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Welcome to the new edition of CAP Sample Teams, ran by me and the rest of the VR team! This thread will feature teams that showcase the most prevalent archetypes and playstyles of the current metagame, so that everybody can try them out. You can submit a team for this thread by posting it in here and we will consider it when making future updates. For even more teams, check out the post-CAPCL team dump!

Krilowatt Hazard Stack by spoo

Substitute Skeledirge Balance by spoo

Roaring Moon Bulky Offense by quziel

Iron Moth Sun by Darek

Miasmaw Hyper Offense by spoo

Booster Energy Spam Hyper Offense by spoo
In the face of Revenankh's nerf (Pls don't its so funny), I wanted to share some of the teams I made and tested recently.

Miasmaw Eject Pack HO
:miasmaw: :stratagem: :revenankh: :great tusk: :gholdengo: :meowscarada:

This one comes from my time in OU, utilizing Eject Pack on Great Tusk and Gholdengo to generate unexpected momentum for Miasmaw, Stratagem, and Revenankh. Meowscarada is here as an almost dedicated lead that can shut down common defensive hazard setters like Ting-Lu and Snaelstrom, while threatening a powerful Overgrow-boosted Leaf Storm if it is brought down to its Focus Sash. Miasmaw is the focus of this team though, and it has proven to be an effective physical setup sweeper for its unique ability to shred through common Unaware mons like Arghonaut and Skeledirge. This team is a refreshing take on Hyper Offense that I think is worth a go if you're bored of using the same staples like Grimmsnarl and Orthworm.

Ghost Spam + Colossoil Offense
:revenankh: :dragapult: :skeledirge: :colossoil: :tomohawk: :meowscarada:

Ghost spam is incredibly threatening right now, mostly due to Revenankh being absolutely insane (+1 252+ Spell Tag Tera Ghost Poltergeist OHKOs almost anything that doesn't resist or is immune to ghost). This team aims to spam Ghost's great neutral STAB, while also utilizing Colossoil's wallbreaking prowess to shred the opposing team's walls for said Ghost spam to overwhelm the opponent. Defensive Tomohawk and Scarf Meowscarada are here to both defensively and offensively check common Ghost resistances like opposing Colossoil, Dragapult, and Roaring Moon. This team is just solid all around at what it does, getting me to the 1380's at one point on ladder recently.

Dragon + Ground Spam Offense
:pajantom: :cyclohm: :garchomp: :great tusk: :equilibra: :jumbao:

This is a funkier team I've been using recently. Even though Jumbao is easily one of the best mons in the metagame at the moment, it's the only viable bulky fairy and can be easily overwhelmed with the right counterplay. Thus, I developed a Dragon spam team that also ended up being a Ground spam team. Choice Band Pajantom is still really strong, and can offensively check Revenankh decently, while hazard stacking bulky Garchomp is great at wearing down the opposing team. Read my Viability Rankings post about Cyclohm if you want to know why I use this guy. Assault vest Equilibra is great at handling opposing Jumbao both defensively and offensively, even if it teras. Finally, Great Tusk is extra hazard removal / potential win condition with bulk up, while Scarf Jumbao is just good, offensively checking Dragapult, Stratagem, and Roaring Moon decently well barring tera, as well as boosting Great Tusk's physical walling potential even more. This team is surprisingly effective while being a unique experience to play, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a team that looks and plays differently.

That's all for now! Hopefully someone finds these teams as cool as I think they are :)
Ok I know I just posted yesterday, but I've revised my Dragon / Ground Spam team and it has gotten me to 12th on the ladder so I wanted to share.

Dragon + Ground Sun Spam
:jumbao: :roaring moon: :great tusk: :garchomp: :cyclohm: :equilibra:

So the premise here is the same, but tweaked to be a better user experience. I found that, while good, Pajantom is outclassed as a Dragon type Choice Band user by Roaring Moon pretty handily, but the Tera Flying Acrobatics Booster Energy set is better for this team that lacks a dedicated win condition. I also changed the Cyclohm set from Static to Shield Dust and Tera Water over Tera Flying. This allows Cyclohm to switch into Garganacl safely as Garg is a massive threat to this team.

Interesting tech that I have observed with this team is that, yes, it is a sun team, but it's not reliant on it. Jumbao runs Scarf over Heat rock because of this, allowing me to play more aggressively. Roaring Moon can also save its Booster Energy for later by switching in during sun and switching out before it ends.

This team has some great synergy and is really fun to play! Definitely the best team I've made :)
I'm back yet again. Since last time I have posted, I have made three more teams that I would recommend to people who want to try out some new team styles or certain CAP mons that don't see much of a spotlight in the current meta.

