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Gonna share some of my observations on the meta after building for the Thunders most of the season.
  • Stats aren't quite as meaningful as they were in MPL7 due to the lower sample size of games and drastic decrease in player pool quality
  • Ban Mega Gallade argument seemed to appear out of thin air 1-2 months before MPL. There was no discussion of the idea following MPL7
  • Most types seem capable of dealing with Mega Gallade. In most cases, people either failed at playing properly or prepping for it. The idea from the post by Felines that it can single-handedly invalidate Dark, Steel, and Flying is pretty nonsensical as all three of them have viable answers.
  • It only comes off as really stupid in the mirrors. Foul Play Slowbro appears to be a decent enough solution that gained some usage later on
  • In MPL7, 9/10 Mega Gallade Psychic teams also featured a Deoxys-S. It had a higher winrate then too, so Deoxys-S ban indirectly nerfed it

Anyway I think Deoxys, lando i, keldeo, mega gallade should all go at once. Banning one mon at a time won't fix this tier for at least 5 years.
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Is it possible to suspect MAlt? It deserves a fresh chance now that it is no longer allowed on flying teams (and Dragon is currently C rank atm)
Even before type bans were established the people supporting the bans were saying zardx should be banned from flying and malt should be banned from both flying and dragon. In fact the common perspective was that it was a threat on Dragon but never used on flying, which is very contradictory from the message you're putting forward that it's issue was flying cores and support. Dragon has healing wish, and with mega alt makes some hard mus far more difficult. The result of which would likely increase Dragon from C--> B/A but in turn make Dark, Fire, fighting, and Electric struggle immensely because of 1 pokemon, all the while bringing back one of the strongest setup sweepers in the game. Flying hardly used Malt at the time, I was pretty sure of that before going on the thread where it was reconfirmed, ZardX was far more common at the time and Malt's presence was mainly recognized for its use on dragon. There were even some people unsure if it needed to be banned from Flying cause, like how you want Dragon to be viable, they feared the combined ZardX and Malt ban would cripple the type too much (though to be fair Zapdos was banned at the time).

Took some screenshots. As a general reminder too Pixilate got debuffed from gen 6 to 7, and gen 6 in general doesn't have the same amount of answers for strong fairies spread across types that we have today. The most threatening set for most types was probably the mono attacking set as a result, Roost/Refresh/DD/Frustration. Even if a type had a solid counter Dragon is able to offer healing wish support. You might've been the one I talked to about in mono chat the other day about this but no, it shouldn't be unbanned.


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