Denied PS! Viability RANKings

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I felt like I should branch off from trivia so here we are. This would be a satire article focusing on ranking the ranks of PS. It would include all of the rankings I can find on PS (regular ranks, disciplinary ranks, and some others as well). It would take into account things from amount of power to how good it looks on a username.

  • Would use usual viability rankings (S, A, B etc.)
  • Intro to the article
  • Explain why symbols would be in each rank.
  • Short conclusion to sum up the best and worst ranks
  • , !, No Rank, +, , %, @, &, #, ~, and $ (:{D)

Here is a sample of one of the rankings:
Muted (!): This rank usually means you have been causing a ruckus or you have been posting a little more than your fare share of dank memes. This rank is also a favorite of bots who show no mercy to poor souls who are harmlessly talking to their friends when they get caught up in a whirlwind of a lagspike and get spiraled to the bottom of the list even below user: ZzILiekMudkipszZ awaiting a savior to unmute them while all other users are constantly praying and saying "rip". Not to worry though because while your muted your name will stand out as it will look rather exclamatory.
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