Smokomodo + Sub Drige Offense
:smokomodo: :skeledirge: :dragapult: :equilibra: :rotom-wash: :venomicon:

This team attempts to make Smokomodo into a threatening wallbreaker / sweeper. In the advent of SV, many players have been making use of the new Loaded Dice item on mons like Breloom and Iron Throns, and Smokomodo is another of these lucky few. The combination of Technician, Loaded Dice, and Bone Rush gives Smokomodo a minimum 150 bp STAB ground type move, which is a massive upgrade from Earthquake. This allows it to shred common defensive mons, while being able to threaten faster teams after a Technician boosted Flame Charge speed boost. With smart play, Smokomodo getting off a Bulk Up and a Flame Charge can end games just like that. Substitute Skeledirge and Hex Dragapult are here to take away enemy resources needed to deal with Smokomodo, while also having natural synergy with each other. Washtom is here to exert pressure and keep momentum with Dragapult, while Equilibra and Venomicon form a solid defensive core that is hard to break through (Grass tera on Venomicon is used to serve as an emergency check to Krilowatt, which this team struggles with unless Smokomodo gets a speed boost). Pretty standard team for what it wants to accomplish.

Krilowatt + AV Toxapex Balance
:krilowatt: :toxapex: :great tusk: :kingambit: :ting-lu: :corviknight:

"Ew! Gross! A Toxapex in 2023?!" You might be saying these things to yourself upon seeing this team. Given time, however, I think this team can grow on you, Toxapex and all. Firstly, I wanted to make a team that utilized Krilowatt that wasn't pivot focused like the sample team provided above. Aside from pivot offense, I believe Krilowatt functions great on balance teams, being able to provide immediate damage with great coverage, as well as generating momentum with Volt Switch. Assault Vest Toxapex is here to be a special sponge with Regenerator, while also being able to trap with Infestation. The real kicker comes with the 236 SpA investment with a modest nature. This lets its STABs chip for surprisingly good damage, with things like Ice Beam chunking cocky Dragapult hard and Sludge Bomb straight up OHKOing unsuspecting Jumbao. Dark tera is good at stoping things like Psyshock from Iron Valiant, but Toxapex isn't reliant on tera to do its job. Bulk Up Great Tusk is here to check physical sweepers like Dragonite, Kingambit, and Revenaknh (Until Poltergeist gets removed from showdown). Ting-Lu and Corviknight create a defensive hazard-based core that Krilowatt and Toxapex can capitalize off of well. Kingambit ties the team together, serving as a standard late-game cleaner, using Tera Fairy Tera Blast to muscle through its major check, Great Tusk. This team is really fun and satisfying to use well, and I'd recommend it to players that are tired of offense but don't want to turn to stall.

Bulky Naviathan + VoltTurn Offense
:naviathan: :volkraken: :meowscarada: :rotom-wash: :venomicon: :equilibra:

Naviathan is in a pretty weird spot right now. The introduction of Wave Crash as water STAB is great, but it cuts its already middling longevity greatly. The required Flame Orb on the standard sweeper set is also a major hinderance, and even though its power is truly a sight to behold, I find it ends up being dead weight in most games if it can't set up. I was determined to make this mon work, however, so I tried running a Specially Defensive Dragon Dance set (courtesy of Brigtel on the Victim of the Week thread for Walking Wake) with Leftovers to make use of its improved bulk. Guts is still run on this set to be a counter to standard Skeledirge, but Facade can no longer be run due to consistency issues, so Icicle Crash is here to smack Grass and Dragon types that like to switch in on Wave Crash. This set has a much easier time switching in throughout a game, allowing it multiple opportunities to threaten a sweep. The rest of this team is structured around VoltTurn, with staples like Meowscarada and Washtom here to provide constant pressure and allow Naviathan as many switch-in opportunities as possible. Scarf Volkraken is here as well, contributing to the momentum-heavy core with its own U-Turn, while also threatening massive damage with Analytic boosted Hydro Pumps and Flamethrowers (Flamethrower over Fire Blast to not lose to Cawmodore over a miss). Tera Ground Tera Blast rounds out this set, making up for the loss of Scorching Sands, while having the uniquely great quality of OHKOing Krilowatt on its "safe" switch, or 2HKOing while absorbing a Thunderbolt as an offensive check. Finally, the Venomicon + Equilibra core returns to reliably wall most of the tier, with Venomicon running Tera Dragon since Volkraken can deal with Krilowatt pretty well. If you've ever felt like using Naviathan but don't want to because its standard set isn't great right now, I cannot recommend this team enough.

That's all I have this time, pretty good batch if I do say so myself. I think making these posts helps to develop my teambuilding skills, so that's pretty cool I guess.

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