Suspect SV AAA Suspect Test #2: Fur Coat and Ice Scales

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gonna vote ban without a doubt

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I don't believe that FurScales is even 1% healthy or competitive
it's just about having a playable tier where you don't have a 30% chance of insta losing to the wrong mon (it's not only FurScales, the tier is fishy af and I took 0% of pleasure playing it neither now or during the ghosting tour, but FurScales is the biggest issue rn)
just read Siamato's post if you're even interested in the discussion and not voting for w/e you found fun by playing against the ladder (which is not good in OMs) or atha's post if you want a quick reading
have a good day

LETS GOOO MY FIRST REQS only took 3 tries
Used multiple teams, but mainly Tea’s team here and an adapted version of the Secret Santa team I made for Ren (I think?)

I’m leaning towards DNB. It’s holding a lot of the tier together defensively, and I don’t feel it’s overbearing. Set-up fur scales is a little disgusting but I believe these can be banned individually, compared to the volume of bans that would probably follow a fur scales ban.
Still not completely decided tho

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Idk what I wanna vote. I know the FurScales sweepers are a pain to handle, but the abilities seem fine on a standard defensive mon. So I'd rather get rid of the abusers rather than ban FurScales outright, and if that means losing some goats like Corviknight then so be it. Kind of a surface level explanation but I just wanted to get it out there.
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i have no idea what the fuck happened this suspect test
FurScales Bocch went 21-4 and i had 74% gxe now 20-5 Aubrey Fan would prolly be ok????
might post thoughts later or might forget haha...


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confirming as FURSCA scream
:iron-hands::volcarona::polteageist::dragapult::dragonite::gholdengo:<- team

s/o to Kaen for killing my first 2 accounts, tilting me and making me ragequit for 4 days before coming back not tilted

Unsure as to what to vote atm

edit: forgot to post proof woops


And now for something completely different
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If Fur Coat and Ice Scales are banned, a bunch of other things will need to be banned too. They're what keeps a lot of the meta in check, things will fundamentally shift. And they're not even broken on their own, I haven't seen anything become actively broken due to using them. That being said, I think they make the meta more centralized and less fun so I'm voting ban.


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I am still not 100% sure what to vote.
As other people mentioned FurScales keeps a good amount of Mons in check atm. On paper these two abilities seem overpowered by basically doubling the defensive stats. But without it it will be hard to find switchins to Iron Bundle, Iron Valiant, Dragapult and way more.
On the other hand its very annoying to deal with Setup sweeper that now also have acces to FurScales. I have seen Veluza, Polteageist, Gholdengo with Fur Coat sweeping. And you can't outdamage them anymore with a strong priority attack because of their ability.

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i hate furscales i hate furscales i hate furscales i hate furscales i hate furscales i hate furscales i hate furscales i hate furscales i hate furscales i hate furscales i hate furscales i hate furscales i hate furscales i hate furscales i hate furscales

I despise having to choose between my choice bander having eh numbers against everything (moldy) or having one mon in every team and only one mon cuck me omega hard (sword of ruin, etc). I hate bulky setup that would be ruined by having toxic on everything (fuck you gamefreak) and It makes me miserable having to use scales corb, the least satisfying mon to use, ever. Its just so limp vs everything, like every special attacker has like recovery, or trick, or a setup move, or a combination of them so its just a uturn button that gets mega exploited and only beats a few select sets.


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I lost a lot in my first attempt because of lack of understanding of the environment. But I insisted on this alt and finally did it.
To the Ice Scales and Fur Coat, I think they deserve a ban, but in the process of playing, I deeply felt that we would need more bans without them, because there would be more powerful mons that would become more frightening.
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I will vote Ban. Most Pokemon that use these two abilities build themselves. Your rival has to have an answer to this YES OR YES, what's more, your rival has to have the least possible loss on his team so as not to lose. If it loses the effective response to the FurScales, then it's a definitive gg. In fact, I was surprised that the standout on my team was Volcarona, as I expected Houndstone to get the job done. I did win multiple times with Volcarona Fur Coat + Quiver Dance +2.
I built this equipment for this suspect. There is not much to say, you put the danger, weaken the opponent and Houndstone finishes the job, as long as there are no faster rival Pokémon. Staraptor Psychic Surge is to avoid priority attacks on Houndstone when this is the only pokemon in the field. Please note that this equipment is made for my own personal enjoyment, there are better options.

UT i finally did them btw (how do you @ someone)

DO NOT USE THIS TEAM IM NOT JOKING it is rly bad and you will lose a bunch but some of the concepts in it i wanna expand into realer teams but i was too ignorant so went with it for reqs anyways.

Regarding what to vote i was initially very dnb and i still think better if dnb but like now im kinda leaning ban cuz idk if my logic was great for dnb even if (percieved) "true". And things can get pretty silly at times w/ furry scales
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