Tournament SV Balanced Hackmons No-Johns Kickoff Tour - Won by Quojova!


We're not unbanning Magnet Pull
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Balanced Hackmons No Johns
Round 1

The deadline for this round is Wednesday, November 30, at 11:59 PM GMT-4
  • There will be NO extensions under any circumstances -- any unplayed games will be subject to either an activity decision or a coinflip.​
  • Each series is best of three. Replays are mandatory.​
  • Bans are set at the beginning of each round. If something is banned in the middle of a round it will still be legal until the beginning of the next.​
  • This tournament will use the rules for Balanced Hackmons as found here.​

SlightlyAngryKevin  vs  LTG
SuperSkylake  vs  Ema Skye
The White Room  vs  LuciShrimp
The Number Man  vs  Clastia
MultiPokemon  vs  Nihilslave
jasprose  vs  Giga-Chandélure
MAMP  vs  quojova
phoebie  vs  Codename C.A.T
Palapapop  vs  STABLE
XxLazzerpenguinxX  vs  Mandibuladel5555
Akeras  vs  Tea Guzzler
TTTech  vs  cityscapes
damflame 3  vs  Ciro napoli
Redflix  vs  Mr.Bossaru
Tanny89k  vs  Dragonillis
Rex15808  vs  Chessking345

Farce Of The Death
Quantum Tesseract
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