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Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

Please use this thread to post simple questions about the CAP Metagame that would have relatively simple answers. For example, "When is X tournament starting?" or "Why is X CAP considered unviable?". For simple questions about the CAP Process, such as "When does the next CAP start?", "How are base stats for CAPs decided upon?", etc, please direct them at THIS thread instead.
Alright something interesting I noted lately is that Blissey has Heal Bell in its Gen 9 Egg Moves, but currently has no way to actually learn the move as we're completely lacking mons that can learn Heal Bell in other ways in the Paldea Dex.

This brings us to an interesting case in CAP: our very own Saharaja is a mon that learns Heal Bell via levelup, and can breed. Now while Saharaja and Blissey do not actually share an egg group, the new Mirror Herb mechanic means that, if Saharaja and Blissey were to actually exist in one game, Saha could and would pass Heal Bell onto a Blissey this way.

Does this mean anything for the CAP meta? Is there any chance Heal Bell could be made legal on Blissey here, or are we playing the safe game and not updating its movepool? Considering Blissey already had its movepool gutted pretty badly this gen and Heal Bell is quite the notable move on it, this is actually a fairly relevant case and something I feel could deserve some discussion.

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