainly to check Magneton, Wugtrio and some other physical mons that can beat Perrserker like Skuntank and Lycanroc.

It was also my 1300th team on my builder so that's pretty nice :)
:Hattrem::Indeedee-F::Flareon: :Crabominable: :Lycanroc-Midnight: :Magneton:
Trickroom offense team
The psychic core of Hatterem and Indeedee-F creates the opportunity to set trickroom relatively easy, you can either switch in your breakers or healing wish to get them in safely then you have choice scarf Lycanroc-midnight in the back to clean through what the trickroom breakers left. This team also makes revenge killing attempts far less possible as the opposing team can only attack if it lives an attack as psychic terrain blocks the priority.
I was thinking if lifeorb was super needed on Crabominable, but some rolls require it.
Putting this here:

:indeedee-f: :crabominable: :perrserker: :rotom-frost: :magneton: :oricorio:
This is more of a VoltTurn HO team with most of the metagame's popular threats plus some inclusions of my own. The main strategy is again, similar to a VoltTurn team: get Perrserker to set rocks, then pivot into one of your stronger attackers like Indeedee or Crabominable. Volt Switch and U-Turn are always crucial parts of these teams too, so make sure to use them whenever you can. Oricorio is my Defogger cuz it's the only good one so far, having an additional Fire-typing which makes it REALLY useful with Revelation Dance. It's managed to win a few games so far so feel free to steal it if you want. Beware, as it is still a Day 1 team, it does have some issues, like being incredibly weak to Fire-types with huge type overlap, but as long as you manage to play it right and circumvent these issues it can be really strong.

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:Gabite: :Vigoroth: :Skuntank: :Crabominable: :Oricorio: :Indeedee-F:

First time I have built in 3 years lmao. Got to 1400 (top 5), nothing outstanding but still nice to get results in a hectic alpha meta. Simply put -- Oricorio is broken lmao, both forms, tera is such a ridiculous mechanic for it when you have QD, recovery, and a multi-type Revelation Dance. Ground is generally the best complementary coverage that punishes Choice Electrics or just get free set-up but you can easily counter-tera mirror matches with something like water or rock. Beyond that, AV Crabominable is really solid and consistent, tera water blows up greedy Pyroars, Oricorios and Vivillons, just an incredible offensive glue, pairing it as well with helmet acid Skuntank and Healing Wish Indeedee (also really good, can wincon with tera psychic.) Gabite is really cool! Rocks setter that can break with boosted edgequake, annoys Quaxwell with rough skin, defensive tera and eviolite can clutch and get you an extra KO. Vigorith is inarguably the most slept on threat at the moment, Taunt Bulk Up is so good especially with tspikes up lol, just never dies. Our ghosts are both really good and mostly immune to tspikes which might be enough to prevent it from being overcentralizing at current time but you can easily just slot Shadow Claw over Body Slam if you think pp stalling and status can carry it, if you're paranoid over Normal mirrors Night Slash is okay to. Cool team if you can adjust to the lack of momentum.


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Hit #1 a couple times testing this team out, I think I've perfected it as best as possible so I figured I'd share it now.

:ss/hattrem: :ss/camerupt: :ss/rotom-frost: :ss/stonjourner:Squawkabilly - WikiDex, la enciclopedia Pokémon:ss/skuntank:
click sprites for the team!
Initiall I started out with Squawkabilly and Rotom-Frost to make a great VoltTurn core, and added Skuntank and Camerupt because the two of them individually cover the most broken Pokemon in the tier, and thanks to my offensive core I can be a bit ignorant of their Ground weakness. I had Grumpig initally over Hattrem, mainly to check Crabominable, but Grumpig hardly did this job and the team had no hazard control and both of my offensive Pokemon appreciated Healing Wish a lot, so I just added Hattrem. Stonjourner was Life Orb and Loaded Dice before (pretty much equally decent sets) but I didn't like my over-reliance on Squawkabilly and Skuntank priority moves to manage offensive threats.

:rotom-frost: I think Rotom-Frost is a very broken Pokemon not only on its own, but for the fact that it provides essentially unstoppable momentum for other broken teammates, letting even frailer threats like Houndoom or Wugtrio hit the field safely. On top of being way too fast and bulky for the tier with flawless offensive coverage, it can patch up its only weakness by changing its typing with Terastallization and can Will-O-Wisp physical threats that would otherwise beat it like Crabominable and Skuntank. I opt for Tera Electric on Rotom-Frost to compensate for Volt Switch's low BP in situations where I need a stronger Electric-type move, namely against Quiver Dancing Flying-types. Tera Electric with Levitate also means you have no weaknesses, which goes a long way with Rotom-Frost's insane natural bulk. Tera Water with Tera Blast could also be great, luring Camerupt and other offensive Fire-types like Pyroar, Houndoom, and Oricorio.

