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Reserving: Clefable

SS OU C&C Index
If you are new to C&C and analysis writing standards, look over these threads before posting:

Welcome to the official Sword & Shield OU analysis Reservation thread. Here, you may reserve analyses for Pokemon that you are knowledgeable about and wish to contribute an analysis for.

All analyses must be approved by the OU Quality Control Team

Forum Moderators

ausma - Leader

Reservation Rules
  • Anyone is able to reserve up to two Pokemon at a time. Badgeholders and QC members can reserve more if they wish (four being the maximum amount).
  • Once you figure out which Pokemon you want to reserve, post in this thread. Under the circumstances that the index isn't updated, be sure to pay attention to recent posts to see what's taken.
  • Do not edit your posts if you wish to uphold your reservation or reserve an additional Pokemon.
  • This should be common sense, but only reserve a Pokemon if you have a good amount of knowledge about it and experience with the metagame.
  • If you have written for a Pokemon in the past and are writing for it now, do not copy and paste lines from your old analysis. This is plagiarism, and you will be punished for it.
  • No Magikarp
Analysis Thread Tags
When you post your thread, be sure to use the appropriate tags for each stage of the analysis:

[WIP] - Work in Progress: The analysis is incomplete and is not ready for the QC Team to evaluate. Keep in mind that the longer your analysis stays in WIP stage, the greater the chance of it being reassigned. Please avoid making comments in these threads until they are ready unless it's something very important.

[Quality Control] - Quality Control Ready: In the thread title, include [QC 0/2]. Make sure you update the thread title with the number of QC checks you currently have. The analysis should be in bulletpoints before you receive your first QC stamp. After you obtain your first stamp, the analysis can be written up completely.

[Copyediting] - Grammar-Prose Ready: In the set title, include [GP 0/2]. The two required QC approvals have been met. The Grammar-Prose team now takes over. When you are ready for GP to check your analysis, please post in the Grammar-Prose Queue with a link to your analysis.

[Done] - After the analysis gets one GP stamp, the analysis is ready for upload.

**Update your thread's tags and stamp number as you move along the process.

Reservation List
After reserving a Pokemon, you must post your analysis in a timely fashion. Your analysis thread must be up in 48 hours (2 days) or your reservation will be dropped. After that, you have 3 days to get it QC ready. If you have any extenuating circumstances that prevent you from getting up your thread within this time frame, notify a QC member via Discord. Do not reserve an analysis you don't have time to write. Pokemon analyses will be categorized under the following headings:
  • Unreserved: The Pokemon has yet to be claimed by someone. Please choose from "Current Slate"
  • Reserved: The Pokemon is claimed by someone.
  • In Progress: The Pokemon's analysis has been posted and is going through the process.
  • Completed: The Pokemon's analysis is complete and is awaiting upload.

don't reserve any of these for now - they'll be available in a later slate


Clefable - Finchinator
Melmetal - Azure Nights
Heatran - Abhi
Zapdos-Galar - dex
Slowbro - Tysonslayer

Bisharp - Abhisdn417
Buzzwole - agslash23
Dragonite - Magnum
Gastrodon - airfare
Rillaboom - Midnight Frederick
Galarian Slowking - Anvil Head
Scizor - PA
Skarmory - TailGlowVM
Tangrowth - PA
Tapu Fini - TailGlowVM
Toxapex - simp
Volcarona - Gomi
Weavile - airfare


Blissey - Katy
Cinderace - Zneon
Clefable - DKM
Corviknight - Clone
Dracozolt - TailGlowVM
Dragapult - ausma
Excadrill - TailGlowVM
Ferrothorn - PA
Garchomp - airfare
Hawlucha - Windingsss
Heatran - Abhisdn417
Hydreigon - bb skarm
Kartana - airfare
Kyurem - airfare
Landorus-T - DKM
Magearna - Aurodian
Magnezone - Fc
Mandibuzz - Abhisdn417
Nidoking - ausma
Slowking - Katy
Tapu Koko - DKM
Tornadus-T - airfare
Toxapex - Zneon
Tyranitar - Lando-San
Urshifu-R - Fc
Victini - Tysonslayer
Zapdos - Abhisdn417

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask any of the Quality Control members or the leaders themselves.


Free Gliscor
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Melmetal is back up for reservation. This analysis is high priority, and as such we will be very selective on who writes this. Please do not reserve unless you have a lot of experience using this mon and are willing to get this out quickly

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