Announcement SV National Dex Suspect 2 - Voter Identification Thread

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wait i thought that was when i COULD post my voting requirements, i missed it :(

i might get someone on natdex discord to walk me through what to do next time
I'm a bit confused what you did here but maybe this will help. On your account "ND9E Goose" if you have the sufficient number of games played with a qualifying GXE percentage, you can post a screenshot of that here and you will be able to vote when the voting thread goes up in a few hours. If you're saying that you have only just made the account "ND9E Goose" but haven't played any games on it yet, then I think you're probably out of luck. The laddering period is from Feb. 5th to Feb. 19th meaning there are only about 7 and a half hours remaining. You're welcome to still try for reqs if you don't mind playing a LOT of games in the time you have left.
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