:squawkabilly-blue: Honestly can't decide if this thing is broken or not; sometimes it OHKO's everything in sight, especially with Tera-boosted Facade, and sometimes it just does 60 to something then dies. Overall I'd say getting Squawkabilly in safely to activate its Flame Orb and properly maintaining hazard control for it makes it more difficult to use than the average breaker, but slightly more rewarding if you can pull it off. Squakabilly can freely throw out Brave Birds and take all the burn damage it wants, since Hattrem can just Healing Wish it back if it really needs to.

:hattrem: Hattrem is a perfect pivot and role-compression for offensive teams. It's not so passive that it's a momentum blackhole, with a decently powerful Psychic and good coverage in Mystical Fire, while being able to Nuzzle anything that isn't careful. Healing Wish and Hazard control in one slot is phenomenal and checking Fighting-types like Crabominable and Falinks is just icing on the cake. I have Tera Fairy to tank U-Turn in a pinch, and also ended up beating Outrage-locked Flapple more often than I expected.

:camerupt: Camerupt is one of two reasonable checks to Magneton, along with Pincurchin (both of which lose to any Tera coverage #BanMagneton). Blocking Volt Switches and setting Stealth Rock was very important to me, and Camerupt's ability to somewhat stop Rotom-Frost (not really it dies to +2 Blizzard) is nice considering nothing else in the tier stops it. Tera Water with Solid Rock can turn the tables on a lot of Camerupt's unfavorable matchups and Yawn is nice to force a catch 22 where setup sweepers have to either KO you without setting up or fall asleep after setting up and KOing you.

:stonjourner: Stonjourner is epic I don't feel like typing anymore

:skuntank: Other borderline mandatory defensive piece due to its ability to sometimes beat Quiver Dance users and revenge KO offensive threats with Sucker Punch. Taunt and Toxic makes insane progress against defensive teams, putting stuff like Gabite and Camerupt on a timer.


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:sv/shroodle::sv/golduck::sv/beartic::sv/misdreavus::sv/perrserker::sv/raichu: (click for team)​

If anyone has been playing on PU ladder these past 4 days, then you've probably seen weather or maybe just Golduck on its own click Rain Dance Tera Water then proceed to ohko pretty much the entire tier. I decided to have my own take on manual rain in PU since weather has been my favourite thing to run in every gen of PU since I started.

:shroodle:: Now I know certain users have been hyping up this little dude with zero defensive stats to its name but Prankster utility is very good for weather based teams in the lower tiers. From Encore to Parting Shot plus Rain Dance ofc, Shroodle can shut down set-up sweepers, get rain up and pivot into the Swift Swimmer. You even have Super Fang so you aren't completely passive, I can see the hype for this more now.

:golduck:: This mon is very very scary. And I mean very. It outspeeds the entire tier in rain with Modest (scarf Dugtrio and above aren't real) and got an option to boost its special attack?? It also has Tera Water to basically have an Adaptability boost on Surf/Hydro Pump. Nothing likes switching into this and even resists find themselves folding to +2 Surf

:beartic:: Beartic has its time to shine in a meta without other physical Swift Swimmers Drednaw and Kabutops (probably would end up higher if it was in SV since it has Spin). Now Beartic is definitely less consistent than Golduck, you can't outrun every common scarfer but you do hit pretty hard with a LO coming off of 130 attack and it can Tera Water and beat Grasses since it has STAB Icicle Crash.

:misdreavus:: Misdreavus here is for the sole sake of blocking Quaxwell spin so I can keep hazards up for Golduck to secure some KOs. It's pretty bulky with an eviolite and TWave/Wisp support is useful for everyone.

:perrserker:: We don't have Regirock rocks Explosion weather so what's the next best thing? This. Physdef can actually 1v1 other Perrserker and KO back with CC, but the main goal is get up rocks, rain dance then uturn into Golduck.

:raichu:: Electric type that benefits from Thunder being boosted to 100% accuracy. Tera Flying cucks Dugtrio and obviously you have Rain boosted Surf to KO grounds like Camerupt and 2hko Eviolite Gabite.

