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Rilla analysis is going through the QC process now; would Dragapult still be a possibility in the meantime?

Ruft: approved
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Hey all! With many of our analyses now in GP, we wanted to maintain progress; so, we have another 12 Pokemon ready to be reserved! We've really been picking up the pace with the last reservation slate, and we're hoping to maintain the pace going forward, especially with SPL's end around the corner.

AM checks have been fantastic, too. For those of who you have been taking it up, we heavily encourage to keep doing them! We hope to keep seeing you guys contributing with this next slate, and potentially see even more great contributors going forward!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to let me or Ruft know! Best of luck, writers!


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Can I reserve Mandibuzz and Excadrill?

ausma edit: approved for mandibuzz, i'd hold off on excadrill for the meantime if that's ok with you!
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