Announcement SV National Dex UU Stage 2.1: Sickommo-o Mode

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We are once again creatively borrowing old gen UU's suspect songs.

The council has recently held another voting slate - as such, Kommo-o is now banned from National Dex UU. While we did vote on it on the previous slate, it avoided the quickban by one vote, and our opinions on it became more formed over the course of the Victini suspect. As a result, we decided to vote on it again.​

From the beginning of the tier’s existence, Kommo-o’s newfound access to Tera Types and various sweeping options had already begun to show itself in the eyes of the council. With a multitude of boosting moves at its disposal to go along with its superb offensive movepool, it was already a top tier mon. However, Gen 9 blessed it with one major addition - Terastal, indirectly giving it another one in the form of STAB Boomburst thanks to Tera Normal + Boomburst.

Thanks to Tera Normal, it gained access to a terrific new STAB in Boomburst to rip the metagame apart with, making handling Kommo-o more difficult than ever. Would-be resists to Kommo-o’s STAB combination from the previous generation such as Tapu Fini and Clefable were now instantly wiped off the map at +2 after the combination of Clangorous Soul + Throat Spray, while others such as Aegislash and Assault Vest Galarian Slowking which didn’t mind this struggled to much damage to a boosted Kommo-o in return, in part due to its ability to complicate revenge killing attempts with the choice between Bulletproof and Soundproof for their respective immunities.

Even without the nightmarish aspect of trying to KO it through screens support factored in, Kommo-o could easily find setup opportunities against common offensive Pokemon such as Tyranitar and Blacephalon, which also helped to consolidate its defensive capabilities as an offensive sweeper. In addition, most Choice Scarf users in the metagame such as Latias and Meowscarada would easily find themselves dead in the water as they struggled to grab the KO against Kommo-o’s boosted defenses, which were already solid at base 75 / 125 / 105, without sufficient chip damage. Worse still, Terastalizing removed its common type weaknesses, rendering normally effective revenge killing options, such as the aforementioned Latias’ Draco Meteor or Meowscarada’s Play Rough, moot without far more chip than they would otherwise need.

Overall, the drawback of For these reasons, Kommo-o was considered far too oppressive to be worth keeping around, and thus is now banned from National Dex UU.

The full voting list can be found here:


Continuing from before, the watchlist will remain as follows:

:aegislash: Aegislash
:blaziken: Blaziken
:kyurem: Kyurem
:weavile: Weavile

And, as is the norm this gen, discussion on this should go in the Metagame discussion.

Tagging Kris to implement this. Thanks.
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