Tournament SV CAP 1v1 (Won by Spoo)


Banned deucer.
Requiring only minimal luck in the form of a massive Discord server's publicized reveal and the mass exodus of its users, both opponents in the other semifinals pairing have perished. spoo has reached his zenith. I declare him the winner of the CAP 1v1 tournament.

I would like to thank my co-hosts bored_glitch , Lumii , Akeras , and STABLE for their continued and demonstrated support throughout the duration of this tour. I was pleased that only one of these co-hosts in the OP of this thread was banned for inappropriate behavior, which boasts an unusually low rate for a tour with a 1v1 managerial presence. I would like to additionally pay my respects to JT Yao and mencemeat . Hearing their stories allowed me to persevere with seeing this tour to its end despite the initial difficulties I had balancing everything on my plate on and off Smogon, as I realized my life situation could always be worse.


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