Let me know how this team works, haven't laddered with it too much yet but it got a roomtour W.
1678048718507.png1678048730786.png1678048740629.png1678048750644.png1678048761212.png1678048769910.png(click for team)
Similar enough team to the other viggy team posted above. I wanted to build around it cause one it was broken in gen6 and now there's less fighting and ghost types. T-Spikes help viggy by chipping things down slowly 1v1 since my viggy is facade which can be weak at times, but I found myself liking it more than bodyslam because of wisp frostom and pyroar. Skuntank is also just a generally good glue mon. Misdreavus was added for spinblock and np dkiss is extremely menacing. Oricorio is broken hope it gets banned soon tera fighting for random tera rock mons. Perrserker is also just insane glue and spdef with CC over protect helps a little more with Magneton. Frogadier just provides speed not sure if its viable but it does its job I ran it over scarf golduck bc I liked u-turn and spikes if you find yourself lacking a solid revenger scarf golduck is fine over frog instead. The teams pretty simple to use dont underestimate viggys bulk it beats things it probably shouldn't. I think its a mon that will probably end up getting suspected down the line once things settle. Tera ground frog is for getting a hydro on faster electrics as they're kinda annoying kek.

1678049655359.png1678049666340.png1678049674935.png1678049681817.png1678049691123.png1678049698708.png(click) - medi is funny its pretty strong
1678049861166.png1678049869504.png1678049876194.png1678049883984.png1678049890905.png1678049908446.png(click) - stole this off of someone and edited a bit on forum foongus is not that bad kek


Very stupid team I built around this very stupid but weirdly strong Ampharos set:

Ampharos @ Leftovers
Ability: Plus
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def
Bold Nature
- Magnetic Flux
- Dragon Tail
- Charge Beam
- Rest

With a lot of our big threats being set up and also removal being so trash I figured bulky set up w/ phazing would be cool rn, and it kinda is! It's a one-dimensional team, just stack unblockable hazards, block removal with missy and then get an opportunity to set up with Ampharos and annoy the enemy team to death. Zweilous patches up some defensive holes and provides yet more phazing and Vig is solely there for a fast bulky Encore so you don't get immediately dunked on by like np frostom (maybe amph would be better off spdef idk). Let's pray we get some better removal in the near future, but in the meantime enjoy the cheese :heart: - older version with swalot > vig but doesn't matter really! - Ampharos annoying TR - amph 6-0ing until a crit but I got a revenge blizzard miss so it's cool - showing the pretty simple gameplan, once hazards are up amph is ready to go
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pretty basic sun team that I built and have had a lot of fun with. It's done well in some roomtours and I used it in my r1 kickoff, but I haven't tested it as much as I want so there's probably room for improvement still. Something to note is that this leafeon set is insane. Shoutout to k.r.o.b. for the set inspiration there, I took his set from set dump thread and slapped Leftovers on it. I usually lead shroodle if there isn't a dark type, and perserker if there is. Do your best to keep rocks away early with hattrem. Use leafeon multiple times in battle, don't throw it away in one go. Also, it's usually your go-to Tera on this team.

anyways tldr is that if you wanna have fun trying out sun, here ya go :)
leaving this here essentially drag mag(minus the actual dragons)
the team uses Magneton :magneton: to remove steels allowing for sawsbuck and lycanrock to smash through teams their with scarfs
Alternatively a scarf could be ran on magneton allowing it to keep momentum with volt switch and letting it trap other scarf magneton

Quaxwell :quaxwell: is the hazard remover allowing for tropius and other pokemon to avoid chip switching in.

Oricorio :Oricorio-Pau: a basic set based around if all else fails in the case rocks go up and the steels arent removed oricorio can still sweep . Protect is nice to scout scarf Pokemon's intentions while allowing you to set up on slacking revelation dance also becomes a ground type move after tera so it works as both a stab move and tera blast

Lycanrock :Lycanroc-Midnight: aim to use it tera late game to survive a water or grass move aimed at its rock typing before sweeping with outrage .

addressing the elephant in the room or more accurately dinosaur
Tropius :Tropius: aims to sweep with dragon dance with recovery in sitrus berry and harvest although at times Hard tropiuses great bulk and good move pool allow it to sweep weaked teams namely having earthquake to hit electrics who may want to hit it after terastallizing .

understandably you may have some doubt about Tropius so Here's some replacements Click here
Flapple :Flapple:is an dragon( imagine using an actual dragon type on a drag mag team) with phenomenal damage in addition to tearing up most play styles but due to hustle's accuracy loss it can be unreliable at times if your feeling very Trusting in stone edge use him HE does wonders
Indeedee :Indeedee-F: another great sweeper but can come up short of a ko its main benefit is setting terrain which allows you and teammates to avoid cactures sucker punch and first impressionalong with wugtrios aqua jet along an immunity to the vast numberof quick attacks in the tier is nice aswell
Dugtrio :Dugtrio: assuming quaxwell did that thing its supposed to dugtrio should switch in late game or against a mon that you know you can ko by keeping its sash intact dugtrio can either sweep late game against a weakened team or set up a sd on a switch out to become truely lethal (as lethal as base 100 attack is then again dragapult makes it work)
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:pachirisu: :squawkabilly: :falinks: :perrserker: :oricorio-pau: :pyroar-f:

Oh yeah its Pachirisu time. Used this team almost exclusively post baile ban to get to 2nd on the ladder.

