Gen 5 Registeel (WIP)

Move 1: Stealth Rock
Move 2: Toxic / Thunder Wave
Move 3: Seismic Toss
Move 4: Protect / Earthquake / Shadow Claw
Nature: Calm
Ability: Clear Body
Item: Leftovers
Evs: 252 Hp / 4 Def / 252 SpD

Set analysis:

Sky-high defenses, excellent defensive typing, superb support movepool. These are just some of the defining things that make Registeel what it is, an impenetrable wall. Registeel proves to be a nightmare time and time again for countless numbers of opposing pokemon, who staring down its deceptively Sturdy body proves to be a challenge for some of the fiercest that UU has to offer.

The play is simple. Registeel has enough bulk to set Stealth Rock up for its team. Toxic is used to cripple everything bar Roserade and limit the number of times they come in. Alternatively, Thunder Wave cuts off vital speed for Pokemon like Yanmega, Cobalion, and Mienshao. Seismic Toss is used to get around Registeel's below-average attack stat and deal consistent damage. In the last slot, Protect can be used to recoup more Leftovers recovery and stall out more Toxic damage. Protect also aids in scouting out dangerous offensive moves like Darmanitans Flare Blitz and Mienshaos High Jump Kick. Alternatively, Earthquake can be used to slam the many Fire, Steel, and Electric types that look to come in and wear down Registeel. Other than Earthquake, Shadow Claw hits all the Ghost-type pokemon looking to come in for free like Mismagius and Sableye while also carrying the added benefit of a heightened Critical hit chance. A Calm nature is used to soak up literally as many Special hits as possible. Leftovers maximize the recovery and it works well with Protect to heal back HP since Registeel doesn't have a form of Recovery of its own.


Alomomola is a match made in heaven for Registeel, eating Flare Blitzs from Darmanitan and High Jump Kicks from Mienshao like it's nobody’s business. In return, Registeel sits on all the Special Attackers that attempt to pray on Alomomola’s horrific SpD stat. Alomomola also provides extremely important Wish support to Registeel that keeps it healthy enough to sit on more Special Attackers.

Checks and Counters:<br />
<br />
Darmanitan: Despite hating taking Toxic and Rock damage and getting bullied by Registeel's partner, Alomomola, Darmanitan itself forces Registeel to switch out or else take a Sheer Force boosted Flare Blitz.

Victini: Like Darmanitan, Victini has access to a nuclear fire-type move in V-Create which blows Registeel out of the water with how unbelievably powerful it is. And unlike Darmanitan, Registeel has access to Bolt Strike which nukes Alomomola.
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