Tournaments SMPL II - Players Signups [CA Prize!!]

Akaru Kokuyo

is a Tiering Contributor
Username: Akaru Kokuyo
Time Zone: -6
Tiers Interested in Playing: SM DOU -> SM OU
Forseeable Inactivity: Not really but I'm dead pretty much monday to friday chat-wise. I can still prep though
Username: StepC
Time Zone: GMT+1
Tiers Interested in Playing: SM OU, SM OU [Suspect Slot], SM UU, SM UBERS, SM RU
Forseeable Inactivity: none
Username: Hurtadoo
Time Zone: GMT+2
Tiers Interested in Playing: RU
Forseeable Inactivity: No but if possible I prefer to build/past some teams for a titular because i want to chill (I can play if really needed)


Ghosts can't go through doors, it's not fire
is a member of the Battle Simulator Staff
Username: Frostyicelad
Time Zone: +0
Tiers Interested in Playing: Will play any slot if given teams, prefer DOU
Forseeable Inactivity: should be free

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