Anyway, I can't remember why I opted for Pachirisu, other than funny and my prior teams had struggled with electrics.

:pachirisu: Excellent speed tier and not-awful bulk lets it come in and harass strong enemy threats, primarily oricorios which aren't ground or electric. Also very useful for locking strong threats like crab into resisted moves, allowed for momentum to swing back.

:squawkabilly: physical breaker. you click facade, things die, wahoo.

:falinks: probably the star of the team. most games you will be aiming to clean with this, as well as it being your tera target. First Impression is so good on it and has saved me in many many games. No Retreating and then switching out makes me almost briefly like tera a tiny bit.

:perrserker: surprisingly bulky, mainly used as a slow pivot into breakers or falinks as well as rocker. Just fairly solid overall for chunking stuff.

:oricorio-pau: opted for a bulkier oricorio as on this team as its main purpose is removal. not having a flying move does sting sometimes, mainly with other oricorio, but I find the other moves are too important to give up on. Ground is for both offensive and defensive purposes, as its surprsigly common for teams to be able by just ground rev dance alone. Might want to invest some speed in for certain things, like maybe lycanroc and falinks

:pyroar-f: special breaker, click moves, things die. wahoo. Speed tier is super duper nice so the likes of haunter. Both tera fire and normal are fine.

Goal of the team is basically pivot around to get int breakers, opening up for either falinks or oricorio to clean, with pachirisu stopping scary opposition.

90% of the time it'll be either oricorio or falinks who tera. I've occassionally terad Billy and Pyroar, never terad perrserker or pachi

3 main threats:
:dugtrio: / :wugtrio: this is just not good on my end, they do kinda run you over a bit. Against Dug, generally I lead tera Billy and try remove it asap.
Wugtrio I've just been very lucky not to go up against often.

:magneton: really chunks everythig, even pachi. If its scarfed then its managable with Pachi pivoting. Specs is just difficult to maneuver around, you'll most likely be taking one mon falling when dealing with it

:quaxwell: not really a threat as much of an annoyance. Only answer for this it really keeping up pressure and chunking it with normal stabs.

Hope you have fun with it :))


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been wanting to show off this team for a week now but getting a bye in r1 of kickoff postponed that until now. the idea behind the team is really simple - use as many brokens as you can fit in a team before they inevitably get banned and back them up with a nice defensive/utility backbone. pau and vig are the biggest wincons here in practice but houndoom and missy also get to break down stuff sometimes. no fancy screenshot of a ladder peak because i'm literally a dumpster player, me reaching top 40 with it should be proof enough that this team can be used efficiently by anyone.

:sv/misdreavus: - by far the tier's most reliable spinblocker (by that i mean it leaves quax unable to do anything except get crippled with wisp, the uncommon carkol can set its own hazards against it) and a super nice physical wall. it can utilize wisp to shut down all sorts of physical attackers and use pain split to recover health, especially on forced switches. it can also utilize sub and pain split to wear down other bulky mons that the other mons in the team might not appreciate switching into, like camerupt. the idea behind the ev spread is to run enough speed for neutral 70s like flapple, stonjourner and magneton, which is obviously more useful in the case of the former two although you can wear down the latter with hex if you're already behind a sub. the rest was put into hp with whatever left being dumped into defense; i later changed to this chinese spread which retains the former spread's defensive properties but makes pain split more effective due to the slightly lower hp. tera fighting basically never gets used (as with most of these, really; 95% of the time you'd rather reserve your tera to be used by pau) but it's there if you need it for a dark resist emergency. tera fairy probably works fine too, but this is really the last mon you ever want to spend your tera on here.

:sv/frogadier: - scarf frog is actually a really fun lead thanks to protean; a lot of people tend to lead with scarf electrics (mag, rotoms) when they see frog on the opposing team, assuming it's focus sash or eviolite as that's what most people run. getting that turn 1 prediction accurately can let you activate protean with spikes and block the opponent's volt switch, which effectively lets you setup two layers of spikes for free. u-turn is also great against the increasingly common cacturne leads. tera water is there in case you really need hydro pump to beat something, any other tera is obviously useless as protean basically does the same thing for any of its non-stab moves

:sv/houndoom: - just the very standard/straightforward np houndoom set, except for roar as a filler move - the idea is that in combination with tinkatuff's knock off support you can utilize roar on forced switches to rake up rocks/spikes damage even further. tera fairy is for resisting possible fighting coverage while still retaining doom's ability to switch into other dooms, which is something that can happen often as this team can struggle with it.

