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SS National Dex Discussion Thread
This thread is dedicated to the discussion of the SS National Dex metagame. Discussion topics span from such things as metagame developments, set innovations, and general observations you have noticed as of late. You are welcome to post anything you like as far as the metagame goes, with a few simple rules.

  • Do not ask simple questions here; instead, post them to our Simple Question, Simple Answer thread.
  • Do not post one-liners that contribute nothing to the discussion. We do not ask that you write giant paragraphs with each post; we simply ask that you ensure your post has substance and adds to the discussion.

Here are some prompts to help guide your thinking:
  • What are your personal favorite Pokemon to use in the metagame, and why?
  • What current cores do you find to be strong or fun to use?
  • Do you like the current metagame, or find it to be well balanced? Why or why not?

Remember that at any point, moderators have the discretion to intervene or remove posts as necessary

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