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I consider myself a Gem "main" for whatever that means. So let's get some discussion on him.

I'll put in my full thoughts on Gem later, but for now the major differences between older versions.

The main differences between v03 Gem and v04 Gem are that

-Light Ancient Power comes out a bit slower. It used to be possible to trap someone infinitely at the wall with just light ancient power...

-Giga Drain is nerfed. I'm not sure of the original damage it was does, but now Giga Drain does paltry damage compared to other supers, and Gem only gets half the damage back as health, opposed to all.

-Paleo Wave travels slower than before.

-Empty Paleo cancel is now a back dash. And empty paleo cancel is when you execute a Paleo Wave to Giga Drain combo without a full meter. In previous versions, it would leave you in a nuetral state where you are, free to Ancient power/whatever. In v04, you dash backwards, so while you're still safe, you don't have the same follow up potential.

-Paleo Bounce back let's you levitate. In addition to the empty cancel being different, Gem can now levitate on the bounce back lag of Paleo Wave if he chooses not to cancel. This can lead to more attacks, or a Power Gem.

That's all, though I probably forgot something. There are some smaller changes like Power Gem travelling faster and maybe some damage tweaks, someone can point them out if they'd like. Hopefully, I didn't miss too much.

So boys and girls, Gem is likely a top tier character in my eyes, tell me what you think.
Gem's game has projectile traps, levitate + paleo confusing bullshit and those overhead/cross up mix ups on KD.

Gem is solid but I don't know about top tier! I'd compare Gem with some of the cast, but really, I find it hard to judge the overall character balance in this game. That's a whole other topic, though.

So Xaq, what matches do you think Gem is awesome or terrible in? Kril seems bad and Argh seems good, but outside of that I just don't know.
I have the most trouble with Kitsunoh and Cyclohm. I always thought that Ohm was the perfect gem counter in theory, but Kit seems a little less obvious. Iron Head does so much damage!

Another problematic character is Krilowatt just cause he's so hard to hit. I think the same goes for Kril in that matchup, but it's something I don't have much experience in, so I can't make a solid opinion about it.
Man, I was playing Fim's Rev with gem today. Remember when this was an easy matchup? A well placed SP really forces you to fly judiciously, and the lack of a reversal hurts Gem hard in this match.
On paper, this match up should be in the bag, but Fim just plays so nasty. It was a real struggle trying to get away once he gets that one knock down, and a couple of bad decisions means most of your health is gone. Worse is that you rely so heavily on Levitate out of sheer panic that you never have enough meter for a Giga Drain.

I had a real fun, if stressful, time playing that match.
With 4.1, Stratagem gets some cool new toys to play with, and a few up close combos!

jC -> cl.c -> 2C is as effective as ever, but cl.c does decent damage in this case.

3C -> 4C -> 236A -> cl.C -> 2C - Hard to pull off, but does solid 45% to the dummy. The key is to place the 3C in such a way that it barely reaches the other side, putting you as close to the opponent as possible. Its fairly situational, but it always works when the opponent is backed up against the wall.

so yea, in general cl.c is a great move, does good damage for a normal and leads to every other of gem's normals, whereas far 5c is kinda like a poke I guess? But you can use it as a taunt too it looks so ridiculous :D
The second one there is a pretty creative combo. Gem isn't particularly known for dealing high damage, especially in close quarters, but that particular string of attacks seems pretty situational.

Aside from slightly more damage, his new close C is useful because it moves him forward just slightly allowing the latter half of your second combo.

His far C isn't that great admittedly. I've used it as a decent anti air from time to time though. Although usually its not enough to dissuade people from recklessly jumping at you. His 3A and 3B come in handy here.

3A, I've found to be one of gem's greatest tools. Not only can it combo into cl.C from max distance, but it's also really good for messing up jump in attempts. You move fast and low to the ground allow you to pass under most opponents and either escape or punish from behind them.

3B can be used if you anticipate a jump though can be risky. I use it mostly as close up shenanigans. Useful for avoiding grab attempts or sweeps and puts you right in there face for a throw or something. It places you in the air almost immediately (faster than a throw) and has no landing frames. Used in conjunction with 3A, 3C, and 4C, it allows gem to really dance around his opponent.
Well Gem got some new toys, so I figure'd I update this thread for all the aspiring Gems (read: none) out there.

Forward throw - As spacing is pretty important with Stratagem (and every other fighting game character ever), this does help him a lot. I tend to play defensive, so whichever grab leaves the opponent closer to the wall which gives me more room to back up into will probably be my choice.

Toons did point out to me that forward grab (f.g?) to Giga Drain can be done against the wall with some timing. Could be useful in a pinch and probably something any gem should practice, but I'd say that Gem should strive to never be in that spacing situation anyway, so it's your choice.

j.3b - This is fantastic, leaping slash can be done in air now. Gem tends to have trouble when the opponent is higher than him while jumping, and with a bit of anticipation, you can get them with an in-air anti-air. Could be good as a nice dodging move too, I think, against the likes of Ohm's Thundershock possibly.

j.3c - Not as great in my opinion, but it might be that I'm not used to it yet. Leaping back slash is great on the ground, but in the air, it doesn't seem to last long enough to hit grounded opponents for a crossup. I could just be off with my timing however.

I think other stuff links, but Buddha, TGM, or Toons will have to do that stuff. That's all for this massive bump/necro.

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