:sv/oricorio-pau: - i already wrote in length about this particular pau set in the previous team drop, you can find it here. basically nothing changed since then, mirror herb pau is just as broken now as it was then. plenty of viable tera options but fighting is by far the most consistent one in my experience.

:sv/vigoroth: - i wasn't around during oras and never got into it, but i feel oras player's pain and offer my sincere condolences. vigoroth is seriously just stupid good and in the hands of skilled players it just wins games on team preview. the combination of bulk up, excellent natural bulk (far better in practice than what the raw numbers might suggest), reliably recovery, super useful ability in vital spirit, and invaluable utility in taunt just make this thing impossible to kill. facade is amazing, especially when other players' last resort against it is trying to paralyze/poison it. evs are straightforward with enough speed to taunt neutral 70s and positive 55s (and other assorted mons that simply don't run that much speed, like gogoat) and the rest going into hp and spdef. tera water is there to ease the matchup against opposing water-types, and more of then than not it's the only thing on the team preventing golduck from achieving a sweep.

:sv/tinkatuff: - solid rocker with excellent defensive typing and rare access to knock off. spdef investment is definitely not standard as most tinks out there are physdef, but it works here due to to the already solid physically defensive backbone on this team with missy and vig. the extra special bulk also lets it spread para a bit more reliably against special attackers. tera ground and tera blast is really just filler, it doesn't really care about being trapped by magneton after it sets rocks as it just wears it down with knock off, but if needed it's there for emergencies.
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CAP TEAM:pika:

(click on the sprites :boi:)

That's a bulky offense team built around a FWG core. Camel+Quax might be out best utility duo, and there's few mons that can break past them (aka Tera Water Mag). Cacturne comes in to provide us with a better rain matchup, a good setup sweeper/cleaner and a much needed wincon against more offensive oriented teams. Raichu and Crabo are my main breakers, with Raichu being a important pivot and a mon that is faster than Squawk and Houndoom (which I REALLY appreciate). Crabo's bulk and offensive stabs add much to the team, being able to take down Oricorio, Viv and other special attackers by using tera water. For the last slot, we have Choice Scarf Indeedee-F, who brings a lot of utility and role compression to our team! Trick to cripple defensive mons, Healing wish to bring back Crabo or a defensive mon, and Tera Blast, which is a reliable STAB even pre-tera. You can Choose either Tera Fighting or Ground on indeedee, with the first hitting Cacturne super effectively but the later hitting Skuntank. Sucker immunity is also pretty useful in this tier. I hope you guys have fun!

I was able to get around top 200 but I’m fairly sure that someone better than me could pilot it better.

:Shroodle: I usually led with this guy and parting shot into Rabsca on the vast majority of Pokémon for trick room. It has encore for the weirdly large amount fake out and the all too powerful set up. Taunt helps block hazards and set up. Knock off is great utility. I never Tera’d them even once.

:Rabsca: Great bulk and a decent typing for the tier. The 4x resistance to fighting is really nice but it has a lot of weaknesses to common types. Its able to set up trick room against a lot of the tier especially after Shroodle’s parting shot. Revival Blessing is always nice and recover provides nice recovery. Bug buzz is good stab and is able to do good damage to the tier’s grass types. It’s Tera water to survive fire type attacks but I’ve never done it once.

:Hattrem: Great bulk especially after Eviolite. It’s typing is okay with some nice resistances. Magic bounce is some of the only hazard control that this team has. For the most part you find yourself just playing so fast (no pun intended) your opponent doesn’t really have time to get hazards up but it’s still great to have. It has trick room for obvious. Healing wish allows you to quickly switch out and also heal up your teammates. Mystic fire is good coverage with great utility in lowering special attack. This spot used to be nuzzle but I switched it after some paralyzed Pokémon became slower than my pokes. Psychic is good stab. It’s Tera dark to resist dark type attacks but I’ve never used it once.

:Ampharos: A strong special attacker especially after life orb. I’m using plus on it for the same reason I stopped using nuzzle on Hattrem. Volt switch allows you to switch out on the last turn of trick room. Thunderbolt for strong stab. Power gem is great coverage helping hit the powerful fire types of the tier. Focus blast helps hit a lot of types that ampharos struggles with and also a lot of the stronger fire types. Its tera electric for the ability to absolutely destroy things thunderbolt.

