Tournament SV CAP 1v1 (Won by Spoo)


Banned deucer.
I've been (primarily) busy/stressed and (secondarily) perhaps immaturely jaded over the Bo3 vs. Bo5 thing. I spoke with SHSP and the further compromise I'll reach is Bo5 after one more round. It's Bo3 for round 2, where you'll have until next Sunday to complete this.


Concept Everything  vs  doc1203
Lady Salamence  vs  faithviolet
SHSP  vs  Mr.Bossaru
SwordIsBored  vs  MultiPokemon
Nalei  vs  Steam Buns
shnowshner  vs  Rafadude
Azamat140499  vs  martinvtran
spoo  vs  Garrett

DEADLINE: Sunday, January 22nd at 11:59 PM GMT-5. Replays required, best of 3. Next round is best of 5. Somehow I get Spoo again.


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unfortunately our attempt to schedule two weeks in advanced failed so i have been given win proof on my wall


Banned deucer.
In my previous post I posted the top wrong matchup because I have my !pick as doc1203 but put Concept Everything in the bracketmaker which is incorrect and embarassingly so.

I screwed up the bracketmaker with the wrong name, so there's my sleep for you

Steam Buns  vs  doc1203
faithviolet  vs  MultiPokemon
spoo  vs  shnowshner
martinvtran  vs  SHSP

Deadline: January 29th at 11:59 GMT-5. Replays are required, all series are now Bo5.

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