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#pokemon is THE official channel for smogon, but we also have a bunch of semi-official channels that are promoted / advertised either on the site or the forums. While I of all people understand there is some expected moderator sass / messing with / trolling on irc, there are limits and if any one person or group of people take it too far, this is where you lodge a complaint.

This forum will be just like the Showdown forum; for any official or semi official channel, you can file a legitimate complaint related to banning, bullying, or malicious trolling.

For ease, please specify the channel in the topic and what user name you were on in the channel when the issue occurred.

Here is the list of official and semi-official channels:





Since all of these semi-official channels are advertised on the site, they are expected to adhere to basic standards when comes to moderation quality...obviously I realize hops / aops / sops want to have fun and will occasionally mess with other users, but this has to have a reasonable limit. If a user feels that limit has been broken and a line has been crossed and files a complaint that I or the other IRC leaders find to be legitimate, we will bring this up.

For people filing the complaint, be sure to give all relevant logs and an explanation for why you feel the line was crossed.

For the hops / aops / sops / qops of these channels...just try to keep your fun within reason (banning blarajan is ok), but try not to let petty arguments from other, non official channels seep into policy into these channels and lead to an unreasonable ban.


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It's best to provide the username you were disciplined on, along with your best attempt at a set of logs before you were disciplined. Some IRC clients will disconnect you if you get kicked so if you cannot provide logs an aop or higher from the chan should be able to do a quick ctrl+f.

Here is a sample appeal:

Username you were banned under: Aurora
Channel you were banned from: #pokemon
Person who banned you: Steamroll
[00:42:57] <@Growlithe> aww
[00:43:05] <@Growlithe> Aurora do you want to get abused for about
[00:43:08] <@Growlithe> 5 seconds?
[00:43:12] <Aurora> k
[00:43:16] * +joshe throws a fluffy pillow at mikels butt as growlithes boot is launched toward it
[00:43:16] * Growlithe sets mode: +b *!*@1427C3F4.8D7AF654.ECF44977.IP
[00:43:16] * Aurora was kicked by Growlithe (Growlithe)
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