:Crabominable: A super strong physical attacker with decent survivability thanks to AV. It has iron fist because there isn’t nearly enough intimidate in the tier to justify hyper cutter and iron fist boosts important coverage. Drain punch for the recovery and stab. Ice hammer for an absolute nuke of an attack that also lowers speed which lets you under speed opposing Crabominable. Thunder punch is one of your only good ways of beating Quaxwell. Eq helps beat the tiers strong electric and fire types. It also helps beat Quaxwell if it Tera electrics.

:camerupt: A strong special attacker thats able to switch in thanks to heavy duty boots and solid rock. Fire blast is a nuke of a move. Earthpower nukes a lot of things that resist fire. Flash cannon is nice coverage, and also pretty much the only coverage you have. Tera fire allows fire blast to absolutely nuke way more things.

Threats to the team
The team doesn’t have the greatest tools to deal with dark types like Houndoom:houndoom:and Cacturne:cacturne:. They’re able to block prankster and deal fairly easily with I’ve mostly dealt with them using camerupt. He does take a lot of damage but it can be alleviated by healing wish.

Anything that’s able to stop trick room from going up. Taunt stops rabsca:Rabsca: but hattrem:hattrem:remedies that. This ties back to the weak to dark types but strong attackers can shut them down too.

Fake out and protect are able to stall out trick room turns.

Overall any opponent that’s able to predict around your switches and make trick room useless.

I’ve enjoyed the team and I hope others can to :)
:oinkologne-f: :toedscool: :perrserker: :golduck: :misdreavus: :crabominable:

My most successful team by far actually. Mainly a bunch of niche/gimmick sets that oddly enough work well together and work well against the meta.

Oink is a tanky as hell special wall, being able to handle the Fires and Pau, not so much Magneton but can at least switch in to some degree. RestTalk is its only means of longevity though and its movepool is so sparse Work Up is there as a filler, but it helps it be a bit less passive. Tera Ghost is for spinblocking purposes and catching the odd Falinks or Crab STAB move.

Toedscool is an interesting hazard removal option. The typing is unique and the utility movepool is to die for. Decent special bulk as well. Tera Water is mainly to counteract its Ice and Fire weaknesses and is generally a solid defensive type.

Perrserker does Perrserker things. Not much more to say. Tera Steel Tough Claws Iron Head I think is as strong as Steely Spirit but I could be wrong?

Tera Dragon Double Dance Golduck is a fun one I came up with on a whim. Cloud Nine helps it against weather builds, including opposing Golduck to some degree, and Water/Ice is good enough coverage on its own that anything could go in the last slot. I chose Trailblaze because boosting Speed is quite nice. Dragon as a Tera type helps it defensively against Grass and Electric types, making set up easier, while keeping its Fire resistance.

Misdreavus is a faster Calm Mind variant but one that invests a bit more in bulk. I guess you could say its a bit of a stall breaker, though having general longevity helps as Missy can actually taking advantage of its typing defensively, Tera or otherwise. Hex + WoW I found to be a good combo, with no real clerics status is generally good, and Draining Kiss gives you said longevity I talked about prior. Tera Fairy helps against Darks and gives STAB on Draining Kiss, boosting its power a bit as well.

And the Crab set is also standard but AV Crab's a good tank and helps with some team weaknesses.

(Also this team nearly swept a chatroom mod with Golduck so that's gotta count for something)
foongus semi-tr
I used this team in my kickoff r3, and it has been really enjoyable to use there and on the ladder. It started with magneton+squawk voltturn, i added hattrem to keep rocks away from billy, and then it slowly turned into a semi-tr team. I was really weak to raichu so for my last slot i added a min speed foongus to better manage many of the physical attackers hattrem struggles versus, as well as to beat raichu. The Spore support and clear Smog is really useful even outside of trick room.

You never want to focus on the trick room with this team in the beginning, you typically just want to prioritize momentum in the beginning and identify what your best Tera will be in the matchup. Magneton is tera'd most frequently, as it's Tera covers many defensive holes this team would experience otherwise. In matchups where you don't need to Tera magneton, look to see if squawk can clean with quick attack later. If so, that is more than likely your Tera. Trick room is an anti-offense measure on this team and a lategame wincon.

A couple other notes, light screen should be swapped with tbolt on magneton. I had it there for a while to help on the special bulk end since I felt shaky in that regard, but with this spread and Tera on magneton, it's not really necessary. Yes the magneton evs were optimized for something, I don't remember now though. My best guess is to ohko camerupt with terawater after solid rock. Finally, the crab set is extremely flexible from my experience. It's really there to abuse the tr mode and give us a dark resist, and most sets I've tried with crab on this team feel fine.

That's about it, I hope those who try the team enjoy it! Foongus is actually a really solid niche mon for these types of builds, especially when you need a solid answer for raichu and aren't using a quaxwell to check half the physical mons in the tier.


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Houndoom Volturn
:rotom-frost: :houndoom: :perrserker: :grumpig: :gogoat: :quaxwell:

Mostly just clicks volt switch, but blizzard hits hard (if it hits that is) and trick is a great momentum disruptor. This is the mon I lead with the majority of the time.

Houndoom is just a beast. With pivot support from rotom and perrs, it can come in safely and get a nasty plot off. If it can get a trailblaze in, not much can outspeed it. Tera Grass let's it wall camerupt, which otherwise threatens to end its sweep with earth power.

Perrserker is very versatile. It can take hits, wear down mons with its strong attacks, set up rocks, and pivot. Its low speed lets it slow pivot to Houndoom so it can come in without taking damage.

Grumpig is what really brings this team together in my eyes. By virtue of thick fat, it can take on Crabominable and Houndoom (after going tera fairy), two of the most powerful mons in the tier. The defense lets it get 3HKOed (and possibly even 4HKOed) by Adamant Crab's close combat and ice hammer, giving it ample time to 2HKO it with Psychic. Thunder Wave is also invaluable for slowing down fast threats to help Houndoom outspeed and get a KO (or at least have a shot at cheesing them with dark pulse.)

Gogoat is an amazing Special wall and has great longevity. After a bulk up or two, horn leech hits hard and restores a respectable amount of hp. Tera Rock lets it take on Houndoom and stonewall Tera Rock Lilligant, as well as baiting grass type moves, which will be absorbed by sap sipper.

Quaxwell is here to provide mandatory hazard removal, while also being a great bulky water. The speed EVs allow it to creep Houndoom after a rapid spin. If gets a spin and a moxie boost, Quaxwell can actually put in some work on offense.
CM Glaceon Spikestack
I almost got memed by Toy Time King in a roomtour by CM wishtect glaceon, so i built my own spin on a team centered around it, as i find it to be a sleeper pick in the meta rn. I used this in r4 of my pu kickoff games, and it's been one of my weirdest and most enjoyable teams I have built so far.

Also sorry for spamming this thread, i have just had a blast building in this tier so far this gen. Anyways, I started with this glaceon set bc it looks busted on paper, and then added a solid spikestack/spin core with frogadier/toedscool/perrserker. I decided to forgo quaxwell because it's being counterteamed by archetypes such as spikestack Missy at the moment. Toedscool is really underrated. Frogadier is to, it's an amazing revenge killer that can easily get spikes off vs many things, esp electric types that click volt switch a lot. Zweilous was added because I had multiple holes in my team if I loaded up a game vs most of the strong special attackers/setupsweepers. Zweilous is a sleeper choice at absorbing sleep powders, phasing on spikestack teams, tanking houndoom, and still exerting offensive pressure with hustle crunch. Roar is slotted over dtail bc dtail+hustle is booty. Lastly, I added haunter to add a fast threat to the team while becoming less weak to the spike mirror matchup, and providing a spin blocker. Its actually really effective at spinblocking with good plays and encore. Shadow ball+focus Blast is superior to sball+sludge bomb. Tspikes helps me win matchups where there is no grounded poison, unlocks more of glaceons potential too.

This team looks bad bc it uses many off-the-radar choices, but in practice it's really effective because it goes against the common meta, uses actual threats that people don't account for rn, and hazards+spore+knockoff on a team gives you universal utility options. For those who try the team out, I hope you enjoy!

p.s. use glaceon it's so underrated
here's some of the non-oricorio teams i've built since the start (viability unguaranteed)
Click sprites for pokepaste:

Eject Pack Scovillain
Extreme Speed Dragonair
Tera Rock Lilligant
AV Crabominable+Camerupt
Bulky Misdreavus+Mareanie
Persian+Vigoroth Normal Spam
Scarf Raichu
Bulky Setup Dragonair and Eiscue
NP Fantom+SpDef Flareon
AV Swalot+Restalk Zweilous
Standard Sun
Standard Rain
BU Sub Crab
AV Cacturne

have fun
BU Protect Crab
:crabominable: :magneton: :gabite: :hattrem: :houndoom: :sawsbuck:

Here's a more standard team I've decided to share just because crab is something I've seen less and less of personally despite it being so good. I wanted to test non AV / Band and figured BU Protect could be cool, protect is nice residual and you'd be surprised the amount of mileage you get out of it especially when people switch out on your protect. The teams pretty standard and has a lot of outs vs things cause of twave spam + scarf buck and dtail gabite. A lot of these mons have customizable sets so feel free to edit them to your own preference.

:houndoom: :falinks: :quaxwell: :sneasel: :skuntank: :dugtrio:

Less standard team using an odd sneasel lead set based off of an OU team that I think maybe Ske built using the same type of weavile set. It may look goofy but it works in trading early game and getting a good chunk of damage off for something like Falinks to clean. The rest is standard except maybe helmet skunk which I've liked on offense to just get solid chip on things in conjuction with Sucker and Aftermath. Not sure how I feel about Falinks the only times it feels bad lategame is when they have like a scarf haunter or anything faster than it at +1. SD + No Retreat is nice as you can choose to break or clean and sometimes you can get up both to just win.


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The Oricorio-Pa'u ban got rid of a lot of the teams I liked using, so here are some fun (key word) ones I made that don't have it.

:sv/slaking: :sv/perrserker: :sv/skuntank: :sv/toedscool: :sv/rabsca: :sv/golduck:
Slaking is not good, and you generally shouldn't use it, though I will say it is (at times) very fun to use. I don't really have much else to say about the monkey itself, though something like it definitely requires a lot of support. Perrserker is there to set Stealth Rock, chip things with Fake Out, and pivot with U-turn, all of which Slaking greatly appreciates. Perrserker also tends to invite weaker stuff like Gabite in, which Slaking can exploit for a turn. Skuntank absorbs Toxic Spikes, checks Haunter, and generally annoys teams through the combination of Toxic and Taunt. Sucker Punch is also nice in certain matchups, such as against weather. Toedscool is cute and pretty good at answering cheap Magneton, and a lot of the utility it provides (Spore, Knock Off, and Rapid Spin) makes Slaking's job much easier. Offensive Rabsca is sort of just there because I wanted to use it tbh, though it does catch stuff like Perrserker off guard and check Crabominable. Tera Normal turns the matchup against Haunter on its head but doesn't do much else. Lastly, Choice Scarf Golduck is the speed control and the out against weather teams. Tera Ground gives the team an extra Electric immunity without sacrificing strong coverage against Fire- and Steel-types.

:sv/sneasel: :sv/pincurchin: :sv/camerupt: :sv/misdreavus: :sv/squawkabilly: :sv/quaxwell:
Sneasel losing all of its reliable Dark-type STAB moves sucks, though I'd still say Sneasel has what it needs to annoy teams atm (stuff like Gabite, Flying-types, Gogoat, Haunter, etc. folds against it, for example). We already know from Crabominable that Ice + Fighting is amazing coverage, and Sneasel (though not as strong) pairs that coverage with Swords Dance and STAB priority in Ice Shard. You could probably go Tera Ground and add Tera Blast to blow through Tinkatuff on top of gaining a useful immunity to Electric, though Tera Ice Ice Shard has been a nice sweeping tool for me. Pincurchin + Camerupt stack entry hazards while also covering most of what Magneton can do. Misdreavus blocks Rapid Spin and helps to wear bulky stuff down for Sneasel through Will-O-Wisp, Hex, and Pain Split. Choice Scarf Squawkabilly misses its attacks revenge kills stuff like Vivillon as well as pivots, which also helps in chipping bulky Steel-types. Quaxwell spins and looks fabulous while doing it. The Speed investment lets you outspeed Flapple and other stuff after you use Rapid Spin.

:sv/indeedee: :sv/dugtrio: :sv/squawkabilly: :sv/girafarig: :sv/vivillon: :sv/flittle:
I can't tell you why I made this team or use it, nor can I guarantee it will actually beat your opponent, but I can say that it has Flittle. How I play the team usually involves sacking the first three Pokemon (in some order) as fast as possible and then using one of the three setup sweepers to win (or weaken the opposing team for one of the other two setup sweepers). Squawkabilly can also be used to revenge kill something like Vivillon if using Final Gambit right away isn't what you want or need to do. Speaking of Vivillon, it's there in case you fall asleep at your computer or mess up a lot and need an easy way to win. Other than them, Double Dance Girafarig can be genuinely annoying for teams to take down, and Psychic + Fighting coverage is enough to shred through much of the tier. Tera Blast also functions as a decent STAB move pre-Tera in case you end up Terastallizing with something else. Finally, there's Flittle... as in, it's the final Pokemon